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15 de Junho de 2019.

A minha experiência SVE na Roménia

Na reta final desta experiência, posso afirmar que aprendi o verdadeiro sentido de voluntariado: é um dever civico e não uma opção para um cidadão ativo. Quando decidi fazer um SVE, foi algo que começou por ser uma curiosidade, com o intuito de me divertir, conhecer pessoas de outros países e culturas e ter uma oportunidade para crescer e aprender. Com destino à Roménia, na Europa de Leste, a cidade Craiova tornou-se na minha casa durante quase quatro meses. Ajudei a desenvolver o projeto “Be Fit”, que consistiu em ajudar adolescentes de uma prisão/centro de detenção/correção local. Através de atividades de desporto, pintura, artes manuais e dança, tentámos transmitir aos jovens os valores e a importância da inclusão social e […]
14 de Junho de 2019.

EU: elections and the future

In a short time, it will be May 23-26, time for the next elections for the European Parliament. These elections are especially important, as they concern the future of Europe and its standing towards important subjects such as work, security, migration and climate change, some of the most discussed topics, be it in global or local politics. Topics which have a huge influence on our future and well-being in said future. These elections may also mark an important turning point, seeing as the European Union is trying, and often struggling, to fight against the apathy of its citizens and the strong populist tide many countries seem to find themselves in. The situation in my country, Germany, may be described as […]
12 de Junho de 2019.

Elections and the future of the EU

Europe is going through quite a difficult period; facing turbulent times and big important questions coming along forces the EU to think how it is going to shape its future. What kind of solutions it will it be able to make and how well will they work eventually. The European Union has survived before, so now it just needs to focus on solving problems in a innovative way and try to keep people trusting and believing on the work of Union. Europe has to be able to react quickly for the changing reality and to turn the challenges in to possibilities. This next citation is about the motto of the EU (”United in diversity”) and so, according to the European […]
10 de Junho de 2019.

Election time

The occasion for a young Italian man to discuss about European unity. In this exact historical moment Italy is facing some troubles on the road to European unity: year by year too many governments have risen to power, each of them ruled by different parties and political figures, sometimes with diametrically opposed ideas about how to deal with Europe and its politics. Now more than ever, it is essential to work towards unity; in a world where the powers become bigger and more centralized there’s no space for fishes that swim alone. Moreover the European dream is not anymore something unavailable and far from our reality, it is slowly happening in front of our eyes, and an initiative such as […]
7 de Junho de 2019.

European Union and the elections

This article is about the importance of the European Union and the next European election. Since I applied for my voluntary service on Madeira I realized how important European connections and projects are to get to learn new languages, cultures and moreover to develop further as a human being, such as a big community. Being part of the European Union makes me aware of many benefits we have because of this interconnectedness. Our possibility to go abroad has changed a lot in the last few years and it is getting easier with every year. As a result of the EU, we have more chances to take part in Erasmus projects or student exchanges than ever before. But being part of […]