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16 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Arrokoth, o objecto mais longínquo

O Arrokoth (como agora se chama) é vermelho, frio e formou-se há 4000 milhões de anos. Afinal, o que é que sabemos sobre o objecto mais longínquo que já visitámos? Três artigos científicos publicados esta semana na revista Science trazem-nos mais novidades. Sabemos agora que não se formou violentamente, que tem 4000 milhões de anos e é totalmente vermelho e frio. A partir de Novembro, o nome do objecto mais longínquo que visitámos até agora – o 2014 MU69 – passou a ser Arrokoth, que significa “céu” na língua indígena norte-americana do povo powhatan. Até então, era conhecido pela alcunha de Ultima Thule, expressão em latim que significa um “lugar além do mundo conhecido”. A mudança aconteceu porque Ultima Thule […]
15 de Fevereiro de 2020.


Because Bilderbuch has the perfect amount of craziness and talent they deserve to be my number one of Austria. A lot of Austrian artists tend to be a little bit “crazy” or seem to be “different” to the norm, e.g. “Falco”, “Young Hurn”, “Seiler und Speer”, “Conchita Wurst” and many, many more… In fact, there are probably more “weird” than normal, successful artists in our country. “Bilderbuch” originally was established in 2005, when the four members were approximately 14 and 15 years old –  but more or less became fully internationally known in 2017 with their major hit “Bungalow”. It also was at that time, that one of their other songs, “Maschin”, became really famous as well, although having had […]
14 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Janeiro de 2020 foi o mais quente

Os quatros Janeiros mais quentes aconteceram nos últimos quatro anos. Na Antárctida, foi registado já em Fevereiro um recorde de 18,3 graus Celsius e, três dias depois, os termómetros registaram uma temperatura máxima de 20,7 graus. O último mês de Janeiro foi o mais quente desde que há registos climáticos – que existem há 141 anos –, avançou na quinta-feira a agência norte-americana para os oceanos e atmosfera (NOAA, na sigla em inglês). Os quatro meses de Janeiro mais quentes desde que há registo aconteceram nos últimos quatro anos, desde 2016. Os dez mais quentes aconteceram desde 2002. Ainda que o primeiro mês de 2020 tenha sido o mais quente a nível global, na Europa foi o segundo mais quente […]
13 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Carlo Waibel

Carlo Waibel is a German musician. His artist name is Cro. His music is a mix of Rap and Pop music and very popular by German teens. Curious is that nobody knows exactly how he looks like because he is always wearing a panda mask. He does that for privacy reasons, for example, to be able to walk on the streets like anyone else without being recognized. He was born in 1990 in the south-western part of Germany. He first started to produce music when he was 10 years old. After he finished school he started to work as a cartoonist. Time-wise, he continued producing music. In 2011 he had his break through, due to the musician Jan Delay who […]
12 de Fevereiro de 2020.

A SINFO 27 está quase aí!

Semana Informática do Instituto Superior Técnico. De 17 a 21 de Fevereiro de 2020, a informática chega ao Instituto Superior Técnico para a 27ª edição da SINFO. Através de oradores internacionais, presença de várias empresas (nacionais e internacionais) da área e workshops, durante a primeira semana do segundo semestre de aulas da Universidade de Lisboa, todos os alunos do IST (e não só!) terão a oportunidade de conviver de perto com os professionais das várias áreas da informática, e abrir as portas para o seu futuro profissional! Confirmações Hannes Poser – Supervisor de CG @ Imagine Engine Hannes iniciou a sua carreira trabalhando como freelancer na área de CG antes de se juntar à Pixomondo em 2008, aonde ficou até […]
12 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Comunicado: Majoração

Comunicado do Reitor da Universidade da Madeira A questão da majoração, para compensar os sobrecustos devidos à condição insular e ultraperiférica das universidades da Madeira e dos Açores, foi um dos temas que marcou, nos últimos anos, a agenda estratégica destas universidades. Como é bem conhecido, por iniciativa do Grupo Parlamentar Socialista, a Assembleia da República, por unanimidade, na Lei do Orçamento do Estado (LOE) de 2019 (no seu artigo 72.º), encarregou o Governo de promover os estudos necessários, com vista à majoração do financiamento das instituições públicas de ensino superior das regiões autónomas, para compensar os sobrecustos da insularidade e da ultraperiferia e contribuir para o reforço da coesão territorial, e de apresentar esses estudos à Assembleia da República […]
11 de Fevereiro de 2020.


Paul Hartmut Würdig aka Sido was born on November 30, 1980, in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. The son of a Sintiza and a German has Iranian roots and grew up in East Berlin. After the family’s GDR exit request was approved in 1988, they moved to West-Berlin. The rap career of Sido starts as part of the combo “RoyalTS”, which forms Sido with Bobby Davis aka B-Tight.  His first solo album Maske was published in April 2004 and was a great success, especially with the single “Mein Block” (My Block). In public, Sido only appeared with a shiny skull mask to cover his face which he took off for the first time in 2005. In the following, he turned more […]
9 de Fevereiro de 2020.


Behemoth is a Polish extreme metal band from Gdańsk, formed in 1991. They are considered to have played an important role in establishing the Polish extreme metal underground. Until the late 1990s, the band played a traditional black metal style with heathen lyrical content but soon changed to that of occult and Thelemic themes written by their lead vocalist Nergal and Krzysztof Azarewicz. With the 1999 release of Satanica, the band demonstrated their presence in the death metal scene, while retaining their own signature style characterized by the drum work of Inferno, multi-layered vocals and Middle-Eastern influences. Despite Behemoth having been labeled as death metal or thrash metal-influenced, Nergal has mentioned that he does not like the band to be […]
8 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Prática desportiva dos estudantes

Deixaste de praticar desporto depois de entrares na Universidade!?  A actividade física e os desporto constituem-se como um pilar essencial para a nossa saúde e bem-estar. De acordo com a Direcção Geral de Saúde, no mundo inteiro, mais de 60% dos adultos não efectuam os níveis suficientes de actividade física que sejam benéficos para a sua saúde. De modo a conseguir compreender a percentagem de estudantes da Universidade da Madeira (UMa) que não praticam qualquer tipo de desporto, a Académica da Madeira encontra-se a realizar um inquérito cujo objectivo é recolher toda a informação sobre os hábitos e níveis de actividade física dos alunos da UMa. Aliado a esse propósito, pretendemos entender quais os principais motivos que conduzem à sedentariedade […]
7 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Fogos urbanos são alvo de estudo

O objectivo do projecto de investigação é tornar mais eficaz a gestão dos recursos da administração pública. Uma gestão mais eficaz de bombeiros e equipamentos ou a definição do melhor local para instalar um quartel de bombeiros serão possíveis com uma ferramenta para analisar incêndios urbanos que vai ser criada pela Universidade Nova de Lisboa. O projecto de investigação foi apresentado esta quinta-feira pela Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova. Aplicando inteligência artificial e metodologias da ciência de dados o projecto chamado AI-4-MUFF vai analisar os fogos urbanos para entender o fenómeno. O objectivo é desenvolver uma investigação sobre esta área e criar uma nova ferramenta que permita gestão mais eficaz dos recursos da administração pública, diz a […]
15 de Julho de 2019.

Head in the clouds

Today you’ll learn about René Magritte, the famous Flemish surrealistic painter.  Because there are already numerous biographies out there and Google provides us so kindly with quite a complete overview in his life and oeuvre, I’ll try to approach him from a different angle. Even for the people who aren’t really actively roaming in the art scene, the image of a pipe with the description ‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (French for ‘this is not a pipe) must ring a bell. Or perhaps you have seen the applefaced guy with his bowler hat around? These frequently used images belong to the common visual knowledge, thanks to the many channels they’ve been exposed through. It could be you’ve been hiding from […]
12 de Julho de 2019.

Zdzisław Beksińsk

This Polish painter who loved apocalyptic and dystopian art is now one of the most recognized in Poland. His paintings inspire many – one example is the famous Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, who has directed films such as The Shape of Water and Hellboy. Zdzisław Beksiński was a modern-day surrealist painter, photographer and sculptor. He was born in 1929 in Sanok, survived the World War II, finished the university in Krakow and was working as a bus designer for an automotive factory. At the same time was creating art, firstly sculptures and photographs, later he also started to paint. While his art was grim, Beksiński was a kind man with a keen sense of humor. He liked to […]
10 de Julho de 2019.

Maintaining a Union

The next elections for the European Parliament are almost here and more than ever, these elections will affect the future of the European Parliament. Up till now most of the decisions were made by the major parties but this year this could change because of the growing support for smaller parties. Because of this, the decision making in the European Parliament might become more open and democratic. In this way the European Parliament might start to look more like the Dutch parliament where multiple smaller parties form the majority instead of just two big parties. The Netherlands was one of the first countries to be part of the ‘European Coal and Steel Community’ which eventually became the European Union. With […]
8 de Julho de 2019.

The European Union: what future?

The coming months will be very important for the future of the European Union. The next elections to the European Parliament are scheduled for this year. Five years after the last elections, citizens of the European Union can vote for Members of the European Parliament (MEP). One of the major changes this year will be a reduced number of MEPs. After the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, 705 MEPs will be elected. Simultaneously Poland will receive one additional mandate and thus will elect 52 MEPs. One of the most important challenges is the exit of the European Union by the United Kingdom and lack of respect for the rule of law in some countries. The European Parliament is working […]
5 de Julho de 2019.

The European Union and Austria

On the 26th of may the people of my country, Austria, will be going to the polls to elect the members of the next European Parliament. With us, many other people all over Europe will vote and in this way and we will change the future of the European Union. At the moment, we as Europeans are facing many challenges and difficulties. The Brexit (or whatever it’s gonna be?), the immigration issue and climate change problems are just the tip of the iceberg. All of these things could be solved, if the European Union would work together properly – but currently that’s not the case. Right wing and anti-European parties are taking the lead in more and more countries and […]
3 de Julho de 2019.

The European Elections

The European elections never really mobilised people. Since 1979, the rate of abstention is in freefall in France. However, at this time of political and environmental crisis, the next ones in May could represent high stakes for the future of everyone. Usually used by the French politicians as a sort of instrumentalization of the national politics, this year those elections should carry a more important meaning. The opposition of Macron’s politics would like to sell those elections as a referendum against the actual government in power in France. Beyond this national dissension, appears an actual dichotomy through the all European Union between those who still believe in a Union in agreement with the historical project started in 1945 and those […]