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STEVE – Share the Technology EVEnt

Having been documenting a growing impact on the student community over the last few years, EPIC Júnior is now organizing the first international Engineering and Technology Event. This edition of the event will take place on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of June.

The STEVE, Share the Technology EVEnt, is a weekend-long event with several lectures, training sessions, round tables, job fairs and team buildings, with many opportunities and informal conversations. During these segments, all the participating Junior Enterprises, area companies and guests will be able to share ideas, experiences and work methodologies.

Lectures and discussions, featuring international guests from innovative areas, will be broadcast live on an online platform, allowing the participation of an unlimited number of students from all the countries included in the European Network of Junior Enterprises.

STEVE is setting out to become a reference in an international level, given its pioneering format. Creating an interactive network among over 50 Junior European Enterprises, this event will enable the creation of personal and professional relationships between students across Europe and the beginning of new ideas, collaborations and projects.

Partner companies to this event enjoy several benefits. Firstly, they will have access to a Corporate and a Student Network, with companies and students from several countries. Also, since STEVE has a new and disruptive structure, the visibility and international promotion will be a valuable advantage to our sponsors.

Formal moments: Formative and expository sessions on interesting and interconnected topics.
Informal moments: Informal interactions to allow for some relaxation and ludic interaction between participants.
Goals: Several moments to discuss topics about engineering, technology and innovation in the Junior Movement.
Customized: Two or more plans running simultaneously, in order to guarantee a continuous interest by all the participants.

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About EPIC Júnior
EPIC Júnior is the Engineering Junior Enterprise from the University of Minho, in Portugal, made up exclusively by an enterprising sphere of dynamic and innovative young students. EPIC Júnior has been documenting a growing impact on the student community namely through sessions of knowledge and skills training, paired with our attendance at entrepreneurial events which has enabled students to be closer and in contact with the business market.

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