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25 de Dezembro de 2017.

A IA não entende o Natal

Pelo menos na versão musical, o natal ainda não é bem compreendido pelos programas inteligentes. Uma investigadora americana, Janelle Shane, tentou ensinar um programa de computador a escrever músicas de Natal. Usando um sistema de redes neuronais, em que um computador tenta imitar o sistema de aprendizagem do cérebro humano, a investigadora alimentou o sistema com diversas músicas em língua inglesa de forma a tentar criar uma letra nova que fosse coerente. As primeiras tentativas correram mal, em grande medida devido ao desconhecimento das regras gramaticais (e das próprias palavras) da língua inglesa, tendo o sistema construído estrofes sem sentido: Hart fon the be the he br wong on the stor Christmas br he, or the wang Christ, Christ, on […]
25 de Dezembro de 2017.


Are you going on your vacation or actually you are there, but don’t know what to buy as a souvenir? Come on! It is not so difficult at all, is it? We are different, so our taste as well. For one of us the perfect souvenir is postcard, the others might choose some parts of clothes with logo of hosting city. How the situation looks in the most popular destinations for travelling on the Globe? In London people willingly buy thousands kinds of fridge magnet with images of historical attractions and royals, of course. In Paris the winners are white t-shirt and small pendant, both present the Eiffel Tower. What about Funchal? Which object is the most valuable for our […]
23 de Dezembro de 2017.

Christmas time

This moment of the year is for me really important and emotional as I am writing this text few days before Christmas. Funchal looks fabulous with all light decorations but I still cannot feel that this time is just about to start. What am I missing? I have never spent these holidays abroad, even taking into account the fact that I had already lived abroad before. Beyond the whole religious aspect, this time is really significant for me as my entire family can be together which is normally not so easy as we live in different places. What I appreciate most in Poland is the festive atmosphere when you look out the window and see that snowy and cold land […]
20 de Dezembro de 2017.


The isolated capital of the pearl of the Atlantic Funchal is, depending on whom you ask either a big or a tiny city. The capital of Madeira counts more or less 112.000 inhabitants and is the largest city of the island. But what is Funchal for me? I have been in Madeira for one and a half month now and had enough time to get the first impression of its landscape and also its capital Funchal. When I arrived here I thought that Funchal has everything one could wish for. And that is right… at least when you are a tourist. Here, you can find a bunch of souvenir shops, a lot of cafes and restaurants and a mass of […]
20 de Dezembro de 2017.

26% candidatos à bolsa sem resposta

Os indicadores mostram que face ao ano passado, mais processos foram deferidos. Mais de 25,6% estão à espera de saber se vão ter apoio. Há mais estudantes do ensino superior a receber bolsa de estudo. E menos do que no ano passado ainda à espera de uma resposta sobre se vão ou não ser apoiados. O Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior fez nesta segunda-feira um balanço aos apoios no âmbito da acção social e às novas regras que entraram em vigor neste ano lectivo. Dados: no fim de Novembro estavam a ser pagas bolsas a 42.562 alunos. São mais 5741 do que no ano passado em igual período. Candidataram-se este ano 95.566 estudantes, sendo que a 15 de […]
19 de Dezembro de 2017.

EUA põem fim à neutralidade da net

Já foi votado o fim da neutralidade da rede nos EUA, com três pessoas a votarem a favor da mudança e duas contra. A reunião teve uma interrupção por motivos de segurança durante a discussão. Num resultado de três para dois, a FCC, autoridade reguladora para as comunicações americana, votou a favor do fim da neutralidade da rede nos Estados Unidos da América. A legislação tinha sido aprovada em 2015, durante o mandato de Barack Obama, mas assim que esta alteração entrar em vigor (daqui a cerca de dois meses), as operadoras de telecomunicações norte-americanas passam a poder vender pacotes de Internet que permitem o acesso a apenas alguns conteúdos da rede, e não a todos, como tem sido norma […]
19 de Dezembro de 2017.

Hiking in Porto Santo

Golden Island is not only the beach! We’ve been told by a number of people that the best time to visit Porto Santo is early Autumn, when the weather is still great but as it’s no longer the high season, the place is more calm and relaxed. Peace and quiet was exactly what we needed, so in the middle of October, after months of waiting for the right moment, we finally got ourselves our tickets to the Golden Island. I imagine most of the people head to Porto Santo with that spectacular 9 km long sandy beach in mind, but I was never too much of a beach person. All my attention and all my curiosity was with the hills […]
18 de Dezembro de 2017.

Cooperação com o CERN prolongada

Até 2021, Portugal prepara a instalação de nova unidade de saúde para tratar por ano cerca de 700 doentes com cancro usando tecnologias de partículas de alta energia. Portugal vai prolongar até 2030 a cooperação com o Laboratório Europeu de Física de Partículas (CERN), que gere o maior acelerador de partículas do mundo, anunciou o Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior (MCTES). A assinatura do acordo para cooperação científica e tecnológica no período 2018-2030 é esta sexta-feira, em Genebra (Suíça), assinalando o 25.º aniversário de uma reunião onde foram lançadas as primeiras ideias para o acelerador de partículas LHC. A quota anual de Portugal em 2017 para o CERN foi de 11 milhões de euros, segundo dados do MCTES. […]
18 de Dezembro de 2017.

I have been doing some reading

Reflection. Often by the sea A place I believe often visited by artists… Poets… Suicidal men, in Madeira. Something about the sea, it makes you think… It allows you to breathe… To breathe allows expression. Sailors often say it makes you feel free. But with this freedom comes a price also. The artist, the poet, the brickwork ghost often recount the experience of not being able to write from a point of happiness, for it is oppression, the lashings of Judas that cause one to crucify themselves PUBLICLY. As has been shown in the churches, the people, the icons we have all become so familiar with. The concept of the crucifixion is such a powerful one, Jesus was in many […]
14 de Dezembro de 2017.

A French Guy in Funchal

My first time in Madeira, on an island! From France I miss some things, especially food. But my time here is great! At first I wanted to be usefull and to be helpful to people, so I told myself go check on the Internet to see If a website would bring me answers, in Spain. But there were no results for Spain on the website for French people, because I wanted to go to improve my oral Spanish. But that’s where the random acted: an offer for Madeira to help providing tours to Tourists! I told myself that’s great, I’ll improve my Spanish! But no, It’s a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so that’s gonna be […]
2 de Julho de 2018.

A different perspective

“Din Matamoro” is a Galician painter that was born in the city of Vigo “Painting is a worthy way of being in the world, a trade that makes you free and opens ways to the imagination” , these were the words of a proud artist from our nowadays society after have being selected in the “Real Academia Galega de Belas Artes” with all the effort and work that had supposed to him. The life of a common painter of nowadays can be hard, but I have someone close in my family that has taught me that with effort and desire you can make your position in this world is whatever you want. Eduardo Matamoro Irago, more recognized in Galicia as […]
2 de Julho de 2018.

Um mês, Um tema

Visita ao Museu Henrique e Francisco Franco – 14 de Julho, às 11:00. Do Funchal para Paris, os modernistas irmãos Franco, espantaram o Mundo nos anos 1920. Henrique, influenciado por Édouard Manet, pintava e abraçou ainda as artes decorativas. Francisco, inspirado por Rodin, esculpia, chegando a fazer de atelier, no Funchal, a Capela da Encarnação. Deixaram obras e estudos excepcionais, alguns reunidos no Museu que será incluído no Roteiro ‘Um mês um tema’ de 2018. Informações da visita A visita decorrerá no dia 14 de Julho, às 11:00 e é aberta a qualquer interessado desde que portador do Passaporte Cultural; As inscrições são gratuitas e podem ser efectuadas em qualquer posto de atendimento da Académica da Madeira, nas lojas Gaudeamus […]
30 de Junho de 2018.

Maruja Mallo

Maruja Mallo was first and foremost free. When you think about a famous painter from Spain all the names that come out are masculine. The reason why is not because there are not female Spanish painters, it is because history is not giving them the recognition that they deserve. I am really far from being an art expert, but I know how women have to face challenges due to gender biases, from finding difficulty in training to selling their work and gaining recognition. Maruja Mallo is one of the women that fight for her own place in the world of art of the twentieth century to become one of the most representative figures of the Generation of 27 and one […]
28 de Junho de 2018.

The art of Open Doors

We cannot pass without admiration for the art in Santa Maria street. More specifically, this project concerns around 200 painted doors which transformed this historic part of the city in open and permanent art gallery. This idea of painting doors emerged in 2010 and it was a result of cooperation between José Maria Zyberchema and João Carlos Abreu, the former Regional Secretary for Economy, Tourism and Culture, the Funchal Municipal Council and two private companies. The project was presented for the first time in an event called PechaKucha by José Maria Montero. After that, on April 2011, in the street of Santa Maria at number 77 the first door was painted by the artist Mark Milewski. It looks like a […]
25 de Junho de 2018.

A Comédia da Vida, no Feminino

A tertúlia será no dia 7 de Julho, às 11:00, no Colégio dos Jesuítas. “O amor é casar com um homem de quem se gosta muito e que há de ser muito nosso amigo. E termos muitos filhos … E vivermos numa grande quinta, com muitos cães, muitos cavalos … e sermos muito ricos …” e “ o esquecimento de tudo, é a gente de cabeça perdida, numa vertigem, com os olhos vendados”. Assim trata o amor, “cruel e brutal”, Luzia, n’Os que se divertem (A comédia da vida), numa obra editada pela primeira vez em 1920 e recuperada no 1.º número da coleção Ilustres (Des)Conhecidos, e serve de mote para a discussão Comédia da Vida, no feminino. Conforme nos […]
18 de Junho de 2018.

Statue of Infante Dom Henrique

He is seen as the patron of the Portuguese exploration. Infante Dom Henrique of Portugal (1394-1460), who is most commonly known as Prince Henry the Navigator also held the name of Duke of Viseu. Right at the entrance of the Saint Catherine’s park in Funchal, we can see a bronze statue of Prince Henry, sitting underneath an arch. The statue was created in 1941 but officially inaugurated on 28th of May 1947. It was designed and made by the sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida (1898-1975), who was a striking figure of the 20th-century sculpture art. During the early time of the Portuguese Empire, Prince Henry had an essential part in the maritime discoveries and expansions in the 15th century. Nowadays he […]