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30 de Outubro de 2017.

A food lover in paradise

As anyone who knows me would expect, I will have to share my impression and love of Portuguese food. My first experience of Portuguese food was on the flight to Madeira. I have to admit that I was disappointed when I first tried pastel de nata. But that was clearly the fault of the old ones which the flight attendants gave us. I have become a huge fan of them as soon as I tasted the freshly baked ones. By now I actually have to hold myself back, so I won’t buy every single one at the bakery. And not only pastel de natas, all pastries are alluring. Another inevitable food is bolo do caco. I don’t think that I’ll […]
26 de Outubro de 2017.

The Madeiran bubble

This island is so beautiful! And I feel so good. Last year, when I was in my final year of secondary school, I decided to wait starting my study and take a Gap-Year. After 6 years of hard work, I was sick of school and I wanted a life without any duties. However, when I finished my school and got my diploma, I felt bored and empty. I had no goal anymore and I really needed one. I tried to find a hobby like puzzling, reading a book and learning Portuguese words, but this was all soooo boring. So I stopped and kept on worrying about my problem of being purposeless. I’ve been here for about 3 weeks now, and […]
25 de Outubro de 2017.

Atribuídas mais de 12 mil bolsas

Com as novas regras em vigor e desde que mantenham as condições, estudantes têm renovação dos apoios garantida, o que facilita aprovação de candidaturas. Os Serviços de Acção Social das instituições de ensino superior já atribuíram mais cerca de 5000 bolsas de estudo neste ano lectivo do que em igual período do ano passado. Ao todo, já há 12.923 estudantes a receber este apoio do Estado. A análise das candidaturas está mais rápida em consequência das novas regras que tornam automática a renovação das bolsas para os alunos que mantêm as mesmas condições. No início de Outubro do ano passado, tinham sido diferidas 7985 candidaturas a bolsas de acção social. O total de bolseiros que já estão a receber apoio […]
24 de Outubro de 2017.

Só 20% dos países garantem ensino

Portugal surge acima da média da OCDE. Dados são da UNESCO. Apenas 20% dos países do mundo garantem legalmente 12 anos de educação gratuita e obrigatória, segundo um relatório da UNESCO divulgado nesta terça-feira, sendo este o período de escolaridade vigente em Portugal. De acordo com a agência das Nações Unidas para a Educação, Ciência e Cultura (UNESCO), há actualmente 264 milhões de crianças e jovens fora da escola e 100 milhões de jovens que não sabem ler. Portugal, tal como outros países, surge no relatório associado a indicadores do Programa Internacional de Avaliação de Alunos (PISA), em cuja última edição (2015) os alunos portugueses surgiram com melhores resultados nas três áreas avaliadas (matemática, leitura e ciências), ficando pela primeira […]
23 de Outubro de 2017.

Primeiro satélite 100% português

Consórcio tem nove empresas e o investimento é de nove milhões de euros para três anos. O primeiro satélite totalmente construído e desenvolvido em Portugal, o Infante, deverá ser lançado até final de 2020. Apresentado esta quinta-feira no encontro AED Days 2017, em Oeiras, o projecto do microssatélite é uma iniciativa do cluster português para as indústrias Aeronáutica, do Espaço e da Defesa (AED Cluster) e o grupo ISQ será o responsável por “toda a área de testes a peças e produto final”, refere o Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ) em comunicado. Trata-se da construção de um satélite de nova geração que envolve um investimento de mais de nove milhões de euros para três anos, sendo que o projecto Infante já […]
23 de Outubro de 2017.

Live in Sumy for two months

The European Voluntary Service allowed me to travel, make new friends, learn and explore new personal skills, like autonomy, team work and communicate in several languages. Hi, my name is Yara. I´m 22 years old and I´m from Portugal. I heard about this European Voluntary Service in Sumy because of my colegue from another volunteer project in Portugal related with refugees. So, after his propose in two days I decided to come! Honestly, when I analyze previously my decision I´m thinking about enriching my knowledge about the political situation of Ukraine and collecting some informations about Ukranian refugees because I´m doing my masters about this thematic; visit my family because I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine and travelling, since it […]
23 de Outubro de 2017.


My project is sadly getting close to an end and it got me thinking about different aspects of my life here in Madeira, that I won’t be able to continue back home. First of all – nature and weekly hiking trips. Of course we do have amazing landscapes, mountains and forests in Poland too, but it’s not as easily accessible for me there as it is here. Never in my life I have been hiking as much as I do in Madeira. Secondly, the ocean. The atmosphere of living so close to it is irreplaceable. The salty scent, the sound of waves, the feeling of space you can only understand it if you’ve experienced that. It’s such a privilege to […]
19 de Outubro de 2017.

O que fazer em caso de incêndio

Em Pedrógão Grande, mais de 60 pessoas morreram. Muitas tentavam fugir de carro quando foram apanhadas pelas chamas. Outras fecharam-se em casa, mas o fogo consumiu tudo o que lhe apareceu à frente. O que devemos fazer numa situação de incêndio? Como devemos ajudar os feridos? Como nos podemos proteger? SE ESTIVER EM CASA O fogo é sempre motivo de susto ou medo. Manter a calma quando se veem chamas a aproximar-se de casas pode ser difícil, mas é essencial para garantir a segurança. A calma é sempre a primeira regra. Logo de seguida, é necessário avisar os bombeiros e seguir todas as instruções. Em casa, fecham-se as portas e janelas (os portões da rua não devem estar trancados e […]
16 de Outubro de 2017.

Meeting great people

During three months, which is the period that I spent in Madeira, I explored part of the island in the weekends with some of my other colleagues. I had the opportunity, by hitchhiking, to meet a lot of people from the island. At the moment, most of the people that gave me a lift were Venezuelans, the second community of the island. Thanks to that I realized we mustn’t trust always in the media and there are people that agree and people that don’t agree at all with the socialism, most of them disagree just with the application of this ideology by the Venezuelan government and the current economic situation of their country. Anyway, they came looking for a better […]
16 de Outubro de 2017.

Organização tenta atrair startups

A organização faz parte da estratégia francesa para atrair empresas em expansão, aproveitando a saída do Reino Unido da União Europeia. França quer convencer as startups portuguesas a escolher uma cidade francesa na altura de expandir os seus negócios. Depois de cidades como Barcelona, Londres, e Berlim, a French Tech – uma organização francesa que promove startups francesas e apoiadas pelo governo francês – chegou a Lisboa esta terça-feira. Já existem mais de 30 escritórios do projecto francês em todo o mundo. “Queremos encorajar as startups portuguesas que cá começam a pensar em França como um bom país para se expandirem, em vez de Inglaterra, por exemplo”, disse ao PÚBLICO Rémi Charpentier, um dos co-fundadores da delegação da French Tech […]
18 de Setembro de 2017.

A minha viagem ao Porto Santo

I thought that Madeira has become in another home to me. Today I was in Porto Santo, but it wasn´t an enjoyable trip along the island, even I shouldn’t be there, I just was there because the turbulence in a trip with Madeira island as the destiny. This happened as the end of my holidays and basically it was one of the three things that makes me think about my project (because I had too much time to think about it as the pilot was trying to land). The first the time was when I arrived at Spain and after eating Paella (my favorite Spanish plate) I told my family the history of my experience. It wasn’t just a tell, […]
15 de Setembro de 2017.


The pros and cons of long hiking Being a perfectionist and a collector (both terrible features), I like to see things through – once I undertake a given task or a project, I’m determined to finish it in 100%. Here, on Madeira, one of those little quests of mine is to walk all the hiking trails listed by the website I always use to consult the trips. I mark every finished trail on my map of the island and each new line drawn on it gives my a sort of perverted joy only weirdos like me would understand. Needless to say, the more lines marked on the map at the end of the day, the merrier. I try to combine […]
12 de Setembro de 2017.

Live consciously and be happy

The time machine was aimed to show if we live passive or we follow our ideas to be happy. Last year I made kind of an experiment with a friend of mine. In the moment when we should say goodbye and we didn´t know if we will ever see again, we created a “time machine”. We wrote there our current life quotes, things what makes us happy at this time and also plans, wishes and expectations for the next months and for later on. I kept piece of paper with his notes and he kept mine. We promise to Skype exactly next year and see how our plans are going. The effect is charming, because even if I made some […]
8 de Setembro de 2017.

Fado vs Flamenco

I arrived in Madeira and discovered fado music by the Coimbra fado group of the students union of the University of Madeira. Before I arrived in Madeira, I used to spend a few hours a day listening, trying to understand and playing flamenco with my guitar. I discovered flamenco two years ago and love this music. Before I first heard Fado I imagined I would like fado because I’m an open person to all music styles. Additionally, fado and flamenco share some features: • They both come from Iberian Peninsula. • There is evidence of flamenco since the 18th century, but it has ancient roots. In the case of fado, is has been performed since the 19th and there are […]
5 de Setembro de 2017.

Judaism in Madeira

A brief exploration of the hidden history of Jewish people on the island of Madeira. For as long as Madeira has existed as a territory under Portuguese control there has been a notable, if hidden, Jewish population living on the island. During the time following the island’s discovery this primarily comprised of Crypto-Jews, who hid their faith publicly due to the ongoing Spanish Inquisition. The city of Funchal was established in 1508, less than 20 years after the Alhambra Decree which ordered all practicing Jews to be expelled from Spain. In this context it is interesting that many Portuguese historians speculate that Zarco, the official discoverer of the island and first captain of Funchal, was himself of Crypto-Jewish ancestry. In […]
1 de Setembro de 2017.

Access to forests is our privilege?

Levadas – more than two thousands kilometers of irrigation channels, going through Madeira across and along from the top to the bottom of the island. I can only think about walking along the path surrounding levada by green tropical flora, to feel undiscribed calmness. Even more I like to visit them alone without companions, for better exploration. Every single forest has his own story to discover and it depends on us, do we want to hear them or not. Trees are silent witnesses of history. The rest of the oldest kind belonged to Old Tjikko from Swedish Fulufjället National Park, survived more than nine thousand years. They remeber the time before Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire, Inca Empire, two world […]