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4 de Junho de 2019.

750 mil sem médico de família

Candidataram-se 370 jovens médicos para um número recorde de vagas abertas em Maio. Mas também há médicos a aposentar-se. Em cinco meses, 58 mil pessoas ficaram sem médico de família. O Governo abriu 398 vagas para médicos de família no último concurso nacional, naquele que foi o maior contingente de sempre para a entrada de jovens clínicos desta especialidade no Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS), mas candidataram-se apenas 370 e um foi excluído, de acordo com a lista de ordenação final publicada nesta segunda-feira em Diário da República. Apesar deste número recorde, não será ainda possível dar médico de família a todos os portugueses inscritos nos centros de saúde. Se todos estes candidatos ficassem a trabalhar no SNS – e […]
3 de Junho de 2019.

European elections and the future

This year my country celebrates 15 years of being a member of European Union. There were a lot of changes in Poland during that time – in my opinion mostly good ones. And thanks to it I could become an EVS volunteer in Madeira. Being a part of the European Union brought many advantages for young people who can now study or volunteer abroad. My parents didn’t have this opportunity and they are happy that I could go abroad thanks to the Erasmus+ program. In my opinion it’s very important for young people to get to know other cultures, learn languages, meet people from different countries, get experience in new areas. When they learn and get another point of view […]
2 de Junho de 2019.

Descoberto antídoto para veneno

Através de um medicamento usado para o colesterol, conseguiu-se parar a necrose e atenuar a dor provocada pela picada da vespa-do-mar em ratinhos. Ninguém se deixe encantar pela beleza da medusa Chironex fleckeri: ela tem veneno suficiente para matar mais de 60 pessoas. Conhecida como vespa-do-mar, esta medusa é assim um dos seres vivos mais venenosos do mundo. Portanto, a ambição para encontrar um antídoto que a afrontasse era grande. Agora, em testes com células humanas e de ratinhos, uma equipa de cientistas da Austrália e da China descobriu um medicamento que consegue bloquear os sintomas da picada desta medusa se for aplicado 15 minutos depois do ataque. No futuro, o objectivo é desenvolver um produto de uso tópico para […]
31 de Maio de 2019.

Liechtenstein and the EU

As you may or may not know Liechtenstein isn‘t actually in the European Union. Together with Norway and Iceland we belong to the European Economic Area. Liechtenstein joined the EEA in 1995, after becoming a full member of the EFTA (European free trade association) in 1991. Joining the EEA, also obliged Liechtenstein to apply some European Union laws because they are considered EEA relevant. There is some further cooperation with the EU via Switzerland as Liechtenstein is highly integrated with the Swiss economy (including using the Swiss francs). There are further agreements between Liechtenstein and the EU, on matters such as the Schengen agreement, taxation for savings and there are ongoing talks on combating fraud and exchanging information on tax matters. […]
30 de Maio de 2019.

Ensino Superior no interior do país

Plataforma Edulog faz avaliação crítica dos efeitos da medida que reduziu 1000 lugares no ensino superior de Porto e Lisboa. Dados dos colocados no regime geral que concretizaram inscrição só agora são conhecidos. A redução em 5% das vagas das instituições de ensino superior de Lisboa e do Porto “não produziu os efeitos desejados” na atracção de estudantes para as regiões do interior do país. O facto de mais de metade dos lugares cortados nas principais cidades do país terem ficado noutras cidades do litoral prejudicou a eficácia da medida. As conclusões são de uma avaliação, que será apresentada na próxima semana, feita pela plataforma Edulog à medida implementada pelo Governo. A decisão do Governo resultou num corte de 1008 […]
29 de Maio de 2019.

The future of the European Union

The elections to the European Parliament are approaching and, once again, millions of Europeans are called to vote. These elections are especially important, as crucial decisions will be taken in the coming years that will affect climate change, the resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers and the sovereignty of the peoples of Europe. However, we can say that elections to the European Parliament do not usually attract much interest in the population, at least in Spain, because the power of the European Commission is perceived as something limited and distant that does not have much impact on the member States. Even so, I believe that we are living a decisive period in terms of the continuity of the Union, since […]
29 de Maio de 2019.

Violência doméstica como tortura?

A ministra da Justiça admitiu hoje analisar o alargamento do conceito jurídico de tortura aos crimes relacionados com violência doméstica. Francisca Van Dunem disse, na inauguração de um novo espaço de apoio às vítimas de violência na comarca de Lisboa Oeste, em Sintra, que o alargamento do conceito da tortura a situações relacionadas com a violência doméstica “é uma questão a ser analisada”, no âmbito de um conjunto de obrigações que resultam “de convenções e tratados internacionais de que Portugal faz parte”. “Há sempre questões que eventualmente ficam ao lado ou são questões que ficam marginalizadas”, reconheceu a governante, acrescentando que irá analisar a questão e se verá a “sequência é que é possível dar” em termos da transposição para […]
27 de Maio de 2019.

Christmas, Easter and Carnival

Every family has their own Christmas traditions Christmas In my family, Christmas always begins with the decorating of the Christmas tree. Later, we usually cook some sweet food. So, we made some chocolate truffles for us and the family, and we also made “fruits déguisés” some dry fruits filled with almond paste. For the Christmas dinner with my family, we eat smoked salmon and foie gras which is cooked duck liver. We also eat turkey filled with chestnuts. And for dessert, we eat la buche, a cake in the shape of a wood log with a glass of champagne. We open the presents usually after dinner on the 24th of December. Every family has their own Christmas traditions but regarding […]
27 de Maio de 2019.

Burnout classificado como doença

Conhecido como síndrome do esgotamento profissional, o burnout entra numa lista aprovada neste sábado pela OMS. O burnout – síndrome do esgotamento profissional – já entrou oficialmente na Classificação Internacional de Doenças (CID) da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS). A aprovação da 11.ª revisão desta lista, que também inclui os videojogos como uma doença mental, aconteceu no sábado durante a 72.ª assembleia da OMS em Genebra. “Esta é a primeira vez” que o burnout é incluído nesta classificação, referiu Tarik Jasarevic, porta-voz da OMS, citado pela agência AFP. Esta síndrome foi incluída na 11.ª revisão da CID, que tem como objectivo padronizar a codificação das doenças e outros problemas relacionados com a saúde e que entrará em vigor em 2022. […]
24 de Maio de 2019.

Traditions in my country

My favorite tradition of all in the U.K is the Notting Hill Carnival. Traditions in the UK vary depending on which part of the country you are from. Traditional religious festivities such as Christmas and Easter have less religious connotations attached to them due to an ever-increasing secular society. Corporate interest and late-stage capitalism have also averted the traditions of these celebrations, towards culture and industry of shopping and consuming. The traditions that occur in my family household, are quite simple nowadays. If you are from a religious family, then you might attend midnight mass on the 24th of December, however, we just drink some prosecco and watch a Christmas film or an episode of Only Fools and Horses, a British […]
8 de Janeiro de 2019.

Austrian Legend: Falco

He lived how he died… SPECTACULAR When I got the email with the information about this month’s article I was just listening to “Ganz Wien” by the Austrian legend Falco! So, obviously, the case was clear and I chose him for this Text. Falco, whose birth name is Johann “Hans” Hölzl was born in 1957 in Vienna. Falco attended several different forms of education and schools, however, none of them seemed to fit. In the end, he quit his music studies because “he wanted to become a real musician”. His first studio album “Der Kommissar” (the commissioner) rapidly dominated the Austrian club scene and was wildly popular in several other European countries. His second album “Junge Roemer” was, sadly, kind […]
5 de Janeiro de 2019.


Neon green hair and a rocking attitude: ALMA Alma is a Finnish singer and songwriter. She was born on the 17th January 1996 in Kuopio. Beginning her career in 2013 she placed fifth place in the Finnish version of Idol. Her breakthrough was in 2015 when she was featured on the single ”Muuta ku mä” by Sini Sabotage. Pretty soon after that Alma was signed in to Universal Music Group. She released two singles, ”Karma” and ”Dye my hair”, and both singles became top ten hits in Finland. In 2017 her single ”Chasing highs” reached the top twenty in Germany and the United Kingdom. ”Chasing Highs” had also clocked 63 million streams on Spotify. The title track from her EP […]
2 de Janeiro de 2019.

Kojey Radical

A  musical phenomenon. A hip/hop star that defies boundaries. I would say that I am blessed to be from a country that has contributed a prolific amount of talent to popular and underground music. From Elgar to Bowie, and Henry Purcell to Radiohead, the small but hugely important island that I call home has changed the sound and shifted the landscape of music throughout history. However, it is an established name in the London hip/hop scene that I wish to spotlight. Kojey Radical, from East London, has seen a transition from spoken word poetry to a lyrical rap heavyweight in an outstandingly short amount of time. He has already garnered praise and features from grime legends Wretch 32 and Ghetts. […]
30 de Dezembro de 2018.

Maria Peszek

An extremely talented, passionate, and controversial Polish artist. Maria Peszek is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Was born in Wroclaw city into a family of actors. Graduated from an acting school and started her professional career in the early 1990s. She appeared in a number of stage plays, as well as in some movies and television series. Peszek is known for controversial subjects of her work and daring lyrics. While creating music she was collaborating with many reputable Polish artists. Her concerts are a spectacular combination of varied, creative elements of art. Her debut album, ’Miasto mania’ (City obsession) was released in 2005, it is inspired by Poland’s capital, Warsaw and served as a musical background to a multimedia theatre-play […]
27 de Dezembro de 2018.

Belgian Musician

Let me introduce Bart Peeters: a Belgian musician, singer, and actor Bart August Maria Peeters was born on the 30th of November 1959 and has had a prolific history in acting, producing music and presenting television shows in Belgium. He actually studied Germanic philology before getting into small television gigs and gathering notoriety in the small country that is Belgium. He would attend drama classes early on in life, where he met Jan Leyers and Hugo Matthyssen, of whom he would later collaborate within both the fields of music (in the form of a band) and the television world, producing children’s entertainment shows. He is famous for one of the best-known kids television shows in Flemish history “Dag Sinterklaas”, in […]
24 de Dezembro de 2018.

The new generation in Poland

A mixture of folk tunes, with alternative pop and punk beats. Poland has several well-known classical composers as well as jazz musicians.  However, we can observe how the new music scene exploded. Unfortunately, this music is not internationally recognized. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to have a closer look and present one of the modern artists of the new generation- Monika Brodka. Her professional career started, as in the case of most young singers, during an audition for a music show. She won the third season of the Polish TV competition “Idol” in 2004 at the age of 17. The prize was to record a debut solo CD, which was called “Album”. The first two records of the […]