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19 de Abril de 2019.

Important holidays during the year

Poland is a country in which traditions and religious holidays are still very strongly cultivated. Two of the most important during the year are, of course, Christmas and Easter. Christmas days are family time. The celebration begins with supper on December 24, when the first star hits the sky. It is a symbolic reference to the Star of Bethlehem announcing the birth of Jesus. Before sitting down to the dinner, family share pieces of a wafer and everyone is wishing each other all the best for Christmas and New Year. This custom is a reference to the Last Supper and the sharing of bread. On the table should appear the traditional 12 dishes, under the table there is hay, and […]
18 de Abril de 2019.

Primeira molécula de sempre

Primeira molécula de sempre formada no universo detetada pela primeira vez no espaço O hidro-hélio surgiu numa temperatura de 3.700 graus Celsius, milhares de anos após o Big Bang. É a primeira molécula de sempre formada no universo e foi detetada numa nébula a três mil anos luz. O mais antigo tipo de molécula foi detetado pela primeira vez de sempre no espaço, revelou esta quarta-feira a equipa de cientistas responsável pelo estudo. A molécula HeH+ surgiu milhares de anos após o Big Bang e trata-se assim da primeira molécula de sempre a ser formada, no início do universo. A molécula, com carga positiva e conhecida como hidro-hélio, terá tido um papel determinante no começo do universo. O hidro-hélio surgiu […]
17 de Abril de 2019.

Traditions in my country

The traditions in Liechtenstein are very similar to the rest of Europe. Our Christmas traditions start on the first Sunday of December. We light a candle on that day and spend the day with our family and some people go to church. The following Sunday we light another candle and so on until the fourth Sunday of the month. On the 24th of December, a lot of people go to church and spend the day with family. Most people have a family dinner and also open the presents on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day a lot of people usually spend the evening/day with the extended family. During the following days, everyone visits other families and friends. Carnival is the biggest […]
16 de Abril de 2019.

(Micro)plásticos e poluição

A cientista britânica Imogen Napper procura origens invulgares dos plásticos nos oceanos. O seu trabalho já contribuiu para a proibição de microesferas no Reino Unido. Imogen Napper tem apenas 27 anos mas as suas investigações sobre microplásticos já fizeram a diferença. Ao mostrar que uma embalagem de um produto cosmético pode ter quase três milhões de microesferas, influenciou a proibição destas pequenas partículas de plástico no Reino Unido. Noutro estudo, mostrou que durante uma lavagem de roupa na máquina podem ser libertadas mais de 700 mil microfibras, que irão parar ao ambiente. Por detectar plástico em sítios onde não são logo visíveis, é considerada uma detective dos plásticos. A investigadora britânica cresceu em Bristol e desde a infância que frequenta […]
15 de Abril de 2019.


How to celebrate Carnival, Easter or Christmas in Germany. In Germany, the carnival season starts already at the 11th of November and ends months later at Ash Wednesday, which means that our season is much longer than in most of the other countries. However, there is a lot to experience during this time and most of the people are crazy about this season of the year. On the 11th of November, different villages and cities present their carnival prince of the season and celebrate the beginning of carnival with performances and music. From the beginning of January, you can visit lots of different carnival events, where dancing groups or well-known carnival bands perform traditional carnival dances and carnival-live-music. Everyone is […]
13 de Abril de 2019.

Algoritmos e buracos negros

A estudante de doutoramento no MIT liderou a criação de um novo algoritmo para produzir a primeira imagem de um buraco negro. Katie Bouman tem 29 anos e, até há bem pouco tempo, quase nada sabia sobre um dos enigmas “mais entusiasmantes” do universo. “Nem um só algoritmo, nem uma só pessoa fez esta imagem”, salienta a cientista. Katherine Bouman não é astrónoma. Até há seis anos, a cientista de computadores de 29 anos quase nada sabia sobre buracos negros, a não ser que eram um dos enigmas “mais entusiasmantes” do universo. Esta semana foi dado um passo gigante para os conhecer melhor. E, assim, Bouman pôde livrar-se do segredo que guardava: “É tão fantástico poder finalmente dizer ao resto […]
12 de Abril de 2019.

Jadwiga Andegaweńska

Queen or king of Poland? Actually… both. How is this possible? Just look at the story of old Polish monarch from the 14th century. Jadwiga Andegaweńska known also as Queen Jadwiga or Saint Jadwiga was a third daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and Elizabeth of Bosnia. She was born between 1373 and 1374. At this time nobody supposed that she will become the King of Poland, as she was the third child and her father had only two thrones to be filled. However, the oldest sister died and that is why the King decided to give the throne of Poland to Jadwiga, especially when Polish people insisted to have their own King. She was crowned […]
11 de Abril de 2019.

Muco abre caminho para antibióticos

A substância viscosa protege os peixes de bactérias, fungos e vírus presentes na água. E pode ter aplicações nos humanos, revela um novo estudo. O muco que torna os peixes escorregadios pode ser fonte de novos antibióticos eficazes contra bactérias multirresistentes, como a Staphylococcus aureus, que provoca infecções graves, defendem investigadores num novo estudo. A substância viscosa protege os peixes de bactérias, fungos e vírus presentes na água aprisionando os microorganismos antes que estes consigam penetrar nos tecidos dos peixes e, de acordo com o estudo, que será apresentado na reunião anual da Sociedade Americana de Química, tem também uma composição rica em polissacarídeos (hidratos de carbono que integram estruturas orgânicas) e peptídeos (biomoléculas que agregam aminoácidos) com propriedades antibacterianas […]
10 de Abril de 2019.

Princess Sisi of Austria

Very popular with the Austrian people. Sisi was born on Christmas Eve in 1837 as the second daughter of Duke Maximilian and Duchess Ludovika in Bavaria, Germany. In 1853 she met her cousin Emperor Franz Joseph, who was going to marry her sister Helene. Franz Joseph of Austria fell in love with Sisi immediately and decided to marry her instead of her sister. They married, when Sisi was 16 years old. The marriage did not work out: Sisi was an independent girl and totally unprepared for the strict protocol at court, an ambitious stepmother and a busy husband who struggled to fight revolutionary and separatist tendencies in the Habsburg Empire. The court society of Vienna was making fun of her, […]
8 de Abril de 2019.

Prazo de candidatura à Bolsa Blandy

O prazo das candidaturas decorre até ao dia 9 de Abril de 2019! Consulta aqui o aviso de prorrogação das candidaturas para atribuição da Bolsa Blandy Educação. Bolsas de Estudo pela sociedade comercial Blandy, SGPS Lda. A sociedade comercial Blandy, SGPS Lda concede um apoio pecuniário aos estudantes do 1.º ciclo de estudos da Universidade da Madeira. Nota prévia: A informação abaixo foi redigida e actualizada na data indicada no topo deste artigo. Pode ser alterada, sem aviso prévio, pela entidade dadora. Que tipo de apoio é? R: É um apoio monetário que assegura o pagamento correspondente ao valor da propina anual do respetivo ciclos de estudo conferentes grau académico. Posso acumular este apoio com outras Bolsas? R. O candidato não pode […]
31 de Maio de 2019.

Erasmus+ Internship

ERASMUS+ INTERNSHIP IN MADEIRA General details of the internship Receiving organization: University of Madeira Students’ Union Venue: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Duration: Minimum of 6 months Starting date: From 01/09/2019 forward Description of the internship Main tasks: Capturing, editing and production of photos and videos; Preparation and execution of advertising campaigns; Graphic edition of editorial materials; Other required tasks in the fields of photography, video, and other digital media. Conditions of payment: Erasmus+ or other scholarship from home institution. What we offer: Lunch during the working days; Monitorization throughout the whole internship; Work in a dynamic and international environment. Profile of the candidates: At least B2 level of English language; Well proficient in graphic design software (Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe […]
29 de Maio de 2019.

The future of the European Union

The elections to the European Parliament are approaching and, once again, millions of Europeans are called to vote. These elections are especially important, as crucial decisions will be taken in the coming years that will affect climate change, the resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers and the sovereignty of the peoples of Europe. However, we can say that elections to the European Parliament do not usually attract much interest in the population, at least in Spain, because the power of the European Commission is perceived as something limited and distant that does not have much impact on the member States. Even so, I believe that we are living a decisive period in terms of the continuity of the Union, since […]
27 de Maio de 2019.

Inquéritos de Avaliação

Vai ao InfoAlunos e avalia os teus professores e unidades curriculares! Critica os abusos. Não toleres a má vontade e a falta de profissionalismo. Elogia e valoriza a dedicação. Incentiva a auto-avaliação. Reconhece o esforço. Encontra-se a decorrer, até o dia 9 de junho de 2019, a auscultação do grau de satisfação dos estudantes relativamente à qualidade de ensino da Universidade da Madeira (UMa). Tratando-se de um instrumento fundamental na análise das estratégicas pedagógicas da UMa, estes inquéritos são um dos meios que tens para avaliar os teus professores e as unidades curriculares. Ao não preencheres, estarás a colocar na mão dos outros o teu sucesso, a permitir que os erros sejam perpetuados e a deixar de reconhecer o mérito […]
27 de Maio de 2019.

Christmas, Easter and Carnival

Every family has their own Christmas traditions Christmas In my family, Christmas always begins with the decorating of the Christmas tree. Later, we usually cook some sweet food. So, we made some chocolate truffles for us and the family, and we also made “fruits déguisés” some dry fruits filled with almond paste. For the Christmas dinner with my family, we eat smoked salmon and foie gras which is cooked duck liver. We also eat turkey filled with chestnuts. And for dessert, we eat la buche, a cake in the shape of a wood log with a glass of champagne. We open the presents usually after dinner on the 24th of December. Every family has their own Christmas traditions but regarding […]
24 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in my country

My favorite tradition of all in the U.K is the Notting Hill Carnival. Traditions in the UK vary depending on which part of the country you are from. Traditional religious festivities such as Christmas and Easter have less religious connotations attached to them due to an ever-increasing secular society. Corporate interest and late-stage capitalism have also averted the traditions of these celebrations, towards culture and industry of shopping and consuming. The traditions that occur in my family household, are quite simple nowadays. If you are from a religious family, then you might attend midnight mass on the 24th of December, however, we just drink some prosecco and watch a Christmas film or an episode of Only Fools and Horses, a British […]
22 de Maio de 2019.

Christmas and Easter in Poland

12 dishes on Christmas Eve and buckets of water on Easter Monday, those are just an example of how we celebrate this special time in Poland. Christmas Christmas in Poland is celebrated for 3 days starting from Christmas Eve. Dinner starts with the first star in the sky, which refers to the Star of Bethlehem which the three kings saw on the way to the Infant Jesus. When the whole family is ready, we start by sharing wafer and make wishes, then we can start eating. Traditional dinner on this day consists of 12 meatless dishes and trying each of them should guarantee happiness during the next twelve months. Typical dishes, for example, are beetroot soup with small dumplings stuffed […]