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11 de Setembro de 2019.

A writer of the Revolution

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos was a French writer from the 18th century. His masterwork is the epistolary novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, published in 1782. Today, there are several cinematographic adaptations of the book. For a long time considered as scandalous and immoral, the novel was until recently read behind closed doors. It deals with the libertine sexuality of two nobles, la Marquise de Merteuil et le Marquis Valmont, in the time of the coming Revolution. Scholars often highlight how common and ‘normal’ was the life of Laclos. He was a good husband, a good father, and a successful officer. So, a lot of questions abound about how he could have written such an audacious and blazing novel and how paradoxical […]
9 de Setembro de 2019.

George Orwell

A prolific observationalist of the changing nature of the early 20th Century. George Orwell, whose real name is Eric Arthur Blair was born in India in 1903. He was the son of a lower civil servant who was serving in India. As a boy, he was very academic and was able to get into prestigious schools back in England. He joined the Imperial Police in Burma, but soon became disparaged as he realized how much the Burmese detested living under British rule. This experience would lead to him releasing one of his great novels, Burmese Days. After resigning from the police, Orwell went to immerse himself with the lower classes in Paris and London working as a dishwasher and picking […]
7 de Setembro de 2019.

Gramellini: The Word Wizard

Massimo Gramellini is an Italian journalist of the contemporary era whose talent is to turn real stories and event unforgettable forever. He was born in 1960 and he started his career as a sports journalist for an important Italian newspaper. However, he became famous when his professional focus moved into politics. Gramellini documented and investigated the “Mani Pulite” (Clean Hands) season, a period when lots of scandals about the corruption between politics and entrepreneurship were discovered and which changed the development of the Italian politics. In 1993 he was sent to Sarajevo as a reporter during the civil war.  From 2005 to 2017 he has been the Assistant Director of “La Stampa” newspaper and since that moment is a collaborator […]
6 de Setembro de 2019.

Delegação portuguesa no CERN

Físico português Gaspar Barreira, que morreu em Junho, foi homenageado durante visita ao Laboratório Europeu de Física de Partículas, em Genebra. Uma delegação de mais de 50 pessoas, incluindo empresários, engenheiros e cientistas, terminou uma visita de dois dias ao Laboratório Europeu de Física de Partículas (CERN), na Suíça, para reforçar a participação de Portugal em novos projectos. Até porque continuam as obras para melhor o desempenho do grande acelerador de partículas deste laboratório, o LHC, e fala-se da construção do seu sucessor. A visita, que incluiu reuniões de trabalho, terminou esta quarta-feira com a participação do ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e do Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, e do secretário de Estado da Internacionalização, Eurico Brilhante Dias. Em declarações à […]
5 de Setembro de 2019.

Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras and her book “ Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein” Marguerite Duras was born in 1914 in Gia Dinh next to Saigon in the French Indochina. She is a writer, novelist, playwright, and essayist. She became famous in 1950 with the book “The Sea Wall” (Un barrage contre le Pacifique). This book is largely inspired by the life and adolescence of Marguerite Duras in the French Indochina. After this first success, she will publish many new novels. Her style is close to the New Roman, with strange sentences construction, deconstructed characters, storyline, and timeline. The main topics are the wait, love, sensuality, and alcohol. In 1984 she published another great success “The lover” (L’Amant) an auto-fiction about her […]
3 de Setembro de 2019.

Marc Elsberg

An Austrian author of the 21st century: Marc Elsberg If you are interested in scientific thrillers, Marc Elsberg’s books are always a brilliant choice. It doesn’t matter if you choose Blackout, Zero or Helix – they’re all interesting, exciting and teach you a lot. This is why I like his work and why I always enjoy reading any book he wrote. He was born in 1967 in Vienna, grew up in the surroundings of Baden in Lower Austria and studied Industrial Design at the University for Art in Vienna. Later on, he worked in the marketing business as a creative director while he was starting to write his first book, a satirical novel called “Saubermann”. After three more books, he […]
1 de Setembro de 2019.

Kari Hotakainen

A very well known writer in Finland. Kari Hotakainen started his career as a reporter and became a full-time author in 1996. He has written many novels, poetry books, children’s books, radio dramas, newspaper columns, plays, and one TV-series. He has received some literature prizes for his work, for example, the Finlandia Prize for the novel Juoksuhaudantie (Battle Trench Avenue). The same book was later made into a movie. For me, the most meaningful book written by Kari Hotakainen is Satukirja (Storybook). The book is considered for children and young adults, but I think that it suits all ages. All the stories are very imaginative and different. It is a huge possibility, that after reading one story you become addicted […]
31 de Agosto de 2019.

Joseph Conrad

A Polish-British writer, most famous for Heart of Darkness (1899). Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski is known rather as Joseph Conrad which is a combination of his two names. He went to Marseilles as a seventeen-year-old boy to work as a sailor. When he returned from his voyages to the Caribbean and South America, he had troubles with his citizenship, as a resident of the Russian Empire, he was obligated to do military service. Without permission from the Russian authorities to serve on French ships, Joseph fell into debts and consequently he attempted to commit suicide. Later on, he went to Great Britain and began serving in the British merchant navy. After a few years, he received the rank of captain […]
29 de Agosto de 2019.

Half open curtains

I’ll talk about the Belgian writer Herman Brusselmans. Why him? To reply in his own style: because this dickpick is probably the most f*cking interesting choice of them all. That’s right. I didn’t choose him because his oeuvre is close to my heart. Neither his high pitched literary style. Still, he is one of the greatest writers of Belgium. How did this come to be? Well, to start with, he is (unlike many colleagues) in front of the media. He keeps himself in the picture through talk shows and columns, where he likes to mock other celebrities and comments on certain situations. This provocative talk is also very typical for his books. The overall style elements are a Highly autobiographical […]
27 de Agosto de 2019.

Gerwin van der Werf

The Writing Teacher Gerwin van der Werf is not a name that many non-Dutch people know nor are able to pronounce properly. Not a lot of Dutch people know him or his work either. He is not a famous writer of literature that creates complex novels with hidden themes and multiple meanings but he is one of the greatest Dutch writers. He has written four novels, Gewapende Man (2010), Wild (2011), Luchtvissers (2013) en Een Onbarmhartig Pad (2018). Apart from being a writer, he is also a music teacher at the high school I went to in the Netherlands. He is a teacher full of energy, full of empathy for his students and with a great sense of humor. He […]
29 de Outubro de 2020.

Porto Santo é Reserva da Biosfera

Portugal tem agora 12 reservas inscritas na Rede Mundial de Reservas da Biosfera da UNESCO. A ilha de Porto Santo, no Arquipélago da Madeira, vai integrar a Rede Mundial de Reservas da Biosfera da UNESCO, elevando para 12 o número de reservas portuguesas inscritas neste programa, anunciou esta quarta-feira o Governo. Num comunicado conjunto, o Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros e o Ministério do Ambiente e da Acção Climática referem que a candidatura da ilha de Porto Santo a esta rede foi aprovada pelo Conselho Internacional de Coordenação do Programa “O Homem e a Biosfera – MAB” da UNESCO. “As Reservas da Biosfera são definidas pela UNESCO como laboratórios vivos, onde se desenvolvem como funções principais, a conservação de paisagens, ecossistemas […]
28 de Outubro de 2020.

Flora portuguesa ameaçada

Os resultados são “alarmantes”. A “Lista Vermelha da Flora Vascular de Portugal Continental”, publicada na última semana, conclui que há 381 espécies de plantas ameaçadas de extinção em Portugal continental e 19 espécies actualmente já extintas. O trabalho foi coordenado pela Sociedade Portuguesa de Botânica e pela Associação Portuguesa de Ciência da Vegetação – PHYTOS, em parceria com o ICNF. “Os resultados da avaliação – que incidiu unicamente em cerca de um quinto da flora vascular de Portugal continental – são alarmantes”, lê-se na nota introdutória da “Lista Vermelha da Flora Vascular de Portugal Continental”, assinada por Miguel Porto e Ana Francisco, da Sociedade Portuguesa de Botânica. Esses resultados revelam que “381 espécies de plantas foram avaliadas numa das três […]
26 de Outubro de 2020.


Regulamento de Trabalhador-Estudante A Académica da Madeira pretende com este artigo informar os estudantes acerca do Procedimento de instrução do pedido do Estatuto de Trabalhador-Estudante na UMa. Este conjunto de perguntas e respostas, refere apenas os principais aspectos relacionados este tema pelo que a sua consulta não dispensa a leitura e conhecimento dos regulamentos e outros diplomas legais em vigor. Sabe mais sobre o Procedimento de instrução do pedido do Estatuto de Trabalhador-Estudante na UMa. P&R – Perguntas e Respostas Código do Trabalho – Aspectos relacionados com o estatuto do trabalhador-estudante Aprovado pela Lei n.º 23/2012, de 25 de Junho. A Associação Académica da Universidade da Madeira pretende informar os trabalhadores-estudantes sobre aspectos importantes do Código do Trabalho. Este conjunto de perguntas e […]
25 de Outubro de 2020.

O PESCADOR de Rafaela Rodrigues

Obra infantil da autoria e ilustração de Rafaela Rodrigues é editada pela CADMUS A paixão pela leitura A obra está à venda na Gaudeamus, na Fnac, na Wook, na Bertrand (online e lojas) e noutros livreiros nacionais e regionais. A Académica da Madeira criou, em outubro, a CADMUS, uma nova editora que funcionará em paralelo com a Imprensa Académica, que possui uma clara matriz universitária. A criação desta nova editora surge da necessidade de termos uma linha mais generalista, de novos autores, de livros independentes e que edita em Portugal para todo o mundo. A CADMUS e a IMPRENSA ACADÉMICA combinarão, com um posicionamento editorial distinto, 7 novas obras a serem editadas até dezembro de 2020. Para 2021, ambas as […]
22 de Outubro de 2020.

Formações RM Academy

A RM Academy associa-se à Académica da Madeira A RM Academy tem como foco o desenvolvimento de profissionais e/ou futuros profissionais na área da Hotelaria, através de formações em regime presencial e online nas áreas de Revenue Management, Distribuição Eletrónica e Marketing Digital. Assim, nos próximos meses irão decorrer as seguintes formações: 2, 3 e 4 de novembro – Aumento da Rentabilidade Através de Comunicação Mais Eficiente (8h) – Online 9, 10, 11 e 12 de novembro – Revenue Management Estratégico (12h) – Online 9, 10 e 12 de novembro – Gestão e Otimização de Receitas para SPA (8h) – Online 17, 18 e 20 de novembro – Revenue Management Aplicado a Grupos (8h) – Online 17, 19 e 21 […]
20 de Outubro de 2020.

Greening the Curriculum

Greening the Curriculum: metade do lixo são beatas de cigarro. No âmbito do projeto Greening the Curriculum da Académica da Madeira, financiado pelo Programa de Inovação e Transformação Social (PRINT) da Direção Regional da Juventude (DRJ), em cooperação com o Programa Eco-Escolas do Politécnico da Universidade da Madeira e contando com o apoio logístico do Departamento de Ambiente da Câmara Municipal do Funchal, decorreram, nos dias 13 e 14 de outubro de 2020, com a participação de 224 voluntários, ações de limpeza no Campus da Penteada e sua envolvente. Com o financiamento da Direção Regional da Juventude (DRJ), através do Programa de Inovação e Transformação Social (PRINT), é objetivo deste projeto a criação de equipas de educadores ambientais através do […]