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20 de Fevereiro de 2020.
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21 de Fevereiro de 2020.
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QUERBEAT – My city’s beat 

November, November I can feel you, I can hear you

In my home country, November is quite a special month. Or rather say in my hometown, which is Cologne. 

At the beginning of November, a special feeling moves the city. On the 11th of November…why would it be special regarding all those other days? 

Suddenly when the clock is turning 11:11 a.m. the city seethes. „Am 11.11. um 11:11h…“ as I would say in German, the „carnival“ season begins. For the older ones that means that the season of carnivalistic sessions begins, but especially for the younger generation, it means celebrating, dressing up, dancing and just enjoying to be alive and having a good time. 

And all those activities are framed by one certain band. This band is called: Querbeat. -The name develops itself out of a linguistic joke, that I will not even try to explain in English… I hope you can just accept the name 🙂 -. 

Querbeat is a band that was founded in 2001 by Erhard Rau. Its main genres are brass pop and carnivalistic music. The „brass pop“ can be explained by the fact that almost every one of the band’s 13 members plays a brass instrument. There are 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, 3 saxophones, 1 tuba… and well the rest of them plays the drums, guitar or sings the lyrics. In 2016 they suddenly got very famous. That was the year in which they released their first album. In English, that album is called: „Fat Q“. 

The second album got released in 2018, right before the carnival season started at the beginning of November. 

Querbeat got popular by playing carnivalistic songs in Cologne and its surroundings but nowadays they have gigs in the whole of Germany. But the band has also changed its music a little bit. From singing particularly in „Kölsch“ they moved to sing in „normal“ German. That not only enlarged the number of listeners who can understand what they are singing but it changed the meaning and somehow even the atmosphere of their songs/lyrics. 

 The text was written in November 2019.

Short bio of the volunteer:

I am Marli from Cologne, Germany. Just arrived at Madeira after finishing my supervisor activity in a kids camp. Now I am here and find it absolutely stunning!


Erasmus+ is a program of the European Commission embracing the fields of education, training, youth, and sports during the period 2014-2020. One of the major aspects is the cooperation between the different fields where the program acts, hence contributing for a diverse and rich Europe.

Amongst the several goals of the programme, the following are prioritised: the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, including the headline education target; the aims of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020), including the corresponding benchmarks; the sustainable development of Partner Countries in the field of higher education; the overall goals of the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018); the objective of developing the European dimension in sport, in particular grassroots sport, in line with the EU work plan for sport and the promotion of European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty on the European Union.

In order to achieve these goals, the Erasmus+ has several action policies. The Key Action 1 (KA1) is directed towards the mobility of people; Key Action 2 (KA2) for the cooperation for innovation and the interchange of good experiences; and Key Action 3 (KA3) which is for the support of reformation policies.

European Voluntary Service

Since 1991 the University of Madeira Students’ Union has developed a wide incentive policy for voluntary work. In 2013 the Students’ Union started the process to receive, send and coordinate Erasmus+ projects of the European Voluntary Service, in order to have a larger influence in the volunteering field. The Union received its first volunteer withing the ambit of a KA1 project in 2014. Many efforts have been done to allow young people from Madeira to take part in several initiatives in Europe, as well as propose several projects allowing young people from several countries to work in the projects of the Students’ Union of the University of Madeira. The main goal of the voluntary work is the contribution of the volunteers to the communities and places they will be staying, being their work not rewarded with payment.

We believe that the European Voluntary Service is a mechanism full of experiences, allowing the approved candidates to have the privilege of taking part in these projects and benefit the places and communities where these volunteers will be staying.

Since 2013, the University of Madeira Students’ Union has received volunteers that have collaborated in several activities and initiatives. Besides being able to enjoy a wonderful experience which will contribute to their personal and professional growth, they are able to contribute in a unique way to the community in which they are inserted and to join dozens of volunteers from the University of Madeira.