19 de Fevereiro de 2018.

Workshop: Coaching

Como conseguir sucesso académico? Ganha as ferramentas necessárias no dia 6 de Março, às 19:00, na sala n.º 18 do Campus Universitário da Penteada. Durante o percurso académico, surgem sempre alguns obstáculos que podem ter impacto negativo no bem-estar psicológico de cada um. Independentemente da gravidade ou intensidade, estes problemas devem ser encarados e superados para que o sucesso seja alcançado no menor espaço de tempo possível. Nada é definitivo, e os problemas também não necessitam de o ser. É neste contexto que surge ‘O Coaching ao Serviço do Sucesso Académico’, um workshop promovido pela Académica da Madeira, com duração de 1 hora e 30 minutos, ministrado por Maurício Ornelas. Esta sessão pedagógica irá providenciar aos interessados a possibilidade de […]
2 de Fevereiro de 2018.

We are all one big family

You can learn a lot about different cultures, traditional cuisine and how to rid yourself of stereotypes. Living in a student residence can be annoying, especially when it is overloaded with people or for example the kitchen on the ground floor does not work and all students start to use the one on your floor. But despite all the noise, lack of privacy and a rare state of cleanliness in the kitchen I really appreciate my experience of living in our volunteer and student community. We can always share our experiences and learn from each other and count on each other. On one hand you become more social and open-minded but on the other hand you learn how to enjoy […]
23 de Janeiro de 2018.

Hiking together

What if we all (volunteers, Erasmus students, international students and madeiran students) could go hiking together? This idea has stuck in my head since long time. It would be so perfect to have the possibility to go out in the nature, not depending on when and where the few public buses could drive you at the weekend. There are just a few options to gain this freedom of self-determined hiking. Renting a car together with friends, going with a friend who has a car or hitchhike. Although every of these options has its benefits the disadvantages are highly considerable, especially when you want to hike with more than 5 people. So as I heard about the guided nature walks Aauma […]
20 de Janeiro de 2018.

Island Oddities

The strange case of the Principality of Pontinha. Due to their isolated nature, island nations tend to exhibit a heightened sense of the bizarre. I am well aware of this from my home country, with its Byzantine cultural norms and eccentric Monarchy. Madeira is no different, a notable example being the existence of the Principality of Pontinha. Founded by the now Dom Renato Barros I, a former art teacher, Pontinha is a micronation based around an islet on Funchal’s harbour. It was purchased for just shy of £20,000 from the Blandy family, who had themselves purchased the land from the city of Funchal in order to fund a redevelopment of the port in 1903. Barros himself has speculated that if […]
19 de Janeiro de 2018.

A French Guy in Funchal: The Sequel

My time here on Madeira Island stays very nice, tiring but increasingly interesting. Let’s talk about another subject than food, that is to say food, and two famous pastries in all Portugal! My pleasure, shared I’m pretty sure by many other people, is eating pastries, all bakeries Portuguese have! And the one I could go for from France to Portugal by foot or even by swimming to enjoy is definitely “Pastéis de nata”. This is a little eggs flan tartlet, sold in other countries in a sad way in supermarkets when It’s not artisanal. Indeed I tasted it in France just before coming to Madeira and to Portugal, and that wasn’t such a nice moment. Because when It’s industrial you […]