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13 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Wewelsburg Castle

They tried to burn the whole castle down, luckily without success. The most famous monument, in the region I live in, is the Wewelsburg Castle. It is a huge triangular Castle/fortress, whose history started in 1123, as a small, soon to be destroyed, city Wall like building. From 1301 until the 19th century, the Castle belonged to noblemen, bishops and the Prussian state and was more or less unknown to the overall population of Germany. This vastly changed in the 20th century during the time of the Second World War. Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS (an elite police force of the Nazi regime), chose the Wewelsburg Castle as its headquarters, with the plan to turn it into the […]
11 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Moszna castle

It looks like is from a fairytale. The castle in Moszna looks like it is from a fairytale. In the last years, it became one of the most popular monuments on the South of Poland. The castle impresses from the first sight. It has ninety-nine towers and three hundred sixty-five rooms. It was built in XVIII century in Baroque style. In 1896 a big part of the building was lost in the fire but it was rebuilt later and also new wings of the castle were built at the end of XIX and at the beginning of the XX century. The castle belonged to the noble family- Tiele-Winckler from Silesia who lived there until 1945. From that time the castle […]
10 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Tabela Periódica em teatro

O Bairro da Tabela Periódica é o título (ainda provisório) da peça de teatro da autoria de João Monte, professor de química e bioquímica na Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto. O estilo? “Ciência em ficção”, com humor Um bairro, 118 elementos (dois femininos), seis cenas em dois actos. O professor de química da Faculdade de Ciência da Universidade do Porto Manuel João Monte inventou uma história que quer ser uma peça de teatro divertida sobre a tabela periódica. O projecto, patrocinado pela Sociedade Portuguesa de Química, deverá ser levado a cena ainda este ano, para integrar o vasto programa de comemoração do Ano Internacional da Tabela Periódica, apresentada em 1869 por Dmitri Mendeleiev. São seis cenas encaixadas em […]
8 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Sanctuary of Arantzazu

A great architectural, sculptural and artistic work The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Arantzazu is a Catholic sanctuary located in the municipality of Oñate, in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, where the Virgin of Arantzazu is venerated, the patron saint of this province who would have appeared in 1469. It is located 750 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains and vegetation. Its basilica, built in the 1950s, is a great architectural, sculptural and artistic work, where eminent artists with international renown have worked. The name of the sanctuary, the place, and the Virgin are related to the legend of her appearance. It is said that a shepherd discovered a little image of the Virgin with the child in her arms, hidden […]
7 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Rússia vai testar Internet nacional

O objectivo do teste é perceber se o país consegue garantir o funcionamento ininterrupto de uma rede interna em caso de ameaças estrangeiras.   A Rússia prepara-se para desconectar temporariamente o país inteiro da Internet global. A informação trocada entre utilizadores de Internet na Rússia deverá permanecer dentro do país, em vez de ser transmitida através de servidores internacionais. Ainda não há data marcada para o exercício, mas deverá ser antes do início de Abril, de acordo com informação obtida pela agência de notícias russa RBK. O objectivo do exercício é perceber se o país já consegue garantir o funcionamento ininterrupto da Internet em caso de ameaças e bloqueios imprevistos de fora. Um projecto-lei a detalhar as mudanças técnicas necessárias […]
6 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Helsinki Cathedral

The cities of Finland are truly an architectural joy to explore. The fact that probably many people may not know is that the cities of Finland are truly an architectural joy to explore. The architecture of Finland has a history spanning over 800 years. One can find there, buildings designed by international geniuses, for example, Carl Ludwig Engel, Alvar Aalto, Eliel, and Eero Saarinen. Also, six UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in Finland, each one with its own history and unique charm. Helsinki Cathedral is a Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral, that is apart of the Diocese of Helsinki. It is located in a neighborhood of Kruununhaka, in the center of Helsinki, Finland. It has become a major landmark of […]
4 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Colocar a felicidade num Frasco

Equipa do ISPA – Instituto Universitário, coordenada pelo investigador Gün Semin, integra consórcio internacional com dez parceiros de oito países que recebeu financiamento de 6,5 milhões de euros do programa Horizonte 2020 para explorar a influência dos odores na interacção social. Uma equipa internacional de cientistas vai tentar decifrar a fórmula química do odor da felicidade e do medo nos próximos cinco anos. Um grupo de investigados do ISPA – Instituto Universitário, coordenado pelo psicólogo Gün Semin, participa numa primeira etapa crucial do projecto que quer sintetizar artificialmente estes cheiros para “influenciar” comportamentos. A recolha dos “cheiros” característicos destas emoções, que se vai tentar descodificar e imitar, vai ser realizada em Lisboa com um grupo de homens e mulheres que […]
4 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Wawel Castle

The Wawel Castle – a symbol of the independent Polish State. Wawel is a fortified architectural complex erected atop a hill on the left side of the Vistula river in Krakow, Poland. The complex consists of many buildings and fortifications. The most important of these is the Royal Castle, the Wawel Cathedral, Basilica of Saint Stanislaw and Saint Waclaw. The castle, being one of the largest in Poland, represents nearly all European architectural styles of medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. Wawel is a place of a great significance for the Polish people. It constituted the principal fortified castrum of the Vistulans tribe in the 9th century. The first historical ruler Mieszko I of Poland (965–992) and his successors: Boleslaw I the […]
2 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Um planeta de extremos

Nos Estados Unidos, um frio inimaginável já causou várias mortes. Na Austrália, um calor muito para lá do normal está a pôr o país debaixo de seca e incêndios. Ambos os fenómenos estão associados às alterações climáticas. Esta semana a Terra está a viver situações extremas. Enquanto nalguns sítios dos Estados Unidos se alcançaram temperaturas mínimas de cerca de 40 graus Celsius negativos – o que já causou pelo menos doze mortes –, na Austrália as temperaturas ultrapassaram os 40 graus positivos nalguns locais. Esta onda de calor desencadeou uma seca severa e incêndios florestais devastadores. Nos Estados Unidos, 14 estados do Centro-Oeste e do Leste do país estão em alerta devido ao vórtice polar que lançou um manto de […]
1 de Fevereiro de 2019.

Joseph Stalin’s “gift” to Poles

It has 44 floors, 3,288 rooms and the mysterious underground The Palace of Culture and Science is located in the center city centre of Warsaw and it is the main landmark. The building was erected as a ‘gift of the Soviet people for the Polish nation’. It is said that originator of the project was Joseph Stalin. Various concepts were considered, but it was known that for propaganda reasons it must be the central point of the city. Setting the height of the building, of course took place with the participation of architects from the Soviet Union. They stood on the other side of the Vistula river, and a plane with a balloon was flying over the planned site, rising […]
3 de Dezembro de 2018.

The sound of home

Two places connected to the sea. The water splashes against the rocks. The wind whistles over the boats. Both Egmond and Madeira, two places connected to the sea. I come from a little village in the Netherlands named Egmond aan den Hoef, yes that complicated, just try to say that name out loud. Same as Madeira the sea is one of the most important features of this place. The sand turned into rocks, the dunes into mountains. There is no other place like home, but along the way of life, the feeling of that word changes. For me home is not my home village but is the people and culture, for me most of all it’s the arts and freedom. […]
29 de Novembro de 2018.

Funchal vs. Vaduz

My hometown Vaduz is really different from Funchal. I live in the capital city of Liechtenstein, a town called Vaduz. Liechtenstein itself is smaller than Madeira and Vaduz is also a lot smaller than Funchal. Vaduz has about 5,500 inhabitants and Funchal has got about 110,000. Similarities are hard to find, because the size of the towns are very different, also because of the climate. Funchal is located near the ocean with a lot of humidity and it’s always very warm. Vaduz is a lot colder and it also rains a lot there and it’s not humid at all. But there are also similarities like the tourism and the university. A big part of Vaduz is the tourism. There are […]
26 de Novembro de 2018.

EU in the Atlantic Ocean?

People on this Island keep things way more ‘chilled’ than we do. This following article will be about some of the major similarities Madeira has in common with the Mainland of the European Union, but also some of the most interesting differences for me, compared to my hometown in Austria. Starting with some of the things which appear very different in Austria. First off, the mentality the people have on this island is about 180 degrees turned from the one the people in my area have. There is a famous saying, ‘Schaffa, schaffa, Hüsle bua!’ which means translated into English ‘Work and do not stop working until you can build a house and get a family’. In these past two […]
22 de Novembro de 2018.

Visible and invisible similarities

I can tell Funchal is not that different from where I used to live. In my opinion, you can look at the two cities with two different perspectives. In a physical way but also in a psychological way. The visible and the invisible way of comparing cities with each other. The easiest way to compare similarities is what you see, the physical things. For example buildings, streets, churches, and cars. Firstly, what I noticed when I arrived in Funchal is that there are a lot of taxis and buses! Just like the place where I used to live in the Netherlands, here in Madeira the distances between villages are too far to do only by foot. Where I used to […]
19 de Novembro de 2018.

Funchal vs. Bludenz

About what my new home has in common with my old one. About the life in a small town between alps and about the similarities of my old and new home. Since I was born, I have lived in Bludenz, which is a small town in the western part of Austria. With 15.000 inhabitants it is the smallest town of the federal state Vorarlberg. It has an area from 29,94 km², an elevation of 588 meters and it lies at the meeting point of five valleys. However, my new home is Funchal. I have lived here since the beginning of August, and although it is so different from my original home, there are a lot of similarities. Funchal has about […]
15 de Novembro de 2018.

Germany and Madeira

Differences and similarities between Germany and Madeira. My name is Anne, I am part of the voluntary project in Madeira. Therefore, I want to share my thoughts on the comparison between Germany and Madeira. Although, Madeira is on the border of Europe, close to Africa there are lots of similarities between Germany and Madeira. You can find some typical German food in the supermarket like Haribo or Nürnberger Würstchen. Most of the people are very nice, helpful and dressed like people in Germany. And last but not least we share the same currency, the Euro. However, there are also some differences. Due to the fact that the weather is much better than in Germany, the people are more tanned and […]