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20 de Julho de 2018.

Porto espacial nos Açores

Ministro da Ciência espera que até ao final do ano sejam concluídos os outros três estudos aprovados pela Agência Espacial Europeia sobre a viabilidade da criação de uma base de lançamentos de pequenos satélites nos Açores. O processo que poderá vir a resultar na criação de um porto espacial dos Açores para o lançamento de pequenos foguetes e micro-satélites, numa carga que não deverá ultrapassar os 150 quilos, está em curso mas ainda há um longo caminho a percorrer. Sem se querer comprometer com prazos, custos ou sequer como a concretização do projecto, o ministro da Ciência, Manuel Heitor, vai avisando que “se o porto espacial vier a nascer nos Açores terá de ser maioritariamente com investimento privado”. E enquanto […]
19 de Julho de 2018.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh: of the most famous artists of the 19th century. This fame is not only because his art, but also because of his life. He was born in 1853, in a village near the Belgian border. When starting adulthood he did not really know what to do. He first became a schoolteacher, then a book salesman, studied theology and became a preacher in a coal mine. He did not really do well in all these jobs and got fired for all of them. Eventually, his brother Theo convinced Vincent to become an artist after seeing the sketches he made. He moved around in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Paris before eventually moving to the village of Arles in France, […]
18 de Julho de 2018.

Terapia genética pré-natal

Experiência em ratinhos demonstrou que é possível activar o gene que produz uma enzima que não está presente nas pessoas com doença de Gaucher, que é rara e nas suas formas mais graves pode ser fatal. Uma equipa de cientistas conseguiu, numa experiência com ratinhos, evitar o desenvolvimento da forma mais grave da doença de Gaucher através de uma intervenção pré-natal. Os cientistas usaram um vírus para conseguir chegar até ao cérebro dos ratinhos ainda em gestação e “acordar” um gene que produz a enzima que não está presente nas pessoas que sofrem desta doença rara. O artigo foi publicado na última edição da revista Nature Medicine. A doença de Gaucher é uma doença genética e autossómica recessiva, ou seja, […]
17 de Julho de 2018.

Jan Matejko

Jan Matejko is probably the most known Polish painter. He born in 1838 in Krakow and he specialized in historical and battle paintings. One of his most famous canvas is “The Battle of Grunwald”, painted in 1872–1878. It represents a really important event in Polish history, the victory of the allied Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania over the Teutonic Order in 1410. It is displayed in the National Museum in Warsaw. His other famous paintings which we can find there are: “Stańczyk” and “The Prussian Homage”, among others. It is worth to mention that Matejko is an author of the 320 or so known oil paintings mainly depicting the most momentous events in Polish […]
13 de Julho de 2018.

Gerhard Richter

The world’s highest paid living artist Gerhard Richter, born 1932 in Dresden, Germany is one of the most famous German painters of all time and called the best living painter by many. He has huge national and international success and won many notable awards again both national and international. His style changed a lot during his long career which he started in the 1950s in East Germany. In 1961 Richter fled with his wife to West Germany, he is said to have burned parts of his paintings before he left. Here he studied art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. In 1964 he had his first solo exhibition which was the cornerstone for his success. Noteworthy is that Richter is not only […]
11 de Julho de 2018.

“O primeiro grande” dinossauro

Ingentia prima foi o nome dado à nova espécie de saurópodes descoberta na Argentina – expressão em latim para “o primeiro grande” –, que veio revolucionar as teorias sobre a evolução destes animais. Foram descobertos novos fósseis de saurópodes em San Juan, no Oeste da Argentina, que revelaram que os dinossauros gigantes apareceram na Terra cerca de 30 milhões de anos antes do que se pensava anteriormente. Um estudo de uma equipa de investigadores argentinos, intitulado Uma tendência inicial para o gigantismo em dinossauros sauropodomorfos do Triásico, publicado nesta segunda-feira na revista Nature Ecology & Evolution, analisou fósseis de uma nova espécie de saurópodes (os conhecidos dinossauros herbívoros quadrúpedes, de longo pescoço e cauda e crânio pequeno), descobertos em 2015 […]
11 de Julho de 2018.

Alvar Aalto

He did some really nice pieces of art. We were supposed to write about a painter from our own countries. But to be honest, in Finland, we don’t have any painters who would be really impressive for me or either known world-wide. So I decided to write about Alvar Aalto, an architect and a designer I personally like. Alvar Aalto was born in the 3rd of February 1898 in Kuortane. In 1921 he graduated from Helsinki’s technical academy. During his time in the academy, he took part in the civil war in Finland. After graduating he moved away from the capital city, to Jyväskylä. There he made his own architect office, following the Scandinavian design, which was popular at that time. […]
9 de Julho de 2018.

Rinoceronte-branco extinto?

Equipa internacional de cientistas produziu o primeiro embrião híbrido de rinoceronte-branco no laboratório. O objectivo é implantar um embrião numa “barriga de aluguer”, esperar pelo sucesso da gravidez de 16 meses, e ter uma primeira cria daqui a cerca de três anos. Que se saiba, restam apenas duas fêmeas, mãe e filha, da subespécie de rinoceronte-branco-do-norte na Terra. Na tentativa de manter este precioso animal entre nós, uma equipa de cientistas está há vários anos a trabalhar no laboratório, recorrendo às mais recentes técnicas de procriação medicamente assistida e da investigação na área de células estaminais. Para já, segundo um artigo publicado na última edição da revista Nature Communications, conseguiram produzir o primeiro embrião híbrido, com ovócitos do rinoceronte-branco-do-sul e […]
9 de Julho de 2018.

Karel Appel

The paintings look (a little bit) like child drawings. This man is an internationally renowned Dutch painter, whose paintings look (at least according to critics) like they were painted by a child himself. Also, Karel stated: ´I just mess up something´. Others say this was not completely true, they say there was a big theory behind the paintings. Christiaan Karel Appel was born in 1921 in Amsterdam, he studied there at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. At the academy, he met two other artists with who he became close friends, Corneille and Constant. With these friends and a few others, he founded Cobra in 1948 at an international conference in Paris. This was an international movement of painters and […]
6 de Julho de 2018.

Chumbada a abolição de touradas

Projecto do PAN foi chumbado com os votos contra do PS, PSD e CDS, mas teve o voto a favor de oito socialistas e de um social-democrata e a abstenção de outros 12. O respeito pela liberdade e pela tradição foi o principal argumento de PS, PSD, CDS e PCP para votar contra a proposta do PAN (Pessoas Animais Natureza) para abolir as touradas. O BE votou a favor (à excepção do deputado Carlos Matias) mas não deixou de criticar o projecto do PAN por não prever as consequências de uma eventual aplicação da proibição. Ao lado do BE e do PAN estiveram oito deputados do PS, entre eles, Ana Passos, Luís Graça, Diogo Leão, Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro, Rosa Albernaz e Carla […]
3 de Maio de 2018.

The father of our national epic

He is still considered to be one of the great men of Finland. Elias Lönnrot lived from 1802 to 1884. He wasn’t only a writer, but also a doctor, a scientist, an explorer and a professor of Finnish language and literature. Lönnrot also did a lot of important work for the Finnish language, he reformed the language, translated many psalms into Finnish and he was the publisher and a journalist of the first Finnish magazine. Between the years 1828 and 1834, he traveled around Finland. On those travels, he gathered a lot of poems from different poem performers. From those poems, he made Kalevala, our national epic. So, Kalevala is basically a huge book of poems, which all together make […]
26 de Abril de 2018.

Move the horizon

I would like to present you one of the most famous polish women. This woman inspires young generations of Poles and is known mainly as a TV presenter and traveler, but she is also a journalist and writer – Martyna Wojciechowska. Martyna Wojciechowska has her own TV series called ”The woman at the edge of the world”. Each episode focuses on her travels to different countries where she meets and gets to know the stories of other women. Moreover, the audience gets to know the big picture of the hosting country and women’s status in there. Every documentary brings out social issues from within the hosting country, such as, among others: human trafficking and human rights, violence, sexism, violence, poverty, animal […]
20 de Abril de 2018.

Hanna Krall

She was born in 1935, her family died in the Holocaust. Hanna was saved by Polish people who took her from transport to ghetto and hid her. About her childhood she said that she would not change it, because it prepared her for the rest of life, thanks to that she knew what is fear and courage. She studied journalism at the University of Warsaw, her articles were published in many magazines. She also wrote few series of reportages in which she showed socio-cultural changes and conflicts of that time. Her most famous work was Zdążyć przed Panem Bogiem (English title: Shielding the Flame, literal translation: Make it before God), an interview with Marek Edelman – Polish Jewish cardiologist. Title […]
20 de Abril de 2018.

LER no Dia Mundial do Livro

Celebrar o dia Mundial do Livro com mais uma doação à biblioteca da UMa A Académica da Madeira tem procurado consciencializar para a importância da leitura no processo de ensino e aprendizagem de modo a promover a cultura, o enriquecimento intelectual e o desenvolvimento de espírito crítico dos jovens estudantes da Universidade da Madeira. Neste sentido, e procurando atenuar as dificuldades sentidas pelos estudantes em adquirir bibliografia especializada devido ao seu elevado custo, a Académica da Madeira criou o LER, um dos diversos programas de apoio social existentes. Esta nova doação, resultado dos pedidos feitos por alguns Directores de Curso e fruto do trabalho voluntário de diversos jovens na angariação de receitas que permitisse a sua aquisição, ocorre quando celebramos […]
17 de Abril de 2018.

Understanding Chaucer

The life and work of Geoffrey Chaucer, and understanding the contradictory nature of his writing. Before there was Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer was considered the father of English literature. Born in 1343, Chaucer was a prominent member of the royal courts of both Edward III and Richard II, however, he was most well known for his writing, with his most celebrated work being The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer began writing fiction in the late 1360s and pioneered in a new literary style. He introduced a new poetic structure, more similar to the European style than his Anglo-Saxon predecessors. This was presumably inspired by his time in France, where he was a prisoner of war, and this style went on to inspire Shakespeare’s […]
16 de Abril de 2018.

Abril é mês de Sarau!

Dia 21 de Abril às 21:00, no antigo colégio da Companhia de Jesus. Dando continuidade à promoção cultural e científica que vem sendo realizada, desde 2012, no Colégio dos Jesuítas, a Académica da Madeira, vem mais uma vez, dar ênfase às actividades desenvolvidas ao longo do ano por uma vasta equipa de colaboradores, através da realização de mais um Sarau de Fados. Em mais uma edição do Sarau, poderá assistir, de forma livre, a um espectáculo de 1 hora de música coimbrã e cantar com os Fatum temas que marcaram o panorama musical português. Todos os interessados poderão contar com um repertório variado, aliando ao tradicional Fado de Coimbra temas de Max, Amália Rodrigues ou Carlos do Carmo, fruto da […]