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19 de Janeiro de 2020.

Áreas marinhas protegidas… móveis

Argumentação surge em artigo publicado na revista Science. Cientistas querem que o conceito de áreas marinhas protegidas móveis seja consagrado na Convenção das Nações Unidas sobre a Lei do Mar (UNCLOS), como nova ferramenta de protecção ambiental face às alterações climáticas. Num artigo que será publicado esta sexta-feira na revista científica Science, investigadores consideram que o processo de actualização da UNCLOS que está em curso, o primeiro desde a assinatura da convenção em 1982, é uma “oportunidade única” para introduzir a ideia de zonas protegidas que acompanhem as espécies à medida que se deslocam. “Como é óbvio os animais movimentam-se, muitos deles circulam por vastas áreas de oceano. À medida que as alterações climáticas se instalam e alteram ecossistemas, se […]
18 de Janeiro de 2020.

Boris Becker

A Legend lost between success and affairs. Boris Becker is a retired German tennis player. He won several titles and is until today one of the most popular sportsmen in my country. Becker had a long and successful career before he retired in 1999. He won 49 titles, of which six were Grand Slams, which are the most important tournaments in tennis. He was ranked number one in the world for several weeks. In Germany, he became very popular when he won the legendary Wimbledon tournament at the age of 17. Until today he is the youngest Wimbledon champion ever. His professional career began in 1984 and in the following 15 years, he won about 25 Million Dollars of price […]
17 de Janeiro de 2020.

Mais concursos no Ensino Superior

O acordo entre as instituições de Ensino Superior e o Governo para o triénio 2020-2023 prevê que mais de dois terços dos docentes das universidades e 70% dos docentes dos politécnicos estejam integrados em posições de carreira. As instituições de Ensino Superior abriram em 2019 mais 948 concursos para a carreira docente do que em 2018, anunciou esta quinta-feira o Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior. De acordo com uma nota do ministério, em 2018 tinham sido abertos 200 concursos e em 2019 foram abertos 1148, o que representa seis vezes mais. As universidades abriram 892 concursos em 2019 (mais 727 do que em 2018), a maioria para o cargo de professor auxiliar (770) e 122 para professores catedráticos. […]
16 de Janeiro de 2020.

Thomas Rӧhler

From no one to the best one! On 30 September 1991, Thomas Rӧhler was born as a normal boy with a big dream: he wants to join the Olympic Games one day. He grows up in Jena, a beautiful little city in the middle of Germany. Here he was going to a sports school and has done some different athletic disciplines, like high jumping. In 2009 at the age of 17, he took a decision, which would change his whole life: he starts javelin throw. In this year, his personal was 52.96 meters. He trains a lot because he started to love this discipline and thought, that this could be his possibility to come closer to his dream of the […]
15 de Janeiro de 2020.

Educação ambiental nas escolas

Conselho Nacional de Educação propõe mudanças na abordagem que é feita nas escolas à educação ambiental. Partindo do pressuposto de que a despolitização da discussão dos problemas ambientais não é só um exercício artificial, como também uma forma de desvalorizar esta problemática enquanto “questão cívica”, o Conselho Nacional de Educação (CNE) exorta a que se admita “a inevitabilidade de uma dimensão política da educação ambiental” que é proposta nas escolas. Numa recomendação que foi agora divulgada, aquele órgão de consulta do Parlamento e do Governo frisa que na Estratégia Nacional para a Educação Ambiental 2020, lançada pelo Governo em 2017, “a expressão ‘política’ parece apenas referir-se aos decisores e às medidas do lado do Estado, não sugerindo explicitamente a existência […]
14 de Janeiro de 2020.

Marcel Hirscher

He is considered by many to be the best alpine skier in history – he is a true winner. Born in 1989 in Annaberg Bei Salzburg he grew up as the son of two ski instructors. He graduated from a special ski high school in 2007 and made his World Cup debut in March of the same year. He competed primarily in slalom and giant slalom, but he was also occasionally successful in combined and super G. His first victory was in December 2009 in the giant slalom of Val d’Isere, France. The three-time Junior World Champion contested 245 World Cup races, won 68 World Cup victories and became a two-time Olympic champion, five-time individual world champion and two-time World […]
13 de Janeiro de 2020.

Divisão celular e o cancro

Trabalho de investigação durou seis anos. Acaba de ser identificado um novo mecanismo utilizado pelas células que, ao garantir a correcta distribuição dos cromossomas durante a divisão celular, evita o desenvolvimento de anomalias associadas ao cancro. A descoberta é de investigadores do Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde (i3S), no Porto. Em entrevista à agência Lusa, o investigador Carlos Conde, explicou que o estudo, publicado na revista científica Journal of Cell Biology, destinava-se a “perceber como é que as células, quando se dividem, transmitem correctamente o material genético”. “Queríamos identificar os mecanismos moleculares que garantem que, quando as células se dividem, a separação do material genético ocorre de forma correcta”, disse o investigador do grupo Divisão Celular e Estabilidade […]
12 de Janeiro de 2020.

A small country does wonders

Tina Weirather (born 24 May 1989) is a Liechtensteiner World Cup alpine ski racer. She won a bronze medal in Super-G for Liechtenstein at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Tina born and grew up in Liechtenstein. She is the daughter of Harti Weirather of Austria and Hanni Wenzel of Liechtenstein which are both former World Cup ski racers. So she started skiing very early and enjoyed it like their parents. With the age of 15 she took part FIS-races, later with age 16 she made her World Cup debut in October 2005. It was a giant slalom but she didn´t qualified for the second race. Weirather competed in two events at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, and […]
11 de Janeiro de 2020.

FCT aumenta bolsas de Doutoramento

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia estima que, em 2020, haverá mais bolseiros a fazer o doutoramento. O valor das bolsas de investigação financiadas pela Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) aumentou 6% em relação a 2019, anunciou a FCT que estima que este ano as bolsas de doutoramento em curso ultrapassem as sete mil. Este ano, os bolseiros voltam a ter um aumento do seu rendimento mensal e a FCT estima que os bolseiros de doutoramento passem dos cerca de 5500 para mais de sete mil, revela a instituição na sua página oficial. O valor das bolsas “foi actualizado a partir de 1 de Janeiro de 2020, tendo como referência a actualização da Retribuição Mínima Mensal […]
10 de Janeiro de 2020.

A gigantic success – Dirk Nowitzki

Following the footsteps of his very sports-minded family, he started to play tennis as well as handball. 2.13 meters, 7 foot or 84 inches – all of these numbers describe the height of Dirk Werner Nowitzki. Born in Würzburg in 1978, he always was a tall child. Following the footsteps of his very sports-minded family, he started to play tennis as well as handball. Being tired of theses sports, he eventually turned to play basketball. At the age of 15, he was spotted by Holger Geschwindner, a German former international Basketball player. He coached him twice a week, being impressed by Nowitzki’s fast progress. After doing well on a national level, he decided to take the next level and try […]
3 de Dezembro de 2019.

‘De Hamse Wuiten’- The Legend

Now I’ll take you on a trip to the very root of my hometown, to the time when it almost sprouted freshly from the ground.  It was in the riverbanks of the calm river ‘Durme’, in the middle of Flanders, the people of Hamme found their habitat. Most of them where humble farmers, who thrived on the rich soil the shore provided.  One farmer, in particular, Kamiel, was a friend to everything that was covered in fur and feathers. Even the wildwood creatures, otherwise so shy, came to his call. They ate from his hand and even lay at his feet. The sun shone brightly on the day this marvelous little colored Flemish Jay landed on his shoulder. The two […]
1 de Dezembro de 2019.

The legend of the loch ness monster

The most famous Scottish Cryptid, the Loch Ness Monster. A man stands on the banks of the great loch, the sky is dark and the fog is rolling in. Something stirs in the water, he squints but he cannot see it clearly. Then suddenly he sees it, a creature peeking above the water, a creature or perhaps a beast? No, a monster. The Loch Ness Monster. Loch Ness is the second largest and deepest lochs (lakes) in the country, the water is dark and murky due to the high levels of peat in the area. This, combined with the bad weather frequently experienced in the Highlands of Scotland, makes this the perfect lake for sightings of a cryptid or mythical […]
29 de Novembro de 2019.

A legend of Ireland

Michael Collins was a soldier and a politician who was an important part in fighting for Ireland’s independence in the 20th century. Around that time there was a lot of tension in Ireland as Britain was trying to take over.  Michael was born in Cork in 1890. After he left school, he worked in London for nine years and it was here that he became involved in Irish nationalist politics. He became a member of the main nationalist party in Ireland at the time and still today, Sinn Fein, in 1908 and later joined the IRB; the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He then returned to Dublin in January 1916 and took part in the Easter Rising, On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, a group […]
27 de Novembro de 2019.

The legend of Smok Wawelski

Every nation has its own traditions, and an integral part of these traditions are countless myths and legends. Even though they are considered only partially true they still constitute an important aspect of national heritage. At first oral, then written stories are handed down from generation to generation. Despite changing times and cultural trends the great national value of these stories remains intact across the centuries, enriching the national culture and identity of the people. Poland also has its own legends about kings or princesses but the most famous is about the dragon, well known to every Polish child, is the legendary Smok Wawelski who inhabited a cave near the Wawel Castle in Kraków. “Once upon a time there was […]
25 de Novembro de 2019.

Culturally active countries

Macedonia – one of the most culturally active countries The region of Macedonia is one of the most culturally active in Europe. For the last few centuries, the region was determined by the neighbouring states, leaving no room for the local people to establish their own country. It was only in the 20th century that the Macedonian people were able to establish their own state. Ancient times  Humans were settling in these regions since the Neolithic period. Soon after, the region was occupied by the Greeks and was influenced by their culture but, in turn, also influenced Greek politics. With the rise of Alexander the Great, a Macedonian, the region experienced its first peak, which made the ancient kingdom of […]
25 de Novembro de 2019.

Mais um Ilustre (Des)conhecido

A Mão de Sangue, de João Augusto de Ornelas, é o número 5 da colecção Ilustres (Des)conhecidos. Eu já disse que este livro tem as bellezas do entrecho sobre-excedidas pela opulencia da linguagem. O sr. João Augusto d’Ornellas é já muito conhecido e considerado entre os bons escriptores portuguezes. Os seus romances anteriores davão a prever os realces e melhorias que admiro n’A MÃO DE SANGUE. Camilo Castelo Branco, 1874, p. XIII O verdadeiro reconhecimento público e a boa receção literária foram devidas ao modo como a vida pessoal de sofrimento e a profissão de jornalista lhe deram motivos e forças para, pela publicação de folhetins e romances, deixar um excelente espólio literário para a literatura romântica madeirense do século […]