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4 de Julho de 2019.

Encontro Ciência 2019

Na sétima edição do evento, a organização preocupou-se em conseguir “maior equilíbrio entre géneros” e em incentivar a participação dos mais novos. Aos 40 anos, a astrobióloga e comissária do Encontro Ciência 2019, Zita Martins, personifica aquilo que quis trazer para o evento: a participação de mais mulheres e mais jovens. “Tivemos o cuidado de ter um maior equilíbrio entre géneros”, disse a cientista aos jornalistas durante a apresentação da sétima edição do encontro que se realiza entre 8 e 10 de Julho, em Lisboa. Na agenda do encontro estão seis sessões plenárias protagonizadas por 12 oradores que trabalham em Portugal e no Reino Unido, o país convidado. Cinco serão dedicadas à celebração de uma efeméride: os 100 anos da […]
3 de Julho de 2019.

The European Elections

The European elections never really mobilised people. Since 1979, the rate of abstention is in freefall in France. However, at this time of political and environmental crisis, the next ones in May could represent high stakes for the future of everyone. Usually used by the French politicians as a sort of instrumentalization of the national politics, this year those elections should carry a more important meaning. The opposition of Macron’s politics would like to sell those elections as a referendum against the actual government in power in France. Beyond this national dissension, appears an actual dichotomy through the all European Union between those who still believe in a Union in agreement with the historical project started in 1945 and those […]
2 de Julho de 2019.

Junho mais quente na Europa

Dados revelados pelo programa Copernicus mostram que Junho de 2019 foi o mais quente de que há registo na Europa, ao mesmo tempo que um outro estudo do World Weather Attribution revela o impacto das alterações climáticas na recente onda de calor europeia. Este foi o mês de Junho mais quente na Europa desde que há registos. De acordo com dados revelados esta terça-feira pelo programa Copernicus da União Europeia, a temperatura média na Europa no mês passado foi a mais alta de todos os meses de Junho, com valores médios cerca de dois graus Celsius acima do normal. Os especialistas vão ainda mais longe, acrescentando que os dados mostram que a temperatura média global de Junho de 2019 foi […]
1 de Julho de 2019.

EU: the challenges of the future!

Nowadays the European Union must face many challenges which affects the image of this institution. Elections for the European Parliament are coming, which means this is the only occasion for the nearest 5 years for citizens of Europe to have an influence on the shape of the EU body structure, as European Parliament is the only one institution among the EU which is chosen through elections in EU countries. This is a very important institution, as it approves most of the legal acts and budget for European projects, at the same time it is the most transparent and open organization. Currently the EU faces a lot of problems, such as the migration crisis, Brexit, braking European values, social system, protection […]
1 de Julho de 2019.

Observatório de raios gama

Empreendimento marcará a edificação do primeiro laboratório de observação de raios gama no hemisfério sul. Custo da construção estimado em, pelo menos, 50 milhões de euros. Portugal e mais oito países juntaram-se numa colaboração internacional para construir um observatório de raios gama na região dos Andes, para procurar sinais de matéria escura no centro da Via Láctea. O anúncio foi feito em comunicado esta segunda-feira pelo Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas (LIP), que representa a participação portuguesa. Além do LIP, estão envolvidos mais 37 institutos de investigação, oriundos da Alemanha, Argentina, Brasil, Estados Unidos, Itália, México, Reino Unido e República Checa. A concretizar-se a sua construção, será o primeiro observatório de raios gama no hemisfério sul. Já […]
28 de Junho de 2019.

Together we can do better!

In May, the call for European elections is opening and all European citizens are needed to express their desire to get involved in politics. These are not simple elections, this is an international event in which we are involved as protagonists because the future of the European Union depends on us. The EU is experiencing a moment of crisis due to the national political transformations that are happening, the international emergency related to the migratory fluxes that are occurring and the lack of common intents between the countries that constitute the monetary and economic Union. The number of populist parties that are rising in power in national contexts is increasing as a result of the boom in nationalism, economic autarky […]
27 de Junho de 2019.

Expressões que deviam ser proibidas

Copo com água? Literalmente? Norte-americano? Perca? Não. Não. Não. Por favor, não Toda a gente tem duas ou três palavras que não aprecia por aí além, porque as acha deselegantes, de mau tom e pior som. Eu tenho uma longa lista. Só de repente, lembro-me de requeiro, caberão, compito, compila e cômputo, cujo, blinda, brioche e broche, adição, vi-vos e fá-lo, eslovaca, xaputa e disputa, pariu e podido. Umas percebo porquê, outras nem por isso. Mas longe de mim querer bani-las. De que outra forma poderia dizer “Requeiro uma xaputa e um brioche”?, ou “Eu compito em disputa pelo primeiro lugar, mas caberão três pessoas no pódio”, ou “Fá-lo tu, que eu não tenho podido”? Há, no entanto, outras palavras […]
26 de Junho de 2019.

United EU, a project by Thomas More

To be honest, writing about the importance of the next election in the European Parliament is really tough. Even though I have always been interested in politics, if you do not do research on your own, you might not know a lot about EU-politics. For me the next elections are going to be quite important in the sense of which parties will allow what kind of national policy. In theory the word “Öxit” used to exist but has not been used since at least two years. Austria knows it would be nothing without the EU and since this knowledge arrived in peoples heads, even the right wing party FPÖ stopped using this topic for their populism. Since Madeira is what […]
25 de Junho de 2019.

Bolsa de estudo para alunos ciganos

Esta segunda-feira assinala-se o Dia Nacional da Pessoa Cigana. Também serão lançados projectos para promover a formação e emprego das pessoas destas comunidades. Uma centena de bolsas de estudo, programas de inserção profissional e um guia para a elaboração de planos locais de integração. As três medidas, todas direccionadas às comunidades ciganas, vão ser apresentadas em Tomar, pela secretária de Estado para a Cidadania e Igualdade, Rosa Monteiro, nesta segunda-feira. As bolsas de estudo, destinadas a jovens de qualquer ano do secundário que queiram continuar a estudar, fazem parte do programa Roma Educa e são uma das medidas que integra a Estratégia Nacional para a Integração das Comunidades Ciganas. Em antecipação das medidas apresentadas no Dia Nacional da Pessoa Cigana, […]
24 de Junho de 2019.

France and the european elections

About the European project and the next elections, France is quite divided, such as numerous countries in the Union. Firstly, about the elections for the European Parliament, France is not really involved, the people don’t really care about this election, this one of the elections with the highest rate of people who don’t vote. And this is for many reasons, first because Brussels and the Parliament always seem to be far away from the National needs. There is also a big lack of trust in the European institution. Like in almost all the European countries people are afraid to lose political power and ability to take some decision in profit of the European Parliament. But this election is still important, […]
26 de Janeiro de 2019.

Lil´kleine and Ronnie Flex

They conquered the world of the fourteen years old minds Lil’kleine and Ronnie Flex conquered the world of the fourteen years old minds and replace their thoughts of coke and chips for alcohol and drugs. If you want to chill, there is not a problem, because I will come. And of course, I never come alone, because I will always have alcohol and drugs with me. The controversial text wherein they mention that all teens say yes to MDMA is a search for the borders. They decided to cross that border in a mixture between pop and hip-hop. This song was the beginning of their bank accounts overloading with money. Nothing is too crazy. While Ronnie Flex focused more on […]
24 de Janeiro de 2019.

The Castle of Vaduz

The palace and official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein The castle of Vaduz (formerly known as Hohenliechtenstein) is the palace and official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. The castle gave its name to the town of Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, which it overlooks from an adjacent hilltop. It was built in the 12th century by the counts of Werdenberg-Sargans, who were also the former owners of the castle. In the Swabian war of 1499, the castle was burned by the Swiss Confederacy. The castle was expanded by Count Caspar of Hohenems. The Princely Family of Liechtenstein acquired Vaduz Castle in 1712 when it purchased the Countship of Vaduz. At this time, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, combined […]
23 de Janeiro de 2019.

Alain Bashung

Alain Bashung : French rocker and even more Today I will write about one of the most famous French rocker and songwriter: Alain Bashung. Alain Bashung is born in 1947 in Paris, he will become a very famous songwriter and singer in France. The Beginnings of his career was difficult. His first success was in 1980 with the song « Gaby oh Gaby » which became a breakthrough success, with more than a million copies sold. After this, he makes a lot of albums, some of them are really a success, and some the others stay more confidential like « Play blessures » made with Serge Gainsbourg. The 90’s will be for Bashung the moment of mainstream success. He made a […]
20 de Janeiro de 2019.

Udo Lindenberg

Udo Lindenberg – a musician for many generations. The nowadays renowned rock singer was born on the 17 of May 1946 in the West of Germany. At the beginning of his career in the music industry he aspired to be a drummer, however, soon discovered his passion and talent as a singer and therefore started in the 1970s to concentrate on his work as a singer and songwriter. Udo Lindenberg and his songs are especially famous for his focus on the relations of the West and East side of Germany in the 1980s. His concerts were held all over West Germany, however, with the exception of one supervised concert in 1983 in East-Berlin, he was never allowed to perform in […]
17 de Janeiro de 2019.

The artist with a funny mustache

A young man who became very famous in a very short time. Young man, born in the city just next to mine, who became very famous in a very short time and became one of my favorites musicians. If you ask me about polish musicians I won’t tell you much – usually, I listen to music from abroad. This summer my friends invited me to join them for a music festival, where I have discovered there is a lot of great artists who actually sing in polish. One of them was Dawid Podsiadlo, a 25 years old singer with a great voice and unique style. Dawid Podsiadlo started his career as a musician after winning “X Factor” show in 2012 and […]
14 de Janeiro de 2019.

Czesław Niemen

Czesław Niemen one of the greatest Polish singers and composers. He made his debut in the early 1960s. He is known as a rock, electronic and experimental musician, singing mainly in the Polish language. Niemen was born in the territory of present-day Belarus. He was one of the first artists in Poland who introduced the original style of psychedelia. He was distinguished by his long hair and colorful clothes, which was unusual in communist Poland. He recorded a song called “Strange is This World” (Polish “Dziwny jest ten świat”), inspired by Percy Sledge’s song “When a man loves a woman” and James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”. His song “Strange is This World” is considered to be the […]