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30 de Maio de 2019.

Ensino Superior no interior do país

Plataforma Edulog faz avaliação crítica dos efeitos da medida que reduziu 1000 lugares no ensino superior de Porto e Lisboa. Dados dos colocados no regime geral que concretizaram inscrição só agora são conhecidos. A redução em 5% das vagas das instituições de ensino superior de Lisboa e do Porto “não produziu os efeitos desejados” na atracção de estudantes para as regiões do interior do país. O facto de mais de metade dos lugares cortados nas principais cidades do país terem ficado noutras cidades do litoral prejudicou a eficácia da medida. As conclusões são de uma avaliação, que será apresentada na próxima semana, feita pela plataforma Edulog à medida implementada pelo Governo. A decisão do Governo resultou num corte de 1008 […]
29 de Maio de 2019.

The future of the European Union

The elections to the European Parliament are approaching and, once again, millions of Europeans are called to vote. These elections are especially important, as crucial decisions will be taken in the coming years that will affect climate change, the resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers and the sovereignty of the peoples of Europe. However, we can say that elections to the European Parliament do not usually attract much interest in the population, at least in Spain, because the power of the European Commission is perceived as something limited and distant that does not have much impact on the member States. Even so, I believe that we are living a decisive period in terms of the continuity of the Union, since […]
29 de Maio de 2019.

Violência doméstica como tortura?

A ministra da Justiça admitiu hoje analisar o alargamento do conceito jurídico de tortura aos crimes relacionados com violência doméstica. Francisca Van Dunem disse, na inauguração de um novo espaço de apoio às vítimas de violência na comarca de Lisboa Oeste, em Sintra, que o alargamento do conceito da tortura a situações relacionadas com a violência doméstica “é uma questão a ser analisada”, no âmbito de um conjunto de obrigações que resultam “de convenções e tratados internacionais de que Portugal faz parte”. “Há sempre questões que eventualmente ficam ao lado ou são questões que ficam marginalizadas”, reconheceu a governante, acrescentando que irá analisar a questão e se verá a “sequência é que é possível dar” em termos da transposição para […]
27 de Maio de 2019.

Christmas, Easter and Carnival

Every family has their own Christmas traditions Christmas In my family, Christmas always begins with the decorating of the Christmas tree. Later, we usually cook some sweet food. So, we made some chocolate truffles for us and the family, and we also made “fruits déguisés” some dry fruits filled with almond paste. For the Christmas dinner with my family, we eat smoked salmon and foie gras which is cooked duck liver. We also eat turkey filled with chestnuts. And for dessert, we eat la buche, a cake in the shape of a wood log with a glass of champagne. We open the presents usually after dinner on the 24th of December. Every family has their own Christmas traditions but regarding […]
27 de Maio de 2019.

Burnout classificado como doença

Conhecido como síndrome do esgotamento profissional, o burnout entra numa lista aprovada neste sábado pela OMS. O burnout – síndrome do esgotamento profissional – já entrou oficialmente na Classificação Internacional de Doenças (CID) da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS). A aprovação da 11.ª revisão desta lista, que também inclui os videojogos como uma doença mental, aconteceu no sábado durante a 72.ª assembleia da OMS em Genebra. “Esta é a primeira vez” que o burnout é incluído nesta classificação, referiu Tarik Jasarevic, porta-voz da OMS, citado pela agência AFP. Esta síndrome foi incluída na 11.ª revisão da CID, que tem como objectivo padronizar a codificação das doenças e outros problemas relacionados com a saúde e que entrará em vigor em 2022. […]
24 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in my country

My favorite tradition of all in the U.K is the Notting Hill Carnival. Traditions in the UK vary depending on which part of the country you are from. Traditional religious festivities such as Christmas and Easter have less religious connotations attached to them due to an ever-increasing secular society. Corporate interest and late-stage capitalism have also averted the traditions of these celebrations, towards culture and industry of shopping and consuming. The traditions that occur in my family household, are quite simple nowadays. If you are from a religious family, then you might attend midnight mass on the 24th of December, however, we just drink some prosecco and watch a Christmas film or an episode of Only Fools and Horses, a British […]
23 de Maio de 2019.

Têm aulas sobre emoções

Identificar as emoções e aprender a geri-las desde pequenos é também uma forma de prevenir problemas na infância e adolescência, diz directora de escola de Leiria. Num congresso no ISCTE vai-se debater a empatia. Valentim, 7 anos, diz que está ali “para aprender a ficar mais alegre”. A alegria foi um dos sentimentos que estavam a trabalhar na aula a partir de um pequeno vídeo de animação. Da alegria foram até ao orgulho. “Sinto orgulho quando sinto que vou conseguir”, define Valentim, que dirá depois ao PÚBLICO que a “atitude” de que “gosta mais” é a paciência. “Às vezes fico impaciente porque o meu mano mais novo está sempre a interromper-me e não quero ficar assim.” Ao fim de quase […]
22 de Maio de 2019.

Christmas and Easter in Poland

12 dishes on Christmas Eve and buckets of water on Easter Monday, those are just an example of how we celebrate this special time in Poland. Christmas Christmas in Poland is celebrated for 3 days starting from Christmas Eve. Dinner starts with the first star in the sky, which refers to the Star of Bethlehem which the three kings saw on the way to the Infant Jesus. When the whole family is ready, we start by sharing wafer and make wishes, then we can start eating. Traditional dinner on this day consists of 12 meatless dishes and trying each of them should guarantee happiness during the next twelve months. Typical dishes, for example, are beetroot soup with small dumplings stuffed […]
21 de Maio de 2019.

Grupo de trabalho do Portugal 2020

Relatório será apresentado daqui a menos de dois meses e terá propostas para tornar mais simples as candidaturas. O Governo criou esta segunda-feira um grupo de trabalho que vai propor, até 15 de Julho, medidas de simplificação das candidaturas de investigação e desenvolvimento (I&D) financiadas pelo actual quadro comunitário de apoio, o Portugal 2020. “O grupo de trabalho apresenta até 15 de Julho de 2019 um relatório com propostas concretas de simplificação em resultado dos trabalhos desenvolvidos”, lê-se no despacho conjunto dos ministros Adjunto e da Economia, Pedro Siza Vieira, da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, e do Planeamento, Nelson de Souza, publicado esta segunda-feira em Diário da República e que entra hoje em vigor. O Governo explica, […]
20 de Maio de 2019.

Easter in Poland

This celebration involves many unique and joyful rituals, including plenty of homemade delicacies. The first sign of approaching Easter is a large number of branches and dried flowers being brought to the church. One week before Easter, Palm Sunday takes place (according to Catholic tradition, the day marks Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem). Since palm trees are rare in Poland, churchgoers often bring ‘palms’ made of colorful woven dried branches. On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, Poles paint hard-boiled eggs (called pisanki). Some use store-bought kits which make the coloring and decorating easier, others continue to make dyes in the traditional way – with boiled onion skins. Another Saturday activity is the preparation of Easter baskets: lined with a white lace […]
18 de Dezembro de 2017.

I have been doing some reading

Reflection. Often by the sea A place I believe often visited by artists… Poets… Suicidal men, in Madeira. Something about the sea, it makes you think… It allows you to breathe… To breathe allows expression. Sailors often say it makes you feel free. But with this freedom comes a price also. The artist, the poet, the brickwork ghost often recount the experience of not being able to write from a point of happiness, for it is oppression, the lashings of Judas that cause one to crucify themselves PUBLICLY. As has been shown in the churches, the people, the icons we have all become so familiar with. The concept of the crucifixion is such a powerful one, Jesus was in many […]
14 de Dezembro de 2017.

A French Guy in Funchal

My first time in Madeira, on an island! From France I miss some things, especially food. But my time here is great! At first I wanted to be usefull and to be helpful to people, so I told myself go check on the Internet to see If a website would bring me answers, in Spain. But there were no results for Spain on the website for French people, because I wanted to go to improve my oral Spanish. But that’s where the random acted: an offer for Madeira to help providing tours to Tourists! I told myself that’s great, I’ll improve my Spanish! But no, It’s a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so that’s gonna be […]
11 de Dezembro de 2017.

Adventuring myself

I spent my last week in Guimarães, in an on-arrival training that all long-term volunteers will do. Going to the mainland was an adventure itself, but the training was also more an adventure than I expected. During my time there I met some amazing people, learned a lot about different cultures, about myself and also about other volunteers’ projects. I’ve been here in Madeira now seven weeks, and I have made new friends and contacts, went hiking to beautiful places, started a new hobby and made so many wonderful memories already. Living the dream. But the training made me think about the reasons why I wanted to do volunteering, why I came here and what I’m going to do to […]
7 de Dezembro de 2017.

Sustainable tourism

Mass tourism and overconsumption can kill every kind of natural and cultural landscape? Recently Madeira has been nominated to title of the world’s leading island destination 2017 but at the same time it is not even in TOP 100 destinations which represent sustainable tourism. As I am interested in global changes in tourism industry I went to the conference “Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development” held on September 27th in Funchal as a part of celebration of World Tourism Day. Unfortunately, what I have learnt about Madeira is that there is a lack of actions and good practices towards sustainable tourism in this island. First of all, I think that not everything should be for free because it does […]
4 de Dezembro de 2017.

Porto Santo experience

When you need to change the environment and the cheapest and closest option is another island Being on an island for few months creates a feeling that you are closed in small place and cut off from the real world. To get my mind busy with a bit different place I went to Porto Santo. Although the island is so close and so similar to Madeira, being there feels quite different. It may not be the best place for people who like big cities, but for me it was almost perfect. It was colder and the place was not crowded, in fact, there were almost no tourists and local people were not that much present on the streets because of […]
30 de Novembro de 2017.

So much to do and (not) enough time

I just need to relax and enjoy the beauty of this island. Following that I will not regret anything when I look back. Looking at a map Madeira seems like a tiny island, which could be explored in a few days. There is a big difference between expectations and reality. There are so many hidden places to see, so many Levadas to follow and so many mountains to climb. Being a volunteer for ten months seems long at first but time flies. I have been in Madeira for about six weeks now. At the one hand it feels like I have just arrived a few days ago, on the other hand I feel already home and know my way around. […]