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18 de Maio de 2018.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

One of his famous books is Le Petit Prince. Hey guys! After telling you my first impressions about the Island, then about food, after about a little bit of Flora and Fauna, in February we talked about History, and one of the Kings of Portugal. About March we’ll talk about one French author, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, and of course of one of his famous books, Le Petit Prince. Antoine de Saint Exupéry is a French aviator and writer. He wrote several books, but the most famous for children and even adults (no matter the age) is Le Petit Prince. He was born in Lyon on June 29th, 1900, and died in Marsilla (Marseille) on July 31st, 1944 (so he […]
15 de Maio de 2018.

Wolfgang Herrndorf

Wolfgang Herrndorf is one of the greatest German writers. If I am asked to name the biggest German authors my first answer would definitely be Goethe and Schiller or Guenther Grass and Thomas Mann because they are the big names you hear when there is a conversation about German literature. But to be honest all I know about these authors is that they are great German authors. From all of what their works I just read one book in school because it was mandatory. So I searched on the internet for famous German authors and found out that the most of them are strangers to me and from the generation of my great-grandparents or older. For that reason, I decided […]
8 de Maio de 2018.


Personally, I think this book is really important for us as Dutch people. This story about Saidjah and Adinda is of course ´just´ a made up story. But it might help you understand how things went in the Dutch East Indies in the 19th century. Natives were heavily mistreated by the Dutch, and lots of people in the Netherlands didn´t even know that. Saidjah, six years old, lived with his family and brothers in Lebak (Dutch East Indies). One day, the buffalo which is a good friend of Saidjah was taken from the family. This buffalo was really important for them because it helped them farming, and therefore also surviving. They bought a new one, it was taken away again, […]
3 de Maio de 2018.

The father of our national epic

He is still considered to be one of the great men of Finland. Elias Lönnrot lived from 1802 to 1884. He wasn’t only a writer, but also a doctor, a scientist, an explorer and a professor of Finnish language and literature. Lönnrot also did a lot of important work for the Finnish language, he reformed the language, translated many psalms into Finnish and he was the publisher and a journalist of the first Finnish magazine. Between the years 1828 and 1834, he traveled around Finland. On those travels, he gathered a lot of poems from different poem performers. From those poems, he made Kalevala, our national epic. So, Kalevala is basically a huge book of poems, which all together make […]
26 de Abril de 2018.

Move the horizon

I would like to present you one of the most famous polish women. This woman inspires young generations of Poles and is known mainly as a TV presenter and traveler, but she is also a journalist and writer – Martyna Wojciechowska. Martyna Wojciechowska has her own TV series called ”The woman at the edge of the world”. Each episode focuses on her travels to different countries where she meets and gets to know the stories of other women. Moreover, the audience gets to know the big picture of the hosting country and women’s status in there. Every documentary brings out social issues from within the hosting country, such as, among others: human trafficking and human rights, violence, sexism, violence, poverty, animal […]