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10 de Maio de 2019.

Lots of traditions in Austria

Carnival donuts, “Osterbock” and Christmas cookies In Austria, we have lots of traditions throughout the year and for every festivity, there’s a special kind of food. We love to get together and have delicious meals. From the first day of carnival (the 11th of November) onwards, you can buy our delicious carnival donuts called “Faschingskrapfen” at the bakeries and in supermarkets. Round pieces of dough, pretty similar to donuts without a hole, that are fried in oil, filled with apricot jam and covered with powdered sugar. We serve them at the carnival parties or parades, where they give them out to the best costumes. The next big traditional festival we have is Easter. It’s especially the week before Easter Sunday […]
8 de Maio de 2019.

(Inter)national traditions

Dutch people do not celebrate Christmas as much as their neighbors Many holidays are celebrated worldwide and while the holidays might be international, every country has its own traditions. In the Netherlands, Easter is usually only celebrated by children who excitedly explore their gardens in the hope of finding sweets and chocolates and getting a glimpse of the Easter bunny. While Christmas is a holiday that is very popular in many western countries, Dutch people do not celebrate it as much as their neighboring countries. The streets are decorated with many lights, Christmas trees are sold and many gifts are bought. But most of these gifts are unwrapped on the 5th of December instead of the 25th. In the Netherlands […]
6 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in Austria

Fake Christmas trees and a lack of snow. Christmas 2018 will always be a curious memory for me. Since Christmas is always associated with snow and beautifully decorated Christmas trees, this year Christmas on Madeira was quite different from what I’m used to. In Austria, the main celebration of Christmas takes place at the 24th, whereas here the people care more about the 25th. Usually, we buy a Christmas tree around the 22nd and decorate it on the 24th. Afterward, we go to church, eat some Fondue and receive presents. To be honest, nothing too special. My favorite Christmas habit is called “Christbaum loben” it if a funny thing to do and works as follows. After you served your time […]
3 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in Finland

Finnish traditions are very different from many other countries! Christmas traditions in Finland Finland is the home of Santa Claus and Christmas Land. That is one reason why Christmas in Finland can be truly memorable especially for visitors. Finnish traditions are also very different from many other countries and regions in the world. They have some similarities with neighboring Scandinavian countries and some traditions are shared among other Christian households around the world. The first Sunday in December is called the First Advent and it is the start for the Finnish Christmas season. Many children – and why not adults also – use advent calendars for counting down the days until Christmas Eve. Those calendars come in many forms from […]
1 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions of Vorarlberg

Church services start at around six in the morning. Christmas and Advent is a very special and important time at my home. Winter is coming, the skiing season starts and it might snow a little. On the first of December, the Advent starts and every child is allowed to open the first door of their Advent calendar. Another tradition is the Advent wreath, it is a circle made of fir branches and with four candles on top. The last four Sundays before Christmas one candle is lit, and so on until Christmas day, when finally all four candles burn. Another typical thing is Rorate. These are church services which start at around six in the morning and end with breakfast […]