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6 de Setembro de 2019.

Delegação portuguesa no CERN

Físico português Gaspar Barreira, que morreu em Junho, foi homenageado durante visita ao Laboratório Europeu de Física de Partículas, em Genebra. Uma delegação de mais de 50 pessoas, incluindo empresários, engenheiros e cientistas, terminou uma visita de dois dias ao Laboratório Europeu de Física de Partículas (CERN), na Suíça, para reforçar a participação de Portugal em novos projectos. Até porque continuam as obras para melhor o desempenho do grande acelerador de partículas deste laboratório, o LHC, e fala-se da construção do seu sucessor. A visita, que incluiu reuniões de trabalho, terminou esta quarta-feira com a participação do ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e do Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, e do secretário de Estado da Internacionalização, Eurico Brilhante Dias. Em declarações à […]
5 de Setembro de 2019.

Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras and her book “ Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein” Marguerite Duras was born in 1914 in Gia Dinh next to Saigon in the French Indochina. She is a writer, novelist, playwright, and essayist. She became famous in 1950 with the book “The Sea Wall” (Un barrage contre le Pacifique). This book is largely inspired by the life and adolescence of Marguerite Duras in the French Indochina. After this first success, she will publish many new novels. Her style is close to the New Roman, with strange sentences construction, deconstructed characters, storyline, and timeline. The main topics are the wait, love, sensuality, and alcohol. In 1984 she published another great success “The lover” (L’Amant) an auto-fiction about her […]
3 de Setembro de 2019.

Marc Elsberg

An Austrian author of the 21st century: Marc Elsberg If you are interested in scientific thrillers, Marc Elsberg’s books are always a brilliant choice. It doesn’t matter if you choose Blackout, Zero or Helix – they’re all interesting, exciting and teach you a lot. This is why I like his work and why I always enjoy reading any book he wrote. He was born in 1967 in Vienna, grew up in the surroundings of Baden in Lower Austria and studied Industrial Design at the University for Art in Vienna. Later on, he worked in the marketing business as a creative director while he was starting to write his first book, a satirical novel called “Saubermann”. After three more books, he […]
1 de Setembro de 2019.

Kari Hotakainen

A very well known writer in Finland. Kari Hotakainen started his career as a reporter and became a full-time author in 1996. He has written many novels, poetry books, children’s books, radio dramas, newspaper columns, plays, and one TV-series. He has received some literature prizes for his work, for example, the Finlandia Prize for the novel Juoksuhaudantie (Battle Trench Avenue). The same book was later made into a movie. For me, the most meaningful book written by Kari Hotakainen is Satukirja (Storybook). The book is considered for children and young adults, but I think that it suits all ages. All the stories are very imaginative and different. It is a huge possibility, that after reading one story you become addicted […]
31 de Agosto de 2019.

Joseph Conrad

A Polish-British writer, most famous for Heart of Darkness (1899). Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski is known rather as Joseph Conrad which is a combination of his two names. He went to Marseilles as a seventeen-year-old boy to work as a sailor. When he returned from his voyages to the Caribbean and South America, he had troubles with his citizenship, as a resident of the Russian Empire, he was obligated to do military service. Without permission from the Russian authorities to serve on French ships, Joseph fell into debts and consequently he attempted to commit suicide. Later on, he went to Great Britain and began serving in the British merchant navy. After a few years, he received the rank of captain […]
29 de Agosto de 2019.

Half open curtains

I’ll talk about the Belgian writer Herman Brusselmans. Why him? To reply in his own style: because this dickpick is probably the most f*cking interesting choice of them all. That’s right. I didn’t choose him because his oeuvre is close to my heart. Neither his high pitched literary style. Still, he is one of the greatest writers of Belgium. How did this come to be? Well, to start with, he is (unlike many colleagues) in front of the media. He keeps himself in the picture through talk shows and columns, where he likes to mock other celebrities and comments on certain situations. This provocative talk is also very typical for his books. The overall style elements are a Highly autobiographical […]
27 de Agosto de 2019.

Gerwin van der Werf

The Writing Teacher Gerwin van der Werf is not a name that many non-Dutch people know nor are able to pronounce properly. Not a lot of Dutch people know him or his work either. He is not a famous writer of literature that creates complex novels with hidden themes and multiple meanings but he is one of the greatest Dutch writers. He has written four novels, Gewapende Man (2010), Wild (2011), Luchtvissers (2013) en Een Onbarmhartig Pad (2018). Apart from being a writer, he is also a music teacher at the high school I went to in the Netherlands. He is a teacher full of energy, full of empathy for his students and with a great sense of humor. He […]
25 de Agosto de 2019.

Erwin Kräutler

An Austro-Brazilian Roman Catholic bishop and also a writer. Erwin Kräutler was born 1939 in Koblach Austria where he grew up as the eldest of six children. In 1980 he was appointed coadjutor prelate of Xingu, the largest diocese in Brazil in terms of area. Upon the resignation of Erich Kräutler, who was his uncle, he became Prelate of Xingu in September 1981. Between 1983 and 1991 and since 2006 he served as President of the Indigenous Missionary Council of the Brazilian Catholic church. Since the 1980s he has helped secure the inclusion of indigenous peoples’ rights into the Brazilian constitution. Especially in the resistance to the Belo Monte dam project, he played an important role. In his book “Mein […]
23 de Agosto de 2019.

Andrzej Sapkowski

The man who created The Witcher. Andrzej Sapkowski was born on 20th March 1948 in Łódź and has lived there until now. He is the second most popular Polish author of fantasy books, which books have been translated into other languages. His literary career started in 1986 with publishing his fantasy story “The Witcher” in Polish monthly magazine “Fantastic”. It was his debut, and then the short story was developed for 5 books saga about The Witcher. Besides this, he published many other fantasy books, however, “The Witcher” is the one, which brought him big fame, not only because of the book. If you don’t know the book, there is a high possibility that you know the game with the […]
21 de Agosto de 2019.

Beyond reality

Giorgio de Chirico and his metaphysical painting as a breath of fresh air in a grey set. Beyond the empirical sensorial experience there is something else, a thin layer that is not above reality, neither below, behind or inside, but lives “within” it. These two layers influence themselves, and sometimes our limits break, so that we can taste a slice of this alternative world. Giorgio de Chirico, father of Italian metaphysical painting, didn’t try to express anything really new. Since humanity became capable of being aware of itself, it had to face the supernatural, it had to deal with those elements that fly away from our sight, which can sometimes be essential for our being, if not life changing. Is […]
29 de Setembro de 2017.

Sarau de Setembro

O final do mês trará novo espectáculo dos Fatum, no Colégio dos Jesuítas, no dia 30 de Setembro, pelas 21:00. Após diversas actuações o grupo de Fados da AAUMa presenteará, novamente, todos os interessados com um concerto musical, com um repertório variado, aliando ao tradicional Fado de Coimbra temas de Max, Amália Rodrigues e Carlos do Carmo, fruto da sua participação nas Galas de homenagem aos artistas portugueses que, ao longo dos últimos anos, têm sido dinamizadas pela AAUMa e pelo Conselho de Cultura. No dia 30 de Setembro, pelas 21:00, na Reitoria da Universidade da Madeira pode assistir, de forma livre, a um espectáculo de 1 hora de música coimbrã e cantar com os Fatum temas que marcaram o […]
21 de Julho de 2017.

Sarau de Julho

O final do mês trará novo espectáculo dos Fatum, no Colégio dos Jesuítas, no dia 29 de Julho, pelas 21:00. Após diversas actuações o grupo de Fados da AAUMa apresenta-se com novidades no repertório aliando ao tradicional Fado de Coimbra temas de Max, Amália Rodrigues e Carlos do Carmo, fruto da sua participação nas Galas de homenagem aos artistas portugueses que, ao longo dos últimos anos, têm sido dinamizadas pela AAUMa e pelo Conselho de Cultura. No dia 29 de Julho, pelas 21:00, na Reitoria da Universidade da Madeira pode assistir, de forma livre, a um espectáculo de 1 hora de música coimbrã e cantar com os Fatum temas que marcaram o panorama musical português. Pode, ainda, degustar algumas iguarias […]
7 de Julho de 2017.

Conhece o Banco de Portugal?

As Noites com Cultura voltam, no dia 18 de Julho, às 19:00, com uma visita à agência do Banco de Portugal no Funchal, guiada por Rui Rajado. As inscrições encontram-se encerradas. Dando seguimento ao seu objectivo de dar a conhecer, à comunidade madeirense, um pouco mais sobre a História da sua Região, a AAUMa organiza mais uma edição de “Noites com Cultura”, levando os interessados a conhecer o edifício do Banco de Portugal no Funchal, através de uma visita nocturna guiada pelo gerente da agência do Funchal, Dr. Rui Rajado. O Banco de Portugal surgiu da fusão do antigo Banco de Lisboa com a Companhia Confiança Nacional, uma sociedade de investimento dedicada a financiar a dívida pública, em 1846, com a publicação […]
4 de Julho de 2017.

1 ano de visitas na Assembleia

Centenas de refeições diárias oferecidas aos estudantes da UMa, fruto de um ano de visitas guiadas, data comemorada de 7 a 14 de Julho com, entre outros, um Sarau de Fado de Coimbra na sexta-feira, 14 de Julho. Este marco será assinalado com uma visita guiada gratuita no dia 7 de Julho, pelas 15:00, com oferta do Passaporte Cultural e com um Sarau de Fado de Coimbra, no dia 14 de Julho, pelas 21:00, no Salão Nobre da Assembleia Legislativa Regional, de entrada livre. A primeira alfândega do Funchal, junto da Ribeira de Santa Luzia, foi fundada em 1477. A partir de 1515, el-Rei D. Manuel I de Portugal mandou erguer a Alfândega Nova no seu canavial-de-açúcar, o Chão do […]
17 de Junho de 2017.

X Monumental Serenata

Dia 30 de Junho, sexta-feira, às 21:00, a Associação Académica da UMa celebra a cultura portuguesa com a X Monumental Serenata Académica, no Colégio dos Jesuítas do Funchal, com entrada gratuita. Há 10 anos a cantar Coimbra a X Monumental Serenata Académica da Madeira conta com a presença do grupo Madeirense de Fados de Coimbra e os Fatum – Grupo de Fados da AAUMa. Num espetáculo com cerca de duas horas, em pleno Pátio dos Estudantes, nos jardins do antigo colégio da Companhia de Jesus, os presentes poderão testemunhar a preocupação, nos últimos anos, da Académica Madeirense em organizar actividades culturais com vista à conservação e à valorização de um conjunto de bens que, pelo seu interesse histórico, artístico, paisagístico, […]
14 de Junho de 2017.

Um Mês, Um Tema de Junho

A Associação Académica da UMa organiza uma visita-palestra à Capela da Encarnação, geralmente encerrada, orientada por Cristina Trindade, no dia 24 de Junho, sábado, às 11:00. Nossa Senhora da Encarnação foi um dos mosteiros femininos da Madeira, pertencentes à Ordem de Santa Clara. A capela é do século XVI e o mosteiro que a ela se juntou foi criado na sequência da Aclamação de D. João VI como Rei de Portugal, por um cónego da Sé. Em 1651, foi reconhecido pelo Papa Inocêncio X, mas só em 1659, a Encarnação passa a seguir regras franciscanas, sob a tutela da Diocese. Tal como em Santa Clara, estas madres seguiam a regra de Isabel de França, que mitigava o voto de pobreza. […]