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20 de Março de 2020.

Serviços de streaming e coronavírus

A Netflix e o YouTube reduzem a qualidade de transmissão depois de a Comissão Europeia ter pedido às plataformas de streaming para adaptarem os serviços ao aumento da procura em altura de isolamento social pelo surto de covid-19. A plataforma digital de vídeos YouTube comprometeu-se nesta sexta-feira a baixar a qualidade da transmissão na União Europeia (UE) visando o bom funcionamento do serviço durante o surto de covid-19, dado o aumento da procura devido ao isolamento social. “Por termos observado alguns picos de utilização, adoptámos algumas medidas para ajustar, automaticamente, o nosso sistema para reduzir o uso da capacidade da rede”, o que significa que “vamos assumir, temporariamente, a definição padrão [na qualidade de transmissão] para o tráfego na UE”, […]
18 de Março de 2020.

Summer in Bonn

The former capital of Western Germany. Geographically, it lays in the western part of Germany and about 300 000 people live there.   In summer you can do lots of exciting things there.  For example, you can go to a swimming pool and Picknick there with your friends. If you rather swim in a natural lake you can drive to the Steinbachtalsperre which is about 45 minutes away. Besides that, you could also take a walk along the Rhine River and later on play football in the Rheinaue or eat some barbecue. The Rheinaue is a big park around the river initially created for the national garden show in 1979.  This year, as we celebrate the European Championship, you can also […]
17 de Março de 2020.

CO2 diminui às toneladas por dia

A queda na procura do petróleo, o abrandamento no consumo de carvão e a suspensão de milhares de voos fazem com que se registe uma redução de emissões de CO2 calculada em 9,6 milhões de toneladas. O mundo está a emitir menos um milhão de toneladas de dióxido de carbono por dia com a quebra no consumo de petróleo devido à pandemia de covid-19, segundo dados compilados pela agência Lusa com base em relatórios internacionais. A Agência Internacional de Energia (AIE) divulgou esta semana um relatório que indica que a procura global de petróleo deve contrair-se este ano pela primeira vez desde 2009, devido à covid-19. Estão em causa menos 90.000 barris de petróleo por dia em relação ao ano […]
16 de Março de 2020.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most prominent monuments in Scotland. It stands on Castle Rock and is the country’s most visited tourist attraction. The castle is located in the Old Town of Edinburgh. It was built on a large volcanic rock, which gives it a brilliant defensive location as the walls are either sheer cliffs or steep hills.  The history of Castle Rock began in the Iron Age, 2nd century AD, where there was a settlement, although the nature of this is not known. The royal castle can be dated back to the 12th century during the reign of David I. It continued to be a royal residence up until 1633 when the royal presence began to decline and […]
16 de Março de 2020.

Poluição atmosférica em Itália

A redução das emissões de dióxido de carbono é sobretudo visível no Norte de Itália. As emissões de dióxido de azoto já diminuíram em Itália, revelaram dados do satélite Sentinela-5P do programa Copérnico da Comissão Europeia e da Agência Espacial Europeia (ESA). Isto quer dizer que já houve um declínio da poluição do ar desde que foi decretada a quarentena em Itália para evitar a propagação do novo coronavírus. O declínio das emissões de dióxido de azoto é sobretudo visível no Norte de Itália. Numa animação divulgada pela ESA pode-se ver a flutuação das emissões de dióxido de azoto na Europa entre 1 de Janeiro deste ano e 11 de Março. Os dados foram recolhidos pelo instrumento Tropomi, a bordo […]
14 de Março de 2020.

Goethe and Schiller monument

A monument of friendship. Goethe and Schiller were probably the most famous poets of Germany. The monument of them is situated in the city of culture: Weimar. You find the statue in front of the national theatre, an important building for the history of Germany. The statue was erected in 1857 and was made from Ernst Rietschel, a German sculptor. He used the iron of Turkish canons from the battle of Navarino to make this statue.  The statue is showing Goethe and Schiller next to each other. They are both depicted in the same size, although Goethe was actually much smaller than Schiller. Behind the two is a stump of a German oak tree. It symbolizes their attachment to Germany. […]
12 de Março de 2020.

The Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace

I wanted to introduce to you a special monument from France, not a very well-known one. The Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace is a National Monument since 1969. It is the work of one man: Ferdinand Cheval, a simple postman of the countryside. The Palace is in the middle of a garden in the city of Hauterives (Drôme department). During one of his daily country rounds, he found a strange stone and started to dream. His thoughts brought him to imagine an odd Palace. If nature can sculpt stones, why can’t a postman become an architect? It took him 33 years to finish it (1879-1912). There is no particular logic behind the aspect of the architecture, it is only the reflection […]
11 de Março de 2020.

Chove ferro num planeta longínquo

A “pequena distância” que separa este planeta da sua estrela faz com que este se torne tão quente que as moléculas se separam em átomos, com os metais, tais como o ferro, a evaporarem-se para a11 atmosfera. Uma equipa internacional, em colaboração com investigadores do Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA), conseguiu caracterizar a atmosfera de um exoplaneta, tendo detectado aquilo que acreditam ser “uma chuva de ferro”. O estudo, publicado hoje na revista Nature, conseguiu caracterizar a atmosfera do exoplaneta WASP-76b, através de uma combinação entre o Very Large Telescope (VLT) do Observatório Europeu do Sul e do espectrógrafo ESPRESSO. O ESPRESSO, instrumento que foi concebido para procurar planetas do tipo terrestre em torno de estrelas do […]
10 de Março de 2020.


A monument to Iceland’s working women Vatnsberinn [‘The Water Carrier’] is a modernist statue located in downtown Reykjavík. It is the work of Ásmundur Sveinsson, completed during winter 1936-1937 while the artist was a resident in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ásmundur (1893-1982) was a pioneering sculptor from Kolsstaðir, in the west of Iceland. His workshop and house form part of the Reykjavík Art Museum today. The monument is an ode to Ásmundur’s childhood in rural Iceland, where he witnessed the women there carrying large pales of water to their homes day in, day out. At the turn of the twentieth century, Iceland was an almost entirely rural country, only just witnessing the beginnings of urban and industrial development. In the first half […]
9 de Março de 2020.

Tartarugas e o cheiro do plástico

As tartarugas ingerem plástico no oceano porque o confundem com comida. Agora, viu-se que isso acontece não só pelo aspecto do plástico, mas também pelo seu cheiro no oceano.09 Basta uma semana para plásticos à deriva no oceano ficarem revestidos de algas e microrganismos e ganharem assim um cheirinho que pode confundir-se com comida para tartarugas. Estes répteis não conseguem resistir e acabam por comer esse plástico. Esta é a principal conclusão de um estudo publicado esta segunda-feira na revista científica Current Biology. De acordo com a equipa de cientistas que assina o artigo, esta é a primeira demonstração de que o odor dos plásticos no oceano pode levar os animais a ingeri-los. São muitas as imagens que já vimos […]
11 de Outubro de 2019.

A Europe for the future

How can we ensure that the European Union operates in the best way to support all future generations? For someone from the United Kingdom, the European Union is incredibly important for us now more than ever. Therefore, I believe that the most important thing I can do for the EU and my country is to show my support for remaining in the EU. The EU brings many benefits to a country, in my opinion, I care mostly about the ease of travel. Without the EU I would not be able to travel as easily or possibly take part in Erasmus at all. It is so important for young people to be able to travel, study and work in new places. […]
9 de Outubro de 2019.

Europe of my grandchildren

In the time when Europe faces many challenges it is important to ask ourselves: what can I do to support EU and projects which it fulfils.  The most important thing which we must realize is that our action can make a difference! How do I understand that, and what can be our contribution in the development of European Projects, you can find out reading this article.  Firstly, taking the opportunity to vote in European Elections, as this is the only one occasion for the nearest 5 years for citizens of Europe to have an influence on shape of European Parliament as it is the only institution among the EU which is chosen through elections in EU countries. This institution approves […]
7 de Outubro de 2019.

Europe’s impact

A lot is happening in the world right now that can make or break our future and the future of generations yet to come: climate change, wars, natural disasters, overpopulation, starvation. None of these issues can be made undone but we can strive to solve them before they get worse and worse. The European Union plays a big part in this and in shaping the future for not only Europe and its citizens but also the rest of the world. The European Parliament makes a lot of important decisions about issues like the ones listed earlier. To some it may seem like they have no influence on these issues as an individual but that is not true at all. One […]
5 de Outubro de 2019.

My grandchildren’s Europe

The question we are going to ask ourselves today is: how can we contribute to create a bright European future for our grandchildren? In order to answer that question we have to look at the current state of affairs. Every generation has historically dealt with its own challenges. In a couple thousand years we’ve moved from hunting-and gathering tribes to a high functioning society with all kinds of ingenious systems (i.e. agriculture) which supports our lifestyle. Especially in the last couple of centuries our species made enormous leaps in all kinds of fields, in a staggering and accelerating pace. Thanks to technology we’re more globally connected than ever. We’ve gained so many insights and knowledge. But, all that will just […]
3 de Outubro de 2019.

A Europe for my grandchildren

When I read about the topic for this month’s article, at first I was a bit overwhelmed. What can I as a single person contribute to the European Union? How can I help to preserve the values of this uniting project?  And then, after second thoughts, I realized: yes, even my young generation can do a lot to guarantee that there will also be a Europe for our grandchildren. Let’s start with something that is going to happen this month – the European elections. On the 26th of May we have the chance to vote for the European Parliament and indirectly for our all future. Each one of us can decide which party he or she wants to support with […]
1 de Outubro de 2019.

The European project in the future

The future of the European Project depends on our acts now. As a young European citizen who has already participated in projects provided by the European Union, I know that the best way to support the European Project growth is taking part in diversified programmes such as studying abroad, voluntary service or any kinds of internships. These experiences give a new perspective for the future of young people. Mobility does not pose any difficulties anymore because it is a part of the projects mentioned above. Moreover, we are eager to apply for jobs abroad, to travel and stay in touch with all the people we have  met along our way. All the connections between the people and the sense of […]