15 de Março de 2018.

Anarchism in Portugal

The increasing of the anarchism in Portugal in the 20th century has an easy explanation. In this historical text, I could write about one king of Portugal, but I decided to write about a contemporary ideology which has been more important for the history of the Portuguese society than the politics of any king of Portugal from the human point of view. The anarchism appeared in Europe in the second half of the 19th century, and in the case of Portugal appeared after the creation of the IWA (International Workingmen’s Association), that collected different ideologies of the left-wing in Europe and USA. As everybody knows, Portugal has always been a state built by three institutions: Army, University, and Church. Also […]
12 de Março de 2018.

Oportunidade para o teu Verão!

Através do projecto Be Fit, 2 jovens portugueses irão desfrutar de uma oportunidade única! RESUMO DO PROJECTO Este projecto foi criado com o objectivo de promover, entre os jovens, a importância da necessidade da actividade e exercício físico na manutenção de uma vida saudável, com impacto positivo no corpo e na mente. Além disso, as actividades que são realizadas no âmbito deste projecto visam encorajar a aceitação e integração social de jovens com problemas de inclusão social.  Pretendo-se despertar os jovens da cidade de Craiova através da criação de oportunidades que permitam a partilha de experiências e que promovam valores como: inclusão, espírito de equipa, solidariedade. O projecto terá a duração de 3 meses (de 04 de Junho a 01 de Setembro) e irá […]
27 de Fevereiro de 2018.

New years eve in Madeira

I stayed here to experience Christmas and New years eve in Madeira. I heard many stories about new years eve in Madeira during the time I stayed here. A lot of people told me that it was the biggest new years in Europe, with large fireworks and parties. Obviously, I looked very much forward to the show. Luckily we managed to secure the roof on our residence during the new year so that we could see all of the fireworks and lights that would be ignited. We also made it a bit of a party where we served food and snacks to each other, with my contribution being ‘oliebollen’ (a traditional Dutch food for new years eve). When it was […]
24 de Fevereiro de 2018.

Nature in Madeira

Nature in Madeira is great! Let’s discover a few things about it. “Olá” everyone, and especially you who are reading this article. You’re reading the 3rd one, and today we’ll talk about nature and some of the Madeiran’s levadas vegetation. First I want to tell you an experience that I had, in a few words. I lost my grandmother a week before Christmas. I discovered that It’s not worth it, going far from the city center to find peace and calm. Not going to Camara de Lobos or Calheta or Santa Cruz (names I remember so far, of villages around Funchal in Madeira. They are not all here quoted, of course). Non! Santa Catarina Park is a great place in […]
22 de Fevereiro de 2018.

Last Christmas in Madeira

The city was full of interesting things to see, from live music to a 5 meter tall Santa. I stayed in Madeira to experience Christmas and new years eve there, and one thing I learned is that the people here really like Christmas. All of the streets were starting to become filled with lights in the middle of November, and the stores were decorating even before that. Even before December had begone I already got sick of all the Christmas songs that were played everywhere. And when December eventually started you could see large structures of lights in the forms of cones and angels standing throughout the city. Christmas eventually started with the Christmas market, a long row of shops […]