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7 de Janeiro de 2020.

É melhor prevenir que combater

Trabalho defende que os investimentos sejam equilibrados entre o combate e a prevenção. Investigadores de regiões com clima mediterrânico, incluindo de Portugal, concluíram que os investimentos feitos no combate aos incêndios florestais “não resolvem o problema” e vão originar, a curto prazo, fogos “tão intensos” e impossíveis de enfrentar. Estas conclusões constam de uma análise às actuais políticas de gestão de incêndios nas regiões com clima mediterrânico feita por 22 cientistas, quatro dos quais portugueses, e liderada pelo investigador do Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) de Lisboa Francisco Moreira. No trabalhado, publicado esta terça-feira na revista Environmental Research Letters, os investigadores consideram que o destaque dado ao combate dos incêndios florestais nestas regiões está destinado “a falhar os seus objectivos” […]
6 de Janeiro de 2020.

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos won a lot of titles in his football career and did not become a famous football player in Germany only. Toni Kroos was born at 04.01.1990 in Greifswald in Germany. In this city, he played in a club since he was seven years old with his younger brother and his father as his trainer. Later he would be discovered by the big club “FC Bayern München”. With 17 years he played for the professional team in this club. In 2014 he chanced the club to “Real Madrid” and is there still. Also, in 2014 he won the World Cup with the German National Team. This was one of the most important years for him and since he is […]
5 de Janeiro de 2020.

Vegetais cozidos com 170 mil anos

Ao todo, numa gruta da África do Sul, descobriram-se 55 rizomas carbonizados inteiros e 30 fragmentados. No território da actual África do Sul, há 170 mil anos, os humanos anatomicamente modernos cozinhavam vegetais nas fogueiras. Esta é a conclusão de uma equipa internacional de cientistas anunciada num artigo esta sexta-feira na revista científica Science e surge a partir da descoberta de pequenos rizomas carbonizados – caules subterrâneos mais ou menos paralelos à superfície do solo – na gruta de Border, na África do Sul. Esta é assim a prova directa mais antiga de vegetais cozinhados pelos humanos modernos. “Estava a escavar nas antigas fogueiras da gruta de Border [nos montes Libombos, na fronteira entre a África do Sul e a […]
4 de Janeiro de 2020.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a Scottish tennis player, a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion, Davis Cup champion and former world No. 1. Born in Glasgow on the 15th of May 2987, tennis ran in Murray’s blood already. His mother, Judy Murray, held several Scottish titles and then became a coach, coaching Andy and his older brother Jamie until their professional careers became too demanding. Starting tennis at 3 years old, by 5 he had participated in his first tournament and by 8 he was competing with adults. By 2004, at the age of 17, he had become the world’s No. 1 Junior tennis player after he won the U.S. Open Junior title and was also named Young Sports […]
3 de Janeiro de 2020.

Recorde de domínios .pt na internet

Número de registos activos é cerca de um terço do total. O domínio de Internet .pt tem vindo a crescer todos os anos e atingiu em 2019 um novo recorde de registos, com 121.359 endereços registados ao longo dos últimos doze meses, o que significou um crescimento de 10% face a 2018. Ao todo, há actualmente 1.210.661 domínios .pt registados. “O crescimento do .pt nos últimos anos reflecte uma cada vez maior projecção nacional no mundo digital”, referiu, em comunicado, Luisa Gueifão, a presidente da Associação DNS.pt, que gere o domínio português. “Em 2020 continuaremos a apostar em ações de inclusão digital e de desenvolvimento das competências digitais dos portugueses, na segurança física e digital também através da implementação do […]
2 de Janeiro de 2020.

Conor McGregor

This month I will do my monthly text on Conor McGregor as he is one of the most famous sportspeople of Ireland right now. Conor Anthony McGregor was born to parents Tony and Margaret McGregor on July 14, 1988, in Dublin, Ireland. He rose from a tough neighborhood in Crumlin to become the biggest star in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). Conor enjoyed playing football as a child but later turned to box as an outlet for his aggression. He was a member of the Crumlin Boxing Club from the age of 11-17 where he also won a Dublin championship there. In his later teen years he worked as a plumber but left to pursue his dream of […]
31 de Dezembro de 2019.

Muitos artigos mas poucas patentes

A “maior fragilidade” da investigação em saúde em Portugal é a falta de transferência do conhecimento para empresas e hospitais, alertou esta segunda-feira Manuel Sobrinho Simões, que há 30 anos fundou o Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular da Universidade do Porto. “Continuamos a ser excessivamente investigadores. A maior fragilidade da investigação em saúde é a translação do conhecimento. Falta a dinâmica das empresas e dos hospitais na procura pelos institutos”, salientou. Sobrinho Simões, que falava à agência Lusa a propósito do 30.º aniversário do Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular da Universidade do Porto (Ipatimup), marcado durante este ano por várias iniciativas, admitiu que a “falta de translação” existente na área de investigação em saúde é “um defeito do […]
31 de Dezembro de 2019.

Polish sportswoman

One of the most famous sportswomen in Poland is Anna Lewandowska. People have been practicing sports since forever. Well, not all people as women were not allowed to watch or participate in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The first modern Games did not allow women to compete either. In 1928, women were prohibited from running more than 200 meters, extensive running supposedly caused premature aging. Fortunately, now in 2016 women have been competing in nearly all sport disciplines for a very long time now, despite all the obstacles they have had to face. One of the most famous sportswomen in Poland is Anna Lewandowska. She is not only famous for being the wife of a famous Polish footballer Robert […]
30 de Dezembro de 2019.

Recuperação da camada de ozono

Se continuar a ser lançado CFC 11 para a atmosfera de forma contínua, isso pode contribuir para o atraso da recuperação da camada de ozono durante mais de uma década. Em 2018, verificou-se que a taxa de declínio do clorofluorocarboneto (CFC) 11 tinha abrandado 50% desde 2012, o que significava que esta substância proibida em todo o mundo estava a ser lançada na atmosfera. Já este ano, confirmou-se que essas emissões vinham sobretudo de duas províncias chinesas: Shandong e Hebei. Agora, uma equipa de cientistas do Reino Unido e dos Estados Unidos simulou o que acontecerá se o CFC 11 continuar a ser lançado. Num artigo científico publicado na revista científica Nature Communications, refere-se que a recuperação da camada de […]
29 de Dezembro de 2019.

Aleksander Doba

A Polish kayaker has known primarily for his long voyages crossing the ocean Aleksander Doba (born 9 September 1946) is a Polish kayaker known primarily for his long voyages crossing oceans. In 2010 and again in 2013 he kayaked across the Atlantic Ocean westward under his own power. The two voyages were the longest open-water kayak voyages ever made. He was named 2014 Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic. In 2017 he completed an eastward kayaking trip across the Atlantic. Doba was the first person to paddle a 7-meter sea kayak across the Atlantic ocean, a voyage that spanned 5394 kilometers. Doba’s first voyage from Senegal to Brazil in 2010 set a record for the longest open-water crossing ever […]
6 de Julho de 2018.

Rembrandt van Rijn

The master among Dutch painters in the Dutch Golden Age. Rembrandt Hamerszoon van Rijn was a Dutch painter, etcher, drawer and art collector. He is considered as one of the greatest painters in European art. Besides, he is the most important Dutch painter of the 17th century. This century is also known as the Dutch Golden Age because Dutch art was one of the most acclaimed in the world in that time. Rembrandt manufactured approximately 300 paintings, 300 etchings and 2000 drawings. These works belong to the Baroque style and were influenced by the Caravaggesque style. Both styles find their origin in Italy and are related to strong emotional expressions and extravagancy even though he has never been to Italy. […]
4 de Julho de 2018.

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

He made paintings of famous people and social criticism. He borns in Cercedilla, Valencia in 1863 and died, in Madrid, in 1923. When he was two years old his parents died of a cholera epidemic. Her sister Eugenia and he were welcomed by her aunt and her husband who tried to teach him the trade of the locksmith. For the first time, he was studying in “Museo del Prado” and then he traveled to Roma to continue his studies. At that moment, he was painting history pictures, later he was traveled to Paris and he finds the impressive paint. This caused a revolution in his type of painting because he abandoned his style to start painting outdoors. Although formal portraiture […]
2 de Julho de 2018.

A different perspective

“Din Matamoro” is a Galician painter that was born in the city of Vigo “Painting is a worthy way of being in the world, a trade that makes you free and opens ways to the imagination” , these were the words of a proud artist from our nowadays society after have being selected in the “Real Academia Galega de Belas Artes” with all the effort and work that had supposed to him. The life of a common painter of nowadays can be hard, but I have someone close in my family that has taught me that with effort and desire you can make your position in this world is whatever you want. Eduardo Matamoro Irago, more recognized in Galicia as […]
30 de Junho de 2018.

Maruja Mallo

Maruja Mallo was first and foremost free. When you think about a famous painter from Spain all the names that come out are masculine. The reason why is not because there are not female Spanish painters, it is because history is not giving them the recognition that they deserve. I am really far from being an art expert, but I know how women have to face challenges due to gender biases, from finding difficulty in training to selling their work and gaining recognition. Maruja Mallo is one of the women that fight for her own place in the world of art of the twentieth century to become one of the most representative figures of the Generation of 27 and one […]
28 de Junho de 2018.

The art of Open Doors

We cannot pass without admiration for the art in Santa Maria street. More specifically, this project concerns around 200 painted doors which transformed this historic part of the city in open and permanent art gallery. This idea of painting doors emerged in 2010 and it was a result of cooperation between José Maria Zyberchema and João Carlos Abreu, the former Regional Secretary for Economy, Tourism and Culture, the Funchal Municipal Council and two private companies. The project was presented for the first time in an event called PechaKucha by José Maria Montero. After that, on April 2011, in the street of Santa Maria at number 77 the first door was painted by the artist Mark Milewski. It looks like a […]
18 de Junho de 2018.

Statue of Infante Dom Henrique

He is seen as the patron of the Portuguese exploration. Infante Dom Henrique of Portugal (1394-1460), who is most commonly known as Prince Henry the Navigator also held the name of Duke of Viseu. Right at the entrance of the Saint Catherine’s park in Funchal, we can see a bronze statue of Prince Henry, sitting underneath an arch. The statue was created in 1941 but officially inaugurated on 28th of May 1947. It was designed and made by the sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida (1898-1975), who was a striking figure of the 20th-century sculpture art. During the early time of the Portuguese Empire, Prince Henry had an essential part in the maritime discoveries and expansions in the 15th century. Nowadays he […]