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24 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in my country

My favorite tradition of all in the U.K is the Notting Hill Carnival. Traditions in the UK vary depending on which part of the country you are from. Traditional religious festivities such as Christmas and Easter have less religious connotations attached to them due to an ever-increasing secular society. Corporate interest and late-stage capitalism have also averted the traditions of these celebrations, towards culture and industry of shopping and consuming. The traditions that occur in my family household, are quite simple nowadays. If you are from a religious family, then you might attend midnight mass on the 24th of December, however, we just drink some prosecco and watch a Christmas film or an episode of Only Fools and Horses, a British […]
23 de Maio de 2019.

Têm aulas sobre emoções

Identificar as emoções e aprender a geri-las desde pequenos é também uma forma de prevenir problemas na infância e adolescência, diz directora de escola de Leiria. Num congresso no ISCTE vai-se debater a empatia. Valentim, 7 anos, diz que está ali “para aprender a ficar mais alegre”. A alegria foi um dos sentimentos que estavam a trabalhar na aula a partir de um pequeno vídeo de animação. Da alegria foram até ao orgulho. “Sinto orgulho quando sinto que vou conseguir”, define Valentim, que dirá depois ao PÚBLICO que a “atitude” de que “gosta mais” é a paciência. “Às vezes fico impaciente porque o meu mano mais novo está sempre a interromper-me e não quero ficar assim.” Ao fim de quase […]
22 de Maio de 2019.

Christmas and Easter in Poland

12 dishes on Christmas Eve and buckets of water on Easter Monday, those are just an example of how we celebrate this special time in Poland. Christmas Christmas in Poland is celebrated for 3 days starting from Christmas Eve. Dinner starts with the first star in the sky, which refers to the Star of Bethlehem which the three kings saw on the way to the Infant Jesus. When the whole family is ready, we start by sharing wafer and make wishes, then we can start eating. Traditional dinner on this day consists of 12 meatless dishes and trying each of them should guarantee happiness during the next twelve months. Typical dishes, for example, are beetroot soup with small dumplings stuffed […]
21 de Maio de 2019.

Grupo de trabalho do Portugal 2020

Relatório será apresentado daqui a menos de dois meses e terá propostas para tornar mais simples as candidaturas. O Governo criou esta segunda-feira um grupo de trabalho que vai propor, até 15 de Julho, medidas de simplificação das candidaturas de investigação e desenvolvimento (I&D) financiadas pelo actual quadro comunitário de apoio, o Portugal 2020. “O grupo de trabalho apresenta até 15 de Julho de 2019 um relatório com propostas concretas de simplificação em resultado dos trabalhos desenvolvidos”, lê-se no despacho conjunto dos ministros Adjunto e da Economia, Pedro Siza Vieira, da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, e do Planeamento, Nelson de Souza, publicado esta segunda-feira em Diário da República e que entra hoje em vigor. O Governo explica, […]
20 de Maio de 2019.

Easter in Poland

This celebration involves many unique and joyful rituals, including plenty of homemade delicacies. The first sign of approaching Easter is a large number of branches and dried flowers being brought to the church. One week before Easter, Palm Sunday takes place (according to Catholic tradition, the day marks Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem). Since palm trees are rare in Poland, churchgoers often bring ‘palms’ made of colorful woven dried branches. On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, Poles paint hard-boiled eggs (called pisanki). Some use store-bought kits which make the coloring and decorating easier, others continue to make dyes in the traditional way – with boiled onion skins. Another Saturday activity is the preparation of Easter baskets: lined with a white lace […]
17 de Maio de 2019.

“Salas do Futuro” em Azambuja

O concelho da Azambuja aposta em salas equipadas com tablets, painéis interactivos, robôs, e impressoras 3D para combater o insucesso escolar. A partir da próxima semana, três escolas do concelho da Azambuja, no distrito de Lisboa, vão passar a ter uma sala de aula “do futuro” para os alunos. Em cada um dos espaços, os alunos terão ao seu dispor equipamentos como computadores, tablets, portáteis, painéis interactivos, impressoras 3D e robôs. Trata-se de um projecto integrado no plano de combate ao insucesso escolar da Lezíria do Tejo, que abrange dez municípios da região. As novas salas serão instaladas na Escola Básica 2,3 Vale Aveiras, na Escola Básica 1,2 e 3 da Azambuja e na Escola Básica Integrada de Manique do Intendente. Representam um […]
17 de Maio de 2019.

Poland during celebrations

How to Polish people celebrate Christmas, Carnival, and Easter There are many traditions of Christmas and Easter in Poland but just a few around Carnival. The greatest number of Christmas traditions concern Christmas Eve. According to tradition, on the table should be twelve dishes, where the only kind of meat is fish. Everyone around the table should try all of the dishes. The most typical dish is carp which can be served in various versions, usually fried. Other traditional dishes are beetroot soup with ravioli, herring in sour cream, poppy seed cake or sauerkraut with mushrooms. Typically one place setting should be left free for an unexpected guest which symbolizes every hungry or alone person who spends Christmas without family […]
16 de Maio de 2019.

Licenciatura desvaloriza 22,8%

O prémio salarial dos trabalhadores com educação superior encolheu 22,8 pontos percentuais entre 2007 e 2016. É a maior queda entre os países da OCDE, indica o “Employment Outlook 2019”, publicado esta quinta-feira. Portugal também está entre os países onde a probabilidade de um jovem trabalhador com formação superior ter um emprego com salário baixo mais aumentou. Ter formação superior é sinónimo de vantagem salarial para os trabalhadores, mas esse prémio está a encolher e Portugal é o país onde mais diminuiu na última década. A conclusão é da Organização para a Cooperação e o Desenvolvimento Económico (OCDE), que no “Employment Outlook 2019”, publicado esta quinta-feira – cujo tema é o futuro do trabalho -, analisa a evolução do prémio […]
15 de Maio de 2019.

Passadeiras LGBTI+ em Campolide

A medida é avançada depois de a Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária e a Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa considerarem que as passadeiras LGBTI+ são ilegais. A Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária (ANSR) recomendou à junta de freguesia de Campolide a remoção das cores das passadeiras pintadas no último fim de semana em homenagem à bandeira LGBTI+. “Os sinais de trânsito não podem ser acompanhados de motivos decorativos nem de objectos que possam prejudicar a sua visibilidade ou reconhecimento, ou ainda perturbar a atenção do condutor”, lê-se num comunicado ao qual o PÚBLICO teve acesso. Uma vez que as cores do arco-íris estavam pintadas nos intervalos das habituais faixas brancas das passadeiras, o presidente da junta de freguesia de Campolide, António Couto, […]
15 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in France

Christmas and Easter in France. The main celebration of Christmas in France is on the evening of the 24th of December. This is also on the eve that the presents are offered. Most of the time, it is simply a long family dinner which lasts until the early morning of the 25th. It begins as a basic aperitif with champagne and white wine. After we eat some seafood, that is called foie gras, then a trou Normand is served. It is made of vanilla ice cream and calva. In the part of France from which I am from, the biggest Carnival is the one of Dunkerque. It takes place from January to March. Nevertheless, the main and noisiest part of […]
15 de Abril de 2019.


How to celebrate Carnival, Easter or Christmas in Germany. In Germany, the carnival season starts already at the 11th of November and ends months later at Ash Wednesday, which means that our season is much longer than in most of the other countries. However, there is a lot to experience during this time and most of the people are crazy about this season of the year. On the 11th of November, different villages and cities present their carnival prince of the season and celebrate the beginning of carnival with performances and music. From the beginning of January, you can visit lots of different carnival events, where dancing groups or well-known carnival bands perform traditional carnival dances and carnival-live-music. Everyone is […]
12 de Abril de 2019.

Jadwiga Andegaweńska

Queen or king of Poland? Actually… both. How is this possible? Just look at the story of old Polish monarch from the 14th century. Jadwiga Andegaweńska known also as Queen Jadwiga or Saint Jadwiga was a third daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and Elizabeth of Bosnia. She was born between 1373 and 1374. At this time nobody supposed that she will become the King of Poland, as she was the third child and her father had only two thrones to be filled. However, the oldest sister died and that is why the King decided to give the throne of Poland to Jadwiga, especially when Polish people insisted to have their own King. She was crowned […]
10 de Abril de 2019.

Princess Sisi of Austria

Very popular with the Austrian people. Sisi was born on Christmas Eve in 1837 as the second daughter of Duke Maximilian and Duchess Ludovika in Bavaria, Germany. In 1853 she met her cousin Emperor Franz Joseph, who was going to marry her sister Helene. Franz Joseph of Austria fell in love with Sisi immediately and decided to marry her instead of her sister. They married, when Sisi was 16 years old. The marriage did not work out: Sisi was an independent girl and totally unprepared for the strict protocol at court, an ambitious stepmother and a busy husband who struggled to fight revolutionary and separatist tendencies in the Habsburg Empire. The court society of Vienna was making fun of her, […]
8 de Abril de 2019.

Maria Theresa

She became Empress of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The 13/05/1717 was a day Austrian history will never forget, it was the day the one and only female Empress in the Habsburg dynasty ever was born. Even at the young age of 23, she became Empress of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. She occupied this position for 40 years. Actually, to clarify, officially her husband Franz Stephan the First was the Emperor, but she actively ruled the empire. Franz Stephan was only in charge of the Austrian finances. Maria Theresa is most known for making education compulsory but also establishing the potato as staple which was a great service for the Austrian society. The “Mrs. Emperor”, as she was called by the Austrians, was […]
5 de Abril de 2019.

EVS volunteering in Madeira

7 months in Madeira Island, with all the costs related with travel, accomodations and meals covered! What are you waiting for? SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT A walk through the History of Madeira is a project that intends to present the culture, history and heritage of Madeira through guided tours and other cultural activities such as exhibitions or fado concerts. Throughout the last few years, the University of Madeira Students’ Union (AAUMa) has been developing several initiatives with a heavy focus on Tourism and Culture, under the Madeiran Heritage program. These initiatives are also directly connected with its social support programmes, which help the local community of Madeira. Last year, through the contribution of everyone involved (EVS volunteers, portuguese volunteers and […]
5 de Abril de 2019.

The second Queen of the Netherlands

Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Oranje-Nassau, Duchess of Mecklenburg and Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld. Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina was the queen of the Netherlands between the 4th of September 1948 and 30th of April 1980 and was married to Prince Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterfeld. Together they had four daughters called Beatrix, Irene, Margriet, and Christina. In 2004 she died at the age of 94. An interesting story about Queen Juliana is that at the age of 19 she had to find her husband to secure the throne. The requirements were that the man should be Protestant, a foreigner and to be part of a Royal House that had ruled at least until 1918. The mother of Juliana, called Wilhelmina, used […]