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5 de Março de 2019.

China combate poluição atmosférica

Pequim fixou como meta reduzir em 3% as emissões de dióxido de enxofre e óxido de nitrogénio, os dois principais gases poluentes. O primeiro-ministro chinês, Li Keqiang, afirmou nesta terça-feira que Pequim vai investir, este ano, 25 mil milhões de yuan (3.290 milhões de euros) no combate à poluição atmosférica, um aumento homólogo de 25%. Aqueles gastos estão previstos no relatório do Governo, apresentado por Li no arranque da sessão anual da Assembleia Nacional Popular (ANP), o legislativo chinês. O documento aponta ainda a redução do consumo de energia em “cerca de 3%”, por unidade do Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). Pequim fixou como meta reduzir as emissões de dióxido de enxofre e óxido de nitrogénio, os dois principais gases poluentes, […]
4 de Março de 2019.

Friedrich Wilhelm III

Today’s article is about the German Emperor and King of Prussia He was born during the German monarchy on the 18th October 1831, in Potsdam and died at the age of 56, in June 1888. Friedrich was the son of the former Emperor Wilhelm the First and his wife Augusta. But the marriage wasn’t happy at all. Due to the fact that his parents had different opinions considering politics, Friedrich’s childhood was difficult and often lonely. His father was very conservative, so Friedrich had been raised in a military tradition since an early age. In spite of that, his mother had a more liberal point of view and persisted on an alternative to the military education, which was a classical […]
4 de Março de 2019.

Telemóveis e a radiação

Não há provas científicas de que exista uma relação entre a radiação electromagnética e sintomas como dores de cabeça e cansaço. Num estudo do Instituto Superior Técnico, no ano lectivo de 2017/2018, 44% de mais de dez mil alunos do ensino básico e secundário mostraram-se preocupados com os possíveis efeitos das radiações dos telemóveis. Porém, não há fundamentação científica que justifique tal preocupação. No livro A Ciência e os Seus Inimigos (Gradiva, 2017), o físico Carlos Fiolhais e o bioquímico David Marçal explicam que a radiação dos telemóveis não é ionizante e, desta forma, é “bastante segura”. “Mas, nunca fiando: [por isso] ao logo das últimas décadas têm sido feitos numerosos estudos para avaliar os seus efeitos”, escrevem. Também no […]
1 de Março de 2019.

Monument to the bombing of Wieluń

For the 70th Anniversary of Outbreak of World War II. The black, marbled monument consists of two parts: a sculpture and memorial beneath it. The sculpture presents the bust of a crying man. He is holding his head with both hands. His grief is caused by the death of people who died during the attack of German bombers, mostly patients of the hospital. The writing on the memorial includes the following information: “ This is a place where a memorable act of violence happened and Nazi crimes over a defenseless population of the city of Wieluń on the first of September 1939, at 4:40”. During the first hours of World War II, German dive bombers started bombing the city of […]
28 de Fevereiro de 2019.


YourBestLife é um projeto internacional, nascido em Portugal, que te desafia a viajar pelo mundo durante seis meses com despesas pagas e 1.500 dólares mensais. O programa de formação YourBestLife constitui uma “abordagem inovadora aos métodos de aprendizagem contemporâneos”. Os participantes ganham competências em várias áreas e, no final, recebem um certificado. YourBestLife foi lançado internacionalmente nos últimos dias, cobrindo mais de 100 países, e convida-te para “uma experiência de vida única”. Serão sete os participantes selecionados em parceria com a Randstad Portugal, através de “testes específicos que identificam diferentes tipos de personalidades para criar o grupo da viagem”. Os selecionados irão viajar à volta do mundo durante seis meses, “em busca de desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional”. Com a duração […]
27 de Fevereiro de 2019.

The famous Royal Palace

The first Dutch historical and cultural monument of the Golden Age. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is a palace on the Dam in the center of Amsterdam. Nowadays the palace is used by the Royal Family for reception occasions and exhibitions. The Palace was built in the style of the Dutch Classicism between 1648 and 1665 as a city hall and was designed by the architect Jacob van Campen. It cost around 8,5 million guilders. This was a lot of money, even during the 17th century well known as the Golden Age. Until the year of 1808, it served as a city hall. After that, the building was offered as a palace for King Lodewijk Napoleon. In 1813 the palace […]
26 de Fevereiro de 2019.

ABIC critica Estatuto de Bolseiro

O pacote legislativo sobre ciência aprovado no último Conselho de Ministros é fortemente criticado pela comunidade científica “Para nós foi um choque porque continua a ser perpetuada a situação das bolsas como uma carreira paralela”. É assim que Sandra Pereira, presidente da Associação dos Bolseiros de Investigação Científica (ABIC), contactada pelo Expresso, reage à revisão do Estatuto de Bolseiro de Investigação Científica aprovada pelo Governo no Conselho de Ministros de 21 de fevereiro, no âmbito de um pacote legislativo relacionado com a ciência e o ensino superior. Sandra Pereira recorda que o ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, “tinha dito à ABIC que ia manter apenas as bolsas de formação para a obtenção do grau de doutoramento, […]
25 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Notre-Dame of Amiens

The Cathedral of Amiens is known as the vastest one in France. In the heart of a rich agricultural region of Northern France, the City of Amiens developed itself along the valley of the Somme. The city had during the medieval period a great influence. Indeed, the beginning of the construction of the Cathedral in 1220 highlighted the large prosperity of the Diocese at the time. The edification was quite fast. By the end of the Thirteenth Century, the building was almost complete. By this fact, Notre-Dame of Amiens offers an architectural uniqueness which is missing in most of its contemporary rivals. Incidentally, the Cathedral mixed simultaneously flamboyant and rayonnant Gothic styles. It became thus a source of inspiration for […]
25 de Fevereiro de 2019.

O Facebook e o bem-estar

Estudo da Universidade Stanford e da Universidade de Nova Iorque confirma ganhos no bem-estar após um mês sem acesso ao Facebook, bem como um decréscimo da polarização política. Mas também reconhece os benefícios da utilização da rede. Quanto pagaria por mês para poder continuar a aceder ao Facebook? Apesar de todos os escândalos de uso indevido de dados pessoais e da sensação de que a maior rede social tem contribuído para mostrarmos o pior de nós, o facto é que a maioria dos utilizadores tem ignorado apelos ao boicote à plataforma. E, a julgar pelos resultados de um estudo da Universidade Stanford e da Universidade de Nova Iorque realizado nos Estados Unidos, estaria mesmo disposta a pagar para continuar a […]
22 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Cubus: a giant grey square

Squares are not only for playing poker! In a town near to where I live in Bregenz, there is a House called Cubus, the Cubus is a giant grey square. This square is used as a museum for all kind of arts. Mostly artists of the new art wave expose their art in there. This interesting building was built in 1978 with the purpose of being a museum of modern arts. I chose this building because for me it is the most and best-known house of modern arts around. I have got to be honest, the arts are not my favorite type of creative outlets, but even though the couple of times I was there due to school trips, this […]
20 de Agosto de 2018.

Willy Brandt

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1971. Willy Brandt was born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm on 18 December 1913 in Lübeck (northern Germany) where he became a socialist during his teenage years due to his family background. In 1933, he changed his name and fled to Norway to avoid arrest by the Nazis and worked as a left-wing journalist. After the German occupation of Norway in 1940, he escaped to Sweden where he lived until 1945. Brandt returned to Germany after World War Two. In 1948, he started his political career within the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and becoming a member of the German parliament. Brandt was originally considered one of the leaders of the right wing […]
17 de Agosto de 2018.

Adolfo Suárez Gonzalez

He led UCD to victory in Spain’s first free elections in 41 years. Adolfo Suárez Gonzalez was a Spanish politician and lawyer, who occupied the charge of the president in the Spanish government. In 1977, Suárez led the Union of the Democratic Centre (Unión de Centro Democrático, UCD) to victory in Spain’s first free elections in 41 years and became the first democratically-elected prime minister of the post-Francoist Spain. He studied law in Salamanca, ended his doctorate in law at “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” and he was a key figure in the Spanish transition from the dictatorial regime to the democracy after Francisco Franco’s death. After he was elected president of the government, being chosen by King Juan Carlos I, he […]
13 de Agosto de 2018.

Hiking in Madeira

One of my favorite’s activities here It has been four months since my experience in Madeira started. After this time I can’t consider myself as an expert of the island but I can explain one of my favorite’s activities here. That is always a good plan to do, not just in summer, but also at any time of the year go hiking in Madeira. Ribeiro Frio is a forest park where you can observe several Laurissilva forest species and the weather is fresh enough at any time of the year, perfect for a walking trail. The natural park is the crossroads of several levadas (paths). One of the easiest and most recommended trails is the Vereda dos Balcões that takes […]
10 de Agosto de 2018.

Tips for a summer in Madeira

Madeira is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. The island contains wonderful flora and fauna and its climate is very pleasant all year long. Besides, Madeira offers many hotels, apartments, resorts, villas, and hostels and the island is one of the safest holiday destinations because the island is virtually crime-free. In this text, I want to highlight essential information on what Madeira can offer you during your summer holiday in Madeira. Madeira its nature is beautiful and that is why I recommend exploring the island its stunning views while doing outdoor activities. The island offers activities like levada and mountain walks, diving, paragliding, fishing, canyoning, and surfing. Also, dolphin and whale watching is one of the possibilities. […]
6 de Agosto de 2018.

Seasons in Madeira

I need to plan what I will visit again or experience new. My project in Madeira ended after 10 months. I arrived in Madeira in late September with the start of a beautiful autumn. The island presented itself with a lot of sun, long days and a water temperature I found highly surprising for October. But despite all this, it was not as tropical as I expected it to be and although Madeira’s nature is impressive I could not find the jungle I dreamt of. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the capital Funchal started to glow, gleam and glint in every street due to its overwhelming decoration which made the darkest day of the year was a very shiny […]
3 de Agosto de 2018.

Travel around the coast

Something that a lot of people do in the summer in Madeira. The most popular way to travel is to rent a car and split the cost, making it quite cheap transportation. However it can be hard to drive in the mountains, and if you don’t have a great car and a lot of people you can get stuck on a hill. A bus is also an option, somehow they can easily drive on even the smallest and steepest roads, but it can be quite expensive to get a ticket. The last option is to ask for a lift on the road. It is actually pretty safe here so there is no problem with doing that, and it is free. […]