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1 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Materia: an impressive life

Marten Laciny is not just known as a rapper with the name Marteria or Marsimoto. Before this time, he had also other promising careers. At a young age, he discovered that he was a talented football player. He played for the youth team of F.C. Hansa Rostock, where he was born. Also, he played in the U-17 squad of the German national football team.  During a trip to New York City, he was discovered by a model scout. Because of this, he gave up his emerging football career in favor of his model career in the USA. He picked up model assignments all over the world and worked for Diesel and Hugo Boss.  However, he moved away from the model […]
31 de Janeiro de 2020.

Campeonato Nacional Universitário

A Associação Académica da Universidade da Madeira vai participar, no próximo dia 1 de Fevereiro, nos Campeonatos Nacionais Universitários na modalidade de Duatlo. A nossa participação irá contar com a presença de dois atletas, de clubes distintos: Francisco Luís, de 21 anos, é estudante do 3.º ano do curso de Educação Física e Desporto e atleta do Clube Naval do Funchal. A sua paixão pelo desporto surge desde muito cedo, sendo que em 2016, conseguiu alcançar a 8.ª posição no Campeonato do Mundo de Duatlo. No mundo do triatlo, o Francisco já alcançou muitas proezas sendo que já foi Campeão Nacional de Duatlo e Aquatlo, inclusive já se sagrou por 2 vezes Campeão da Europa de Biatle. As suas vitórias […]
31 de Janeiro de 2020.

Reino Unido sai hoje da UE

Uma hora antes da meia-noite de sexta-feira, o Reino Unido passa a ser considerado um país terceiro em relação aos 27. O resto de 2020 será passado a negociar a futura parceria entre Londres e Bruxelas. O Conselho Europeu aprovou a conclusão do acordo do “Brexit”, em nome da União Europeia, na reunião desta quinta-feira, depois de o Parlamento Europeu ter dado o seu consentimento no plenário no dia anterior. O caminho está livre para a saída do Reino Unido da UE na sexta-feira. A saída concretiza-se à meia-noite em Bruxelas (23h em Lisboa e Londres), num processo que desafia o grande projecto de unidade europeia pós-II Guerra Mundial. Este acordo cobre áreas como os direitos dos cidadãos, pagamentos, protocolos […]
30 de Janeiro de 2020.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris, is a Scottish musician, DJ, producer, and songwriter. Born in 1984 as Adam Wiles, he changed his name to Calvin Harris for his music career. Calvin Harris was born in Dumfries, Scotland and after leaving the high school he worked odd jobs in a supermarket and a fish processing factory. He worked these jobs so that someday he could afford the DJ equipment he needed to begin his music career.  At 18 Harris released two songs and then moved to London to learn from the thriving music scene there. He only realized one song while living in London and eventually he was forced to return to Dumfries due to a lack of jobs and money.  Once In Dumfries […]
29 de Janeiro de 2020.

Francisco Furtado, o naturalista

Quem era Francisco de Arruda Furtado? Um naturalista açoriano que investigou moluscos e divulgou nos Açores a teoria da evolução de Charles Darwin, com quem trocou cartas. Para a maioria das pessoas que ouviram falar de Francisco de Arruda Furtado (1854-1887), este é o naturalista açoriano que trocou cartas com Charles Darwin. Mas Francisco de Arruda Furtado foi muito mais do isso. Sem formação científica, dedicou-se à investigação de moluscos terrestres e foi um grande divulgador de ciência. Quem estudou o seu percurso, diz que é uma figura ímpar na ciência nacional e até internacional do seu tempo. Nascido em Ponta Delgada, Francisco de Arruda Furtado veio a frequentar o Liceu Nacional de Ponta Delgada. Aqui, do que se conhece […]
28 de Janeiro de 2020.

The Cranberries

I have decided to write about the famous Irish rock group, ‘The Cranberries’, for my text this month. It all started back in the mid-1980s when Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan, and Fergal Lawler decided to form a band in their garage, inspired by bands such as The Smiths and The Cure. They struggled to find a lead singer until they came across Dolores O’Riordan who they described as ‘quiet as a mouse’ but when she started singing they were ‘blown away’. There was no question that they had found their fourth band member. As songwriters, Noel and Dolores gelled immediately however they never were in the same room while they both wrote songs. For the first two years, they wrote […]
27 de Janeiro de 2020.

Portugueses em missão ao Sol

O satélite europeu será lançado no início de Fevereiro para estudar a actividade solar. Duas empresas portuguesas estiveram envolvidas na construção do satélite: uma delas com sistemas de software e outra com componentes de titânio. O satélite europeu que vai permitir obter as primeiras imagens dos pólos do Sol, o Solar Orbiter, com nova data de lançamento prevista para 8 de Fevereiro, tem tecnologia portuguesa, das empresas Critical Software e Active Space Technologies. O engenho, cujo lançamento chegou a ser apontado para 5 e 6 de Fevereiro, será enviado para o espaço a 8 de Fevereiro, às 4h15 (hora de Lisboa), da base de Cabo Canaveral, nos Estados Unidos, de acordo com o mais recente calendário divulgado pela Agência Espacial […]
26 de Janeiro de 2020.

Czesław Niemen

Czesław Niemen is one of the most popular and most original influential artists in Polish pop music of the 20th century. After beginning with modest pop songs, he quickly turned toward expansive compositions that incorporated elements of jazz and avant-garde music. A charismatic vocalist gifted with an exceptional voice, Niemen was also one of the first artists in Poland to use electronic instruments on a wider scale. Born Czesław Juliusz Wydrzycki 16 February 1939 in Stare Wasiliszki near Nowogródek (which was then Polish territory) he sang as a child in the church choir and attended primary music school in nearby Grodno. After forced resettlement of the entire family in the 1950s, he attended secondary school in Gdańsk and played covers […]
25 de Janeiro de 2020.

Ligações entre átomos em vídeo

Ligação química entre átomos captada pela primeira vez em vídeo O fenómeno foi observado por cientistas da Universidade de Nottingham, na Inglaterra, a uma escala 500 mil vezes menor que um fio de cabelo humano Os átomos são conhecidos como os blocos de construção do mundo. No entanto, a possibilidade de assistirmos a ligações atómicas em tempo real estava longe de ser possível. Com comprimentos entre 0,1 e 0,3 nanómetros, estas ligações ocorrem a uma escala muito reduzida, difícil de ser captada por microcópios. Até agora, estas ligações eram mostradas em salas de aulas e laboratórios através de simuladores. No entanto, cientistas ingleses e alemães captaram agora, num vídeo de 18 segundos, dois átomos de rénio (Re) estabelecendo ligações químicas. […]
24 de Janeiro de 2020.

The Rise of Marco Büchel

Marco Büchel is a former professional ski racer from Fürstentum Liechtenstein. He was born on the 4th of November 1971 in Walenstadt (Switzerland), not far from Liechtenstein. He is a citizen of both Liechtenstein and Switzerland and grew up in the former, in the town of Balzers (southernmost town of Liechtenstein). He currently lives in Triesenberg, one of the most beautiful towns in Liechtenstein. He contested in his first Worldcup race in January of 1991. His skills steadily improved over the upcoming years and he was able to finish in the top ten of a WorldCup race in 1997. By further continuing in honing his skills he managed to land several second and third-place finishes in the following time. In […]
10 de Janeiro de 2020.

A gigantic success – Dirk Nowitzki

Following the footsteps of his very sports-minded family, he started to play tennis as well as handball. 2.13 meters, 7 foot or 84 inches – all of these numbers describe the height of Dirk Werner Nowitzki. Born in Würzburg in 1978, he always was a tall child. Following the footsteps of his very sports-minded family, he started to play tennis as well as handball. Being tired of theses sports, he eventually turned to play basketball. At the age of 15, he was spotted by Holger Geschwindner, a German former international Basketball player. He coached him twice a week, being impressed by Nowitzki’s fast progress. After doing well on a national level, he decided to take the next level and try […]
8 de Janeiro de 2020.

Marcel Hirscher

Austrian’s best alpine ski racer of all time. When I first was confronted with the task of writing an article about a famous Austrian Sportswoman / Sportsman, I did not know whom to pick at first. Not that our athletes are “bad” – they just hardly ever find themselves at the international top. Then I remembered Marcel Hirscher – who is not only Austrian but also one of the most successful ski racers of all time. Marcel Hirscher was born on 2 March 1989 in Hallein (Salzburg) as a son of two skiing teachers. While his mother was Dutch, his father came from Austria and together they owned a ski school. Since the age of 15, Marcel Hirscher attended and […]
6 de Janeiro de 2020.

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos won a lot of titles in his football career and did not become a famous football player in Germany only. Toni Kroos was born at 04.01.1990 in Greifswald in Germany. In this city, he played in a club since he was seven years old with his younger brother and his father as his trainer. Later he would be discovered by the big club “FC Bayern München”. With 17 years he played for the professional team in this club. In 2014 he chanced the club to “Real Madrid” and is there still. Also, in 2014 he won the World Cup with the German National Team. This was one of the most important years for him and since he is […]
4 de Janeiro de 2020.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a Scottish tennis player, a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion, Davis Cup champion and former world No. 1. Born in Glasgow on the 15th of May 2987, tennis ran in Murray’s blood already. His mother, Judy Murray, held several Scottish titles and then became a coach, coaching Andy and his older brother Jamie until their professional careers became too demanding. Starting tennis at 3 years old, by 5 he had participated in his first tournament and by 8 he was competing with adults. By 2004, at the age of 17, he had become the world’s No. 1 Junior tennis player after he won the U.S. Open Junior title and was also named Young Sports […]
2 de Janeiro de 2020.

Conor McGregor

This month I will do my monthly text on Conor McGregor as he is one of the most famous sportspeople of Ireland right now. Conor Anthony McGregor was born to parents Tony and Margaret McGregor on July 14, 1988, in Dublin, Ireland. He rose from a tough neighborhood in Crumlin to become the biggest star in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). Conor enjoyed playing football as a child but later turned to box as an outlet for his aggression. He was a member of the Crumlin Boxing Club from the age of 11-17 where he also won a Dublin championship there. In his later teen years he worked as a plumber but left to pursue his dream of […]
31 de Dezembro de 2019.

Polish sportswoman

One of the most famous sportswomen in Poland is Anna Lewandowska. People have been practicing sports since forever. Well, not all people as women were not allowed to watch or participate in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The first modern Games did not allow women to compete either. In 1928, women were prohibited from running more than 200 meters, extensive running supposedly caused premature aging. Fortunately, now in 2016 women have been competing in nearly all sport disciplines for a very long time now, despite all the obstacles they have had to face. One of the most famous sportswomen in Poland is Anna Lewandowska. She is not only famous for being the wife of a famous Polish footballer Robert […]