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20 de Dezembro de 2017.


The isolated capital of the pearl of the Atlantic Funchal is, depending on whom you ask either a big or a tiny city. The capital of Madeira counts more or less 112.000 inhabitants and is the largest city of the island. But what is Funchal for me? I have been in Madeira for one and a half month now and had enough time to get the first impression of its landscape and also its capital Funchal. When I arrived here I thought that Funchal has everything one could wish for. And that is right… at least when you are a tourist. Here, you can find a bunch of souvenir shops, a lot of cafes and restaurants and a mass of […]
20 de Dezembro de 2017.

26% candidatos à bolsa sem resposta

Os indicadores mostram que face ao ano passado, mais processos foram deferidos. Mais de 25,6% estão à espera de saber se vão ter apoio. Há mais estudantes do ensino superior a receber bolsa de estudo. E menos do que no ano passado ainda à espera de uma resposta sobre se vão ou não ser apoiados. O Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior fez nesta segunda-feira um balanço aos apoios no âmbito da acção social e às novas regras que entraram em vigor neste ano lectivo. Dados: no fim de Novembro estavam a ser pagas bolsas a 42.562 alunos. São mais 5741 do que no ano passado em igual período. Candidataram-se este ano 95.566 estudantes, sendo que a 15 de […]
19 de Dezembro de 2017.

EUA põem fim à neutralidade da net

Já foi votado o fim da neutralidade da rede nos EUA, com três pessoas a votarem a favor da mudança e duas contra. A reunião teve uma interrupção por motivos de segurança durante a discussão. Num resultado de três para dois, a FCC, autoridade reguladora para as comunicações americana, votou a favor do fim da neutralidade da rede nos Estados Unidos da América. A legislação tinha sido aprovada em 2015, durante o mandato de Barack Obama, mas assim que esta alteração entrar em vigor (daqui a cerca de dois meses), as operadoras de telecomunicações norte-americanas passam a poder vender pacotes de Internet que permitem o acesso a apenas alguns conteúdos da rede, e não a todos, como tem sido norma […]
19 de Dezembro de 2017.

Hiking in Porto Santo

Golden Island is not only the beach! We’ve been told by a number of people that the best time to visit Porto Santo is early Autumn, when the weather is still great but as it’s no longer the high season, the place is more calm and relaxed. Peace and quiet was exactly what we needed, so in the middle of October, after months of waiting for the right moment, we finally got ourselves our tickets to the Golden Island. I imagine most of the people head to Porto Santo with that spectacular 9 km long sandy beach in mind, but I was never too much of a beach person. All my attention and all my curiosity was with the hills […]
18 de Dezembro de 2017.

Cooperação com o CERN prolongada

Até 2021, Portugal prepara a instalação de nova unidade de saúde para tratar por ano cerca de 700 doentes com cancro usando tecnologias de partículas de alta energia. Portugal vai prolongar até 2030 a cooperação com o Laboratório Europeu de Física de Partículas (CERN), que gere o maior acelerador de partículas do mundo, anunciou o Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior (MCTES). A assinatura do acordo para cooperação científica e tecnológica no período 2018-2030 é esta sexta-feira, em Genebra (Suíça), assinalando o 25.º aniversário de uma reunião onde foram lançadas as primeiras ideias para o acelerador de partículas LHC. A quota anual de Portugal em 2017 para o CERN foi de 11 milhões de euros, segundo dados do MCTES. […]
18 de Dezembro de 2017.

I have been doing some reading

Reflection. Often by the sea A place I believe often visited by artists… Poets… Suicidal men, in Madeira. Something about the sea, it makes you think… It allows you to breathe… To breathe allows expression. Sailors often say it makes you feel free. But with this freedom comes a price also. The artist, the poet, the brickwork ghost often recount the experience of not being able to write from a point of happiness, for it is oppression, the lashings of Judas that cause one to crucify themselves PUBLICLY. As has been shown in the churches, the people, the icons we have all become so familiar with. The concept of the crucifixion is such a powerful one, Jesus was in many […]
14 de Dezembro de 2017.

A French Guy in Funchal

My first time in Madeira, on an island! From France I miss some things, especially food. But my time here is great! At first I wanted to be usefull and to be helpful to people, so I told myself go check on the Internet to see If a website would bring me answers, in Spain. But there were no results for Spain on the website for French people, because I wanted to go to improve my oral Spanish. But that’s where the random acted: an offer for Madeira to help providing tours to Tourists! I told myself that’s great, I’ll improve my Spanish! But no, It’s a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so that’s gonna be […]
13 de Dezembro de 2017.

Reforço nas instituições superiores

Em reunião com reitores, ministros das Finanças e do Ensino Superior reafirmaram que acordo existente é para cumprir. Novo encontro em Janeiro servirá para confirmar valor em dívida. O Governo vai reforçar os orçamentos das instituições de ensino superior para fazer face aos custos adicionais que estas tiveram que assumir ao longo de 2017 com os aumentos salariais dos seus funcionários. A garantia foi dada, esta terça-feira, numa reunião em que participaram os ministros das Finanças e do Ensino Superior e representantes das universidades e dos institutos politécnicos. O que falta decidir é o valor total da verba a transferir pelo Estado para as instituições. São reclamados mais de 10,5 milhões de euros, mas essas contas terão ainda que ser […]
12 de Dezembro de 2017.

Viagem à Lua com os olhos em Marte

O presidente dos Estados Unidos assinou esta segunda-feira a primeira directiva sobre política espacial da sua Administração. O plano é levar astronautas norte-americanos à Lua. Pode-se dizer que o regresso dos norte-americanos à Lua começou esta segunda-feira, de certa forma. O Presidente dos Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, acabou de assinar a “Directiva de Política Espacial 1”, que tem o objectivo enviar os norte-americanos ao nosso satélite natural e criar aí os alicerces para um dia se chegar a Marte. Contudo, não foram avançadas quaisquer datas para a altura em que os norte-americanos vão pisar a Lua ou Marte. O dia do anúncio de Donald Trump era simbólico: afinal, a última missão tripulada ao nosso satélite natural foi há precisamente 45 […]
11 de Dezembro de 2017.

Adventuring myself

I spent my last week in Guimarães, in an on-arrival training that all long-term volunteers will do. Going to the mainland was an adventure itself, but the training was also more an adventure than I expected. During my time there I met some amazing people, learned a lot about different cultures, about myself and also about other volunteers’ projects. I’ve been here in Madeira now seven weeks, and I have made new friends and contacts, went hiking to beautiful places, started a new hobby and made so many wonderful memories already. Living the dream. But the training made me think about the reasons why I wanted to do volunteering, why I came here and what I’m going to do to […]
9 de Julho de 2017.

Gadgets during your stay

I wondered what is really important to take with me. I wanted be sure I take everything I need. Before my arrival to Madeira I was searching in a google some information about climate on the island to prepare the appropriate clothing and footwear. When I was preparing my suitcase I was thinking in this way: on Madeira is ocean and mountains, so I have to be prepared for sunbathing and hiking. I will work as a guide, so I need comfortable shoes and sun cream. Yeah, sun cream… Definitely need to get a cream with a high filter, like UV 50. I just FORGOT I´ll be on the same level as Morocco and unfortunately I bought cream with UV […]
30 de Junho de 2017.

Rise of a hero

Hero that Funchal deserves – origin In the two previous entries of mine I wrote about some hiking and hitch-hiking experiences I had during my first two months on Madeira. Why such topic? Convenience, I guess. Telling a real-life story has always been easier for me – usually less of an intelectual effort than coming up with a plot or a subject – so I found those texts fast and easy to write. Now… now in all my self-justifying, self-warming, feeling-good-about-itself laziness I think those texts… can actually have their importance. In early May, when we opened my foto exhibition in the Jesuits’ College, I had a few local people telling me that in just two months I had explored […]
26 de Junho de 2017.

Já tenho saudades

10 months on Madeira is a good amount of time. Still, I already know what I’ll be missing when leaving. … the easiness of switching between landscapes: I mostly spend my weekends hiking and camping in different corners of the island. And everytime I head out of Funchal, I am amazed by how easy it is to come from one surrounding to another, how some meters of altitude can change the vegetation and how different the Westcoast for example looks to the Southcoast, even though I only moved a couple of kilometers. And if ever you find yourself in a foggy corner of the island, you can be almost sure to find a sunny spot on the opposite side of […]
23 de Junho de 2017.

Home away from home

The other volunteers are here to comfort me when I’m down or share moments of joy. When you have your ‘student years’ far behind and suddenly you need to move in to a dormitory, you can feel a bit panicked. Accustomed to single bedrooms in quiet neighborhoods, I was definitely concerned with my living situation during EVS. Sharing a bedroom with two other girls and not having a proper kitchen is not how I imagined my late-late twenties to be. Luckily I’ve been blessed with two lovely roommates and I guess it says a lot, that we still like to hang out and travel together, even though we already share a room and workplace. So it turned out not to […]
20 de Junho de 2017.

Non-formal education in Madeira

This month, I and two of my colleagues were in Guimarães, learning and enjoying. In my case I learned another point of view of my stay here in Madeira and this point of view is related to how I’m learning as I’m enjoying Madeira. -One example of this is my adaptability that it has improved in both the biggest to the smallest things, adapting to a new country, new city, new food and new culture, adapting to the customs and culture of each one who is around me all the time. -Another quite good example of this is something that I called “exchange of patience”. It’s because sometimes you have to be patient and sometimes they have to be patient […]
14 de Junho de 2017.

Me, Myself and I

Generally, I’d rather to gorge on countless portions of sweet bread and pastries from popular bakery for all of residents of the student’s house at Rua Santa Maria, but I have to write an article, which traditionaly is prepared by the greatest voulunteers in the whole globe (including me). It’s not the first time, when one of my coordinators Marcos is asking me for my text and then, every single time I get heart pulpitation. Most of my colleagues used to describe, what is intresting in the local cusine, for what they like Portuguese people, what inspires them in Funchal etc. For me it seems to be so pretentious, so now I will use an opportunity to write something about… […]