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17 de Janeiro de 2018.

Indian food in Madeira

How Indian cuisine found its way to Madeira (en route from England and South Africa). Paradoxically, Indian food is the national dish of the United Kingdom. For many British people a curry is a frequent treat, so my surprise was palpable when I found several Indian restaurants in Funchal serving British-Indian fusion classics such as Tikka Masala. Perhaps this is a consequence of the myriad British tourists who holiday in Madeira every year. But there is usually a deeper justification. My initial assumption was that one of the many British expatriates of Madeira’s history had popularised the cuisine here. This notion was substantiated by the presence of an Indian Infantry Division at the Jesuits’ College in 1941. The company was […]
16 de Janeiro de 2018.

Full of memories

I have already experienced so much, and there is still so much to do! The most beautiful places and moments in your life will always stay in your heart and memories. But what I’m scared of here is that I experience so many moments and see so many places that I want to remember the rest of my life, but the memories just fade away. I can’t choose if I will remember my last weekend’s hike or the moments when I’m laughing with my roommates so hard, that I fall from my bed. When I’m going to be 55 and I will look back to this year, I hope I’ll remember how I felt in the special moments. The other […]
15 de Janeiro de 2018.

Parceria na supercomputação

A aposta dos especialistas será na análise de dados e aplicações para “servir” o Centro de Investigação Internacional do Atlântico (AIR Centre). Este pólo ficará situado na Universidade do Minho. O plano já tinha sido anunciado: o primeiro projecto do Centro Internacional de Investigação do Atlântico (AIR Centre), que deverá ter sede nos Açores, é a instalação de um supercomputador na Universidade do Minho (UM) para a análise de dados científicos e desenvolvimento de novas aplicações em diversas áreas de estudo. Agora, esta sexta-feira, é assinado o protocolo que oficializa a parceria entre o Centro de Computação Avançada do Minho e o Centro de Supercomputação de Barcelona. A nova infra-estrutura de computação será instalada na UM no primeiro trimestre deste […]
15 de Janeiro de 2018.

Hello and goodbye

One of the most important things of this year was, for me, meeting new people from other countries. This wasn’t hard because we share our room with one or two others and our kitchen with around sixty. I met new people so fast, and always forgot that I had to say goodbye at some point. That’s what I’m thinking about now, when more and more people are leaving. So many things have happened and I never expected the people here to become real friends of mine. When you see the people go you realise that a small part of your life came to its end, which makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because it was so […]
15 de Janeiro de 2018.

A minha experiência na Ucrânia

Sendo o EVS parte do programa ERASMUS+, não precisei de possuir muitos recursos para participar! Através da associação onde fui acolhido, fui enviado para 2 campos de férias (faz parte da tradição ucraniana no verão as crianças e jovens irem a campos de ferias). No primeiro campo fiquei 9 dias com cerca de 45 participantes, organização e mais 5 voluntários. Dormíamos em tendas no meio da floresta, a 5Km da fronteira com Rússia, basicamente sem rede telefónica. Além de desenvolver as nossas atividades também participava nas em muitas outras, desde jogar vólei, cantar, aprender a língua russa e ucraniana, ir tomar banho num rio e até buscar água para todo o campo de cavalo as 7h da manhã. No segundo […]
14 de Janeiro de 2018.

A paradise made of wood

In this text I want to tell you a little bit about my experience in this volunteering. Madeira is a Portuguese island whose history begins to count from the fifteenth century when it was permanently occupied for the first time. This information is important because my project is about the Madeiran legacy (the name of my project is Madeiran Heritage), and it tries to train volunteers to, through guided tours, show a piece of the history of Funchal (its capital), of the island in general, and some aspects of the history of Portugal. With the money that is obtained from this process we help for the different social projects of the University of Madeira. The project itself is very rewarding […]
13 de Janeiro de 2018.

Coming home

What is home for you? Where is home for you? How many homes can you actually have? Does it have to be family? Or can it be friends? I begin with these simple questions for you. Every volunteer has to go to two trainings: an on-arrival training and a mid-term training. Both of them take place on the mainland of Portugal. Most of us enjoy the time. We meet new friends, friends that experience the same but also the total opposite. I was actually lucky to go by myself because I am sure that it has you a whole different impact on you. And of course it is a nice opportunity to leave this island and get to know the […]
12 de Janeiro de 2018.

Future happens now

In 2015, a company from Hong Kong activated a humanoid robot named Sophia. She, because the robot is considered to be of female gender and is modeled after Audrey Hepburn, was interviewed in tv shows and by international organizations, such as United Nations. Although it is surely a great development, many people expressed their concerns that it may be dangerous for our race. Robot assured that she is only a peaceful creature built to help people, although the concerns escalated even more when for the question if she wants to destroy humans, asked by her creator, Sophia answered “OK. I will destroy humans.” Another controversy aroused this year when Sophia, as the first robot, got a nationality. Now she is […]
11 de Janeiro de 2018.

Financiamento às Universidades

“A solução está encontrada. O Governo cumpre o contrato na íntegra”, afirmou o ministro Manuel Heitor, em Évora. Mas não disse quando é que o pagamento vai ser efectuado. O ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, garantiu nesta quarta-feira o cumprimento “na íntegra” do acordo para o pagamento às universidades e politécnicos do financiamento adicional de 2017, estando em discussão “meramente questões técnicas”. “A solução está encontrada. O Governo cumpre o contrato na íntegra”, afirmou o ministro, em Évora, quando questionado pelos jornalistas sobre a reunião que manteve, na terça-feira à noite, com o Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas (CRUP). Segundo Manuel Heitor, “o Governo assumiu cumprir todos os acordos que fez em termos políticos”, acrescentando […]
11 de Janeiro de 2018.

Weather changing

I write about November because it was a colder month in Madeira, a month of surprises. First I didn’t expected such a cold weather here. I mean it’s not so cold but it’s quite more than I expected from a semi tropical island. Also I had some troubles because the changing weather like for instance, I went to one levada, it was so sunny but in the middle of the levada it just rained a lot, so basically I walked for 6h under a really annoying rain (oh course I didn’t bring my umbrella). Another big change was the cold water on the beach, and that’s even in the warm days. Since the fact that November is not a touristic […]
4 de Junho de 2019.

750 mil sem médico de família

Candidataram-se 370 jovens médicos para um número recorde de vagas abertas em Maio. Mas também há médicos a aposentar-se. Em cinco meses, 58 mil pessoas ficaram sem médico de família. O Governo abriu 398 vagas para médicos de família no último concurso nacional, naquele que foi o maior contingente de sempre para a entrada de jovens clínicos desta especialidade no Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS), mas candidataram-se apenas 370 e um foi excluído, de acordo com a lista de ordenação final publicada nesta segunda-feira em Diário da República. Apesar deste número recorde, não será ainda possível dar médico de família a todos os portugueses inscritos nos centros de saúde. Se todos estes candidatos ficassem a trabalhar no SNS – e […]
3 de Junho de 2019.

European elections and the future

This year my country celebrates 15 years of being a member of European Union. There were a lot of changes in Poland during that time – in my opinion mostly good ones. And thanks to it I could become an EVS volunteer in Madeira. Being a part of the European Union brought many advantages for young people who can now study or volunteer abroad. My parents didn’t have this opportunity and they are happy that I could go abroad thanks to the Erasmus+ program. In my opinion it’s very important for young people to get to know other cultures, learn languages, meet people from different countries, get experience in new areas. When they learn and get another point of view […]
2 de Junho de 2019.

Descoberto antídoto para veneno

Através de um medicamento usado para o colesterol, conseguiu-se parar a necrose e atenuar a dor provocada pela picada da vespa-do-mar em ratinhos. Ninguém se deixe encantar pela beleza da medusa Chironex fleckeri: ela tem veneno suficiente para matar mais de 60 pessoas. Conhecida como vespa-do-mar, esta medusa é assim um dos seres vivos mais venenosos do mundo. Portanto, a ambição para encontrar um antídoto que a afrontasse era grande. Agora, em testes com células humanas e de ratinhos, uma equipa de cientistas da Austrália e da China descobriu um medicamento que consegue bloquear os sintomas da picada desta medusa se for aplicado 15 minutos depois do ataque. No futuro, o objectivo é desenvolver um produto de uso tópico para […]
31 de Maio de 2019.

Liechtenstein and the EU

As you may or may not know Liechtenstein isn‘t actually in the European Union. Together with Norway and Iceland we belong to the European Economic Area. Liechtenstein joined the EEA in 1995, after becoming a full member of the EFTA (European free trade association) in 1991. Joining the EEA, also obliged Liechtenstein to apply some European Union laws because they are considered EEA relevant. There is some further cooperation with the EU via Switzerland as Liechtenstein is highly integrated with the Swiss economy (including using the Swiss francs). There are further agreements between Liechtenstein and the EU, on matters such as the Schengen agreement, taxation for savings and there are ongoing talks on combating fraud and exchanging information on tax matters. […]
31 de Maio de 2019.

Erasmus+ Internship

ERASMUS+ INTERNSHIP IN MADEIRA General details of the internship Receiving organization: University of Madeira Students’ Union Venue: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Duration: Minimum of 6 months Starting date: From 01/09/2019 forward Description of the internship Main tasks: Capturing, editing and production of photos and videos; Preparation and execution of advertising campaigns; Graphic edition of editorial materials; Other required tasks in the fields of photography, video, and other digital media. Conditions of payment: Erasmus+ or other scholarship from home institution. What we offer: Lunch during the working days; Monitorization throughout the whole internship; Work in a dynamic and international environment. Profile of the candidates: At least B2 level of English language; Well proficient in graphic design software (Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe […]
30 de Maio de 2019.

Ensino Superior no interior do país

Plataforma Edulog faz avaliação crítica dos efeitos da medida que reduziu 1000 lugares no ensino superior de Porto e Lisboa. Dados dos colocados no regime geral que concretizaram inscrição só agora são conhecidos. A redução em 5% das vagas das instituições de ensino superior de Lisboa e do Porto “não produziu os efeitos desejados” na atracção de estudantes para as regiões do interior do país. O facto de mais de metade dos lugares cortados nas principais cidades do país terem ficado noutras cidades do litoral prejudicou a eficácia da medida. As conclusões são de uma avaliação, que será apresentada na próxima semana, feita pela plataforma Edulog à medida implementada pelo Governo. A decisão do Governo resultou num corte de 1008 […]