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20 de Abril de 2018.

Hanna Krall

She was born in 1935, her family died in the Holocaust. Hanna was saved by Polish people who took her from transport to ghetto and hid her. About her childhood she said that she would not change it, because it prepared her for the rest of life, thanks to that she knew what is fear and courage. She studied journalism at the University of Warsaw, her articles were published in many magazines. She also wrote few series of reportages in which she showed socio-cultural changes and conflicts of that time. Her most famous work was Zdążyć przed Panem Bogiem (English title: Shielding the Flame, literal translation: Make it before God), an interview with Marek Edelman – Polish Jewish cardiologist. Title […]
17 de Abril de 2018.

Understanding Chaucer

The life and work of Geoffrey Chaucer, and understanding the contradictory nature of his writing. Before there was Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer was considered the father of English literature. Born in 1343, Chaucer was a prominent member of the royal courts of both Edward III and Richard II, however, he was most well known for his writing, with his most celebrated work being The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer began writing fiction in the late 1360s and pioneered in a new literary style. He introduced a new poetic structure, more similar to the European style than his Anglo-Saxon predecessors. This was presumably inspired by his time in France, where he was a prisoner of war, and this style went on to inspire Shakespeare’s […]
9 de Abril de 2018.

King Manuel I, a King of Portugal

He played an important role in the expansion of the Power of Portugal Hey guys! After telling you my first impressions about the Island, then about food, and last time about a little bit of Flora and Fauna, in this article we will talk about History, and one of the Kings of Portugal. So let’s speak about King Manuel I, a King of Portugal between 1495 (when he received the Crown in Lisbon) and 1521. He was born on 31st of May 1469 in Alcochete (Portugal, facing Lisbon on the East) and died in Lisbon in December 1521. Son of Ferdinand, a little brother of King Afonso V (King between 1438 and 1481), Manuel succeeded to his cousin John II […]
5 de Abril de 2018.

King Dom Carlos

He became king in 1889 which was a time of crisis. Dom Carlos might have not been the last king on the throne of Portugal and the Algarve but his rule is often associated with the end of the monarchy. The image of the Portuguese monarchy was severely damaged after the government showed weakness facing the British. From today’s view, you might say that Dom Carlos had no great talent in politics, as he is still blamed for the end of the Portuguese monarchy. It did not make it easier to seem like a confident king. Instead, the population noticed quite fast that he could not stand its ground against the British Empire. Portugal’s plan was to have sovereignty over […]
2 de Abril de 2018.

King Manuel I of Portugal

The period of his reign was one of the finest times in the history of Portugal. Walking around Funchal you could have came across a square called “Largo Dom Manuel I” (eng. “Square of King Manuel I”) which is located near Sé Cathedral or you could have heard about an architectural style called ‘mannueline’ visible in many buildings in the city. All this reminds us of the times of reign of one of the most famous kings of Portugal, Manuel I also known as the Fortunate (port. o Afortunado) had as the period of his reign 1495-1521. During this time Funchal received city rights (1508) and became an important commercial port in the map of the world. We can even […]